The Democrat’s Takeover by a Quiet, Rolling Putsch?

"Putsch" is a German version of the French "coup d'etat", which is more familiar to most people. Baby Boomers and those who read World War II history (which our fathers fought in) know "putsch"...

Picking at Scabs on the Ship of Fools; A Decade’s Retrospective

In August, 2011 I penned a piece by this same title, kicking off a new site called "Unified Patriots", which was made up mostly of a group of Baby Boomers, all born before the...

Rush Limbaugh On the Tea Party Americans in 2011 (Lessons for 2022 Midterms)

This is from the Rush Limbaugh Show, 10/13/2011 Every place you read "Tea Party" simply substitute "MAGA", "Make America Great Again", which Donald Trump coined in 2016, five years later. RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a...

Dr Larry Schweikart: Modern McClellan’s, Avoiding Defeatism

(If you didn't already know, Gen George McClellan was America's first RINO, well, sort of...his timidity in battle almost costing us the Civil War in the early going, then, in 1864, running as a...

Is Government too Big to Go to Jail?

  In 2012 I asked that question right here. What a difference ten years had made. Barack Obama promised to fundamentally change America, and by God, he almost pulled it off. That process has accelerated lately....

God’s Gonna Cut You Down- Johnny Cash

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