My wife and I have made offers of this nature before, but we’re both closing in on having to close up our 20-year business of Books and Historica. We keep up 250 items at all times, and have another 250 or so unscanned and ready to replace.

To see them, go to and simply scroll thru the inventory. Every book is already knocked down by half of market value, but you can make any fair offer there, or contact me at @bushmillsvassar at Twitter. Paypal is available to handle money, or a simple check if you prefer.

I have a nice collection of French and German books, most of the French books from the estate of a CIA language specialist, quite a bit of old Religious books (English, German, French) and I’ll be happy to send a list.

The Soviet-era “paper”, mostly event passes and conventions from one of the founding families of the Bulgarian communist regime in 1945, are very exclusive.

A few posters still exists, the RPG the most popular and expensive.

If you have any questions, just let me know via Twitter.

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  1. Good morning Brother!

    I see you have been suspended from the Twitterverse. We miss you.

    Send your email to me at so we can continue to communicate and share the particulars of your banishment to the gulag so I can share it with the other rabble rousers.

    Thank you,


    • Thanks, Ron. I’m sure I used some gosh-awful language, but may have a backdoor to Elon. INterestingly, they are continuing to take my monthly $8, so I’ll be posting about it here soon.
      My email (Robert Hightower).
      Thanks for getting in touch. This VB site will be carrying an overview soon. I put an awful lot of thumbs to the teat-fit crowd’s ribcage.

      • Much ado about the data scraping restrictions. I haven’t seen much falloff in my interactions but some of the great unwashed are really tweaked over it. RJ Fallon asked about you as well. Thanks for sharing your e-mail. I will send you a message and if you are interested I will add you to a daily distribution I send a small group of Brothers…


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