When is Vigilantism Justified?— “Sky Determines”

  I've often said that throughout all history "Sky determines" the rules men and their families have to live by when they move into a new place. The physical terrain; weather and natural enemies, define...


America may be the only nation on earth in which its citizens can choose up sides to discuss things and then map out the nation's course. This is because Americans were the first to design...

SitRep: “Now Youse Can’t Leave”

This is a kind of SitRep for patriots who have been sitting home, active on social media, but waiting for someone (e.g. Donald Trump, AG Barr, or even the 82nd Airborne) to step in...

A Few Notes on Home Defense Mitigation

In my scanning the riots, I picked up this little byte, which I'm sure brought a few chuckles from armed suburban home owners. One looter said, "Hey, let's go out to the suburbs." And...

UPDATE: 19 JAN: An Outline of the Second Amendment Fight to Come in Virginia

UPDATE: Best piece to date on the Monday rally, by Matt Bracken, Worth heeding, Patriots. Watch yer topknots. From the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a very good, and instructive working list of coming attractions. The Democrats...

God’s Gonna Cut You Down- Johnny Cash

https://youtu.be/IStlBOX9F4o Nothing left to say