Aiming Towards An America We Can Still Identify by Sight

There are questions of Natural Law and National Identity involved in this question.   From William Paley's "Statement of the Argument" from his Natural Theology (1809)(abridged version) In crossing a heath, suppose I pitched my foot against...


Over the weeks you will see appended on several of the essays here at the top a simple notice that it is a "Teaching". I've even created a Category for it, as it's an...

“Simpatico”, Two Simple Rules for Immigration

You already know I’m “one of those desert loving English”. I like Arabs and don’t see anything especially sinister in the Quran as I’ve known it to develop over the past millenium. But I...

Mooning the Left and other Atheists

Remember the rules that Marxist academics first invoked in the 19th Century... Rule #1: "Never debate opponents with facts in front of an audience" (for obvious reasons; Marxists cannot produce real facts to back up...

Minding Other People’s Business, Brief Genesis of a Social Cancer

I frequently chastise Minders of Other People's Business, who I will refer to here as MOPB's. I just want to remind people who react to these mites are not themselves MOPB's simply by calling...

God’s Gonna Cut You Down- Johnny Cash

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