When two revolutions collide, which takes precedence as the defending champion? And which is the contender?

Who are the true revolutionaries here? The socialist-fascist Marxists, who go by so many names and historically contradictory to be irrelevant? Or is America the genuine revolutionary article?

They both can’t be.

Yes, the American Left believes they are the true revolutionaries, only they are the true reactionaries for they are trying, and have been trying for many years, to throw down the only true revolutionary political event in world history.

By definition a “revolution” is a rejection of a state of political existence the revolutionaries don’t like. Since the beginning of time Satan didn’t like anything his Creator-Father did, so one could say that the Devil is the original revolutionary.

If you are a theist this should serve as a bottom line core principle in your thinking about good and evil. But you also have to concede that those who embrace Satan’s way of seeing things, don’t do so in his name. They generally don’t even believe what they do is in the name of Evil. They simply have an alternate theory of belief in what is Good.

These kinds of philosophical arguments are fun for the chattering classes for they can only truly be settled by force of arms which they believe will never occur. Again. But the election of 2016 proved that elections no longer prove anything, which is where things stand today….a battle to the finish between Good and the Other Good, where it is yet to be determined whether am election will any longer seal things.

When the Bolsheviks rose up to strike down the Russian monarchy in 1917, they did so in the name of a perceived good….only one written by Karl Marx and religiously held by only a few thousand Russians…but at the time also cheered on by a majority of Russia’s impoverished population since the revolution’s stated intent was to liberate them from the shackles of monarchy.

After a civil war that took over 9 million lives (8 million collateral citizens…if this sort of Communist indifference ever mattered) it wouldn’t take long for it be obvious that the purpose of the Bolsheviks was not so much to free the people of Russia from bondage as to replace their bondage with a new and different kind, Communism.

Without God.

Socialists would argue this was a true revolution for it threw down an existing monarch, but not absolute monarchies in general. (Its internationale plans would soon be revealed to prove otherwise, just ask the New York Times, who bought in early on. Communism carried a cachet in foreign intellectual capitals never known inside Russia, which everyone, including the communists, wasn’t so. Two entirely different brands.))

But because Communism did not stop with the political class in Russia, but went on to outlaw their religious class, against God, and Lenin had not forewarned the ensnared Christian people of Russia of this part of the new contract, it was never popular, and therefore a mere counter-revolution.

Karl Marx was a very limited man, and his revolutionary new way had only limited objectives, simple because his vision could never be embraced by the vast majority of the world. I’m still not sure whether Marx denied the existence of God, or simply hated him. There’s a difference and we see this all the time in America with young people and their “New-atheism movement”. Lenin never mentioned God, but only “religion”, meaning the “church”, who knows? but went on to to say that capitalism “created religion”, when in truth western religion pre-dated the world of capitalism by a couple of thousand years.

But let’s keep this simple. The Bolshevik Revolution, and all other Marxist-Fascist revolutions since have been revolts against political, economic and religious orders, promising a rewarding existence to the 20% who would be a part of the management class, but only them.

By contrast, the earlier American Revolution offered and delivered an 80% management plan with a 20% class of hirelings doing the bidding of the owners of the country, but incorporating the 3000 year old morals clause, a covenant of the people and their selected managers to largely keep the Commandments as a part of the overall government contract.

This was the same morals clause Lenin struck, and which the royals of Europe had largely ignored since the 8th Century.

Just as Jesus represented God’s revolution against Satan’s control of the pagan world 2000 years ago, America represents His taking political control away from Satan 200 years ago, as the “morals clause” in political governance.

So, in the pecking order of revolutions America’s revolution against tyranny is older in time than Karl Marx’s which has now been openly outed and re-directed against us after a century of hiding in the weeds, sniping at our religions, our free markets and our entire structure of freedom and government,

In our first 150 years we liberated more people, to pursue life, liberty and happiness in whatever manner they chose than all the dreams and aspirations of Marx & Co combined. And we didn’t have to kill 75 or so million of those people to “save” them. We even took in several million of the very detritus of European society, and a couple of million African slaves, and gave them the means to build their own house, gain wealth by their own efforts and to be able to pass it all onto future generations.

Psychologically Karl Marx was a hoaxster, pissed off because he was so very smart, an intellectual, but men of lesser intelligence were so much more wealthy. It wasn’t fair…and he had no god to shake his fist at. So he did it at clouds.

Get used to this new normal, because it has been this way since 1787, and the rest of the civilized world has held its breath because they knew there was no way they could compete with our way of letting citizens pursue life, liberty and happiness without first getting the permission of their political class, but neither could they keep their citizens from wanting what apparently only America could give them

After 200 yeas we are merely seeing a convergence of counter-revolutions, all now suddently allied..including (sigh) a lot of #NeverTrumpers. They don’t know it yet, but they are nearing a pont where there can be no going back.

Oh, about the featured image: Of all the photos and posters you can see about the Russian Revolution, you can see similar photos of Leftwing demonstrations, today, and ever since the 1960os; parades, placards, street demonstrations, Antifa fights….every event is duplicated, but one: Mass shooting in the street. The Bolsheviks were butchers and pigs, and began their revolution with this sort of killing.

It was this kind of street killing of unarmed citizens, called the Boston Massacre in 1770, that ignited the American Revolution.

That’s about all the difference you need to know in who the revolutionary and counter-revolutionary is here.

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