Mooning the Left and other Atheists

Remember the rules that Marxist academics first invoked in the 19th Century... Rule #1: "Never debate opponents with facts in front of an audience" (for obvious reasons; Marxists cannot produce real facts to back up...

Natural Law and Gays in the Herd, Part I

The "Lemming suicide story" is largely myth...No, they don't rush off cliffs in Norway, throwing themselves into the sea in order to kill themselves. Reason? Lemmings can swim. And once in the water, instinct...

Thoughts About Squishing Bugs

Every spring, in the bathroom sink, dozens of little black ants come out of the woodwork and dance around the basin. After 65 years of either squishing them with my finger or washing them...

Natural Law and the Law of Averages, How Science Hobbled Down and Became Political

When Science started calling Science a liar. Continuing our inquiries on how Science has been hobbling down in both its genuine understanding of Fact and Truth, and its current political insistence on incorporating most other...

Why Did Jesus Only Preach to the Little People?

Or, Organizing Government from the Top Down; Is Jesus for it, or against it? This is an exercise in logic. My friend, JadedbyPolitics, editor at, and current Precinct Project firebrand in Northern Virginia, where the...

God’s Gonna Cut You Down- Johnny Cash

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