Advice to Spoiled Little Girls About Abortion

0 This probably isn't true, but she sure sounds proud. I'm not talking to the saved here. For you girls who are considering getting pregnant, whether by poor planning, or you just changed your mind, or maybe...

Lamentations for a Fall that has not yet Occurred?

If you know your roof is leaking, your foundation sinking, or your pipes are leaking, you get them fixed. You call in a plumber or a specialist. It's a matter of survival. What you don't do...

Revolution or Counter-Revolution? When two Revolutions Collide

When two revolutions collide, which takes precedence as the defending champion? And which is the contender? Who are the true revolutionaries here? The socialist-fascist Marxists, who go by so many names and historically contradictory to...

Is the Ohio State Slasher America’s First Islamist Snowflake?

Abdul Razak ali-Artan, 19-year old Somali refugee, shot dead on the Ohio State University campus in Cloumbus. After trying to run down students with his SUV, he leaped from his vehicle with a butcher knife and tried to...

Antifa Nazis and the Rise of a New Fascist Thug Army

In 2013. I wrote "The Difference Between Crony Capitalism and Fascism" and just reread it. It stands up pretty well even though Obama and Holder are gone (sort of) and the relationship between the State...

Judging Beauty, Goodness and Virtue

"If you judge Beauty or Goodness or Virtue solely based on what you see in the mirror you will likely die a painful death...whether old or young. Just ask Kurt Cobain" from St George Frederick, an old friend returned.