This “Effing Impeachment” by the “Effing Democrats”; a Dream Quest

Almost a year ago I posted a link to several music videos, with the idea of giving you something to sit back and dream of how citizens might exercise frontier justice on the enemies...

Shameless Cravens and a Plea for History

This is only an opinion. There is not enough hard evidence available for me to say without equivocation that Lindsey Graham is a craven, much less a shameless one. But there is enough circumstantial evidence to...

Empechere Interruptus; Two Scenarios

This is not a recommendation based on an analysis, legal or political, as I don't have enough information, factual or legal, or about actual assets available to the President, the Republicans in Congress, the...


Every citizen charged with a crime is entitled to a jury of his/her peers to determine guilt. Innocence is presumed. Every military member charged with a crime is entitled to a jury, only not of his...

The Fatal Glass of Beer by W C Fields, 1933

Speaks for itself