By watching and listening to the Left for well over 40 years, and paying attention to self-describing conservatives who claim some religious connection to God and His Son, Jesus, I think I have an idea of how all this works out.

I’ll begin with the quoters from the Book of Revelations, and simply note that every time an evil conqueror steps out into daylight, many Revelation-quoters will start, well, quoting Revelations; Behold a pale horse, End Times, that sort of thing. And if you’ve lived long enough, you’ve heard that warning in several different contexts; from our cultural slide into promiscuity to murdering babies, to finally looking at the “bright” side of the Middle Ages, and how much better off we’d be if 25% of the population once again could rule over the other 75%.

Revelations-quoters sometimes think of the End Times as God’s final punishment, while, at other times, it is His (and our) final victory,

My mother was an old mountain-Methodist, who read only one Book, only a hundred times over, and by the time she died at age 93, believed only she and a coven of six or seven other ladies she’d congregated in a small town in Arizona were the only people alive who merited being raptured up God in the End Times. A very select crew. (It was those same ladies she called in to stand in a circle, chant, and then lay hands on my dad, causing him to next day pack up his car and leave after 40 years of marriage, then live his remaining 10 years in unending bliss, until he died…for you see, he had a different vision of God, “live and let live”, about which most of you would approve.)

As you may know, we see a lot of Revelation-talk on Twitter, the internet, and in several church congregations.

I have no intention of discussing God’s plan for Mankind, or the Earth, since in America alone there are at least 100 million different versions of just what that plan might be. All I know for certain is that it will involve Nature, and Natural Law, and, unlike the Kingston Trio’s closing line to “The Merry Minuet” …”some one will set the spark off, and we will all be blown away”..That was 1959, mind you……”and we will all be blown away”.

It will not be as spectacular as you’re encouraged to imagine.


We can’t all be blown away that way.

True, the solar system can collapse in on itself, but we likely won’t have enough of a pause to think about. But it won’t be slow and drawn out. This earth has been in and out of several complete makeovers, assumed to have been due to climate changes, only none of them having to do with man. Animal species appear and disappear, continents break off and form new land masses, and in this tiny speck of time, the past 100-150 years, Man has begun speculating how all that took place. Just theories, mind you, but modern Man had to come up with some picture of Man’s life came to be…since ancient Man had already told the story, through fable and myth.

And we all know, that can’t been that way. So scientific Man and religious Man have drifted part. Once upon a time they got on pretty well, especially since it was religious Man that fed the academic class, and invented and designed his means of transportation, housing and entertainment. It took religious Man over 3000 years to finally reach the point in creating a physical culture, that scientific and technical Man felt they could do it better.

It’s in this atmosphere of conflict (religious Man could also be heavy-handed when in control) that in modern times Christians have developed a habit of withdrawing when things appear to be going south. After Ronald Reagan, around 2000, evangelicals retreated from general society, not returning to mass participation in government until Donald Trump lured them back in 2016… and some say (me included) their return cinched his election over Hilary Clinton. They were the hidden army the Democrats hadn’t counted on and they showed up en mass.

This tendency has always exited among many Christian denominations, only now, there is talk of a war. A real war.

This may come at a surprise to many of you, but the Democrats and Left have been working “out-in-the-open” since the election 1976 to push its ability to gain permanent power in the Congress, and the election apparatus to protect that process. That’s how they can look like a “republik” when we’re actually not. But also in a slower and more deliberate way, they need to slowly steer the American culture away from becoming a religious and moral nation. You can’t have a compliant culture if its members always point to a Higher Authority that guides their lives. They needed a culture that stood firmly against religious ideals, as China, the USSR have proved.

They could deal with Christian dogma, which are just words, but the American culture was based on deeper ideals. A cultural property. Almost an instinct. And that had to be changed… only it takes time, at least 3 generations, so that Generation Three will have no idea what Generation One actually knew or believed. The history books will have been changed, all contradictory histories erased. A complete turnover.

You may not know this, but those histories in the United States began to be written around 1896, and they have just been waiting on the bookshelves for the true accounts of history, philosophy, even psychology and sociology, to be pulled down and burned.

We have been going on with this process, in education, the popular culture (music, film) but especially an alienation between children with not just their grandparents, but their parents, since both are pursuing their own careers. In the days of the lords and ladies of the manors, this was common, Mama being engrossed in her social arrangements, which meant as much to the family name as did the rank of his lordship, the master of the manor, who, lived off third-fourth generation, but did have an office to go every day, just for appearance sake. The children were raised by nannies (Mary Poppins, anyone?), and shuttled off to boarding schools (Goodbye, Mr Chips?) once past the age of 12. Kids in my generation saw these films, but never knew the backstories, going back to the 1930s, for Hollywood loved, so maybe you should re-see them. I know many Englishmen who insist that English manhood in government was defined by their nannies, not their fathers. In America, we’re getting a different vision, of children raised by housekeepers named Consuela and the klatch of friends who share drugs. You’ve seen a lot of them over recent years,


and no, they are not a majority, but they are becoming a strong plurality, for it mom and dad can just get them past this phase, They may even be able to be executive officers with the NFL. What the parents most want them no to do is end up in a pop-up tent in drug town in downtown LA.

This is not new. I had a hippie client in central Arizona who had joined a commune in ’67, whose father was one of the most prestigious lawyers in Chicago. He doled out $2000/ month to here from a trust of about $10 million, managed by her sister. She hired me to get her control of it….which I did. Took 5 years, and I got great insights into how long this system has been going, at least back to when Nancy Pelosi was a kid.

Nature usually deals with survival-endangering behavior at its own speed. Also generationally. It has physical powers; e.g., all sorts of viruses, HIV for certain kinds of misconduct. It even intervenes in areas of incest, child abuse, sexual improvidence, and if a group gets out of hand, as in promiscuous sex with AIDS, or incest among royalty who too worship of their blood lines a bridge too far, it can wipe them out, also generationally.

Nature wants to save the species.

But we sure as hell know it’s not going to be that upper 20% whose going to see the universe with a long view of survival. The longest view any Marxist or leftwing philosopher can comprehend in 60-70 years, which is why every communist regime dies after 3 generations.

So to you Believers, whether you like it or not, a fight will be thrust upon you. You can either surrender, retreat, or link arms and fight.

It will be local, just as the first American Revolution was.

So the End is not approaching, only a new Beginning, either Theirs or Yours.




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