Recalling the lost “Modern” Girls of Politics in New York

In 2011 I posted a really delightful piece...since I didn't really write it, largely a cut-and-paste job...called "Meet the Girls of New York; the Original Grand Dames of New York were Republicans" and mostly...

How Veterans can Redirect much of America’s Public Education

...and a new Education Model in America can provide both employment and justification for veterans service. For a few years I managed a veterans website called "VeteransTales". It was constructed by my author-friend and colleague,...

Reprisals and the Killing of Civilians in War

"In Belgium there are many towns whose cemeteries today have rows and rows of memorial stones inscribed with a name, the date 1914, and the legend, repeated over and over: "Fusille par les Allemandes"...

Send Me, Isaiah 6, from Fury

Requires no commentary, 5 tankers in World War II, behind German, their tank unable to move, and a battalion of German troops headed for them.

Salutin’ Demons

I know, the way we fight wars has changed, but I suspect life around headquarters command centers hasn’t. In the long campaigns in World War II, North Africa, Italy and France, units were often sent...

God’s Gonna Cut You Down- Johnny Cash

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