Shutting Off the Bratling Valve at the Tap/ Part I, Identifying the Types

  I'll let you give your own names to these various "types" of bratlings below. They have a rich and storied history in the United States, one which is a little different from their histories...

The Democrat’s Takeover by a Quiet, Rolling Putsch?

"Putsch" is a German version of the French "coup d'etat", which is more familiar to most people. Baby Boomers and those who read World War II history (which our fathers fought in) know "putsch"...

The Dmitrov Model: When There is no Longer a Memory of One’s History

You probably never heard of Georgi Dmitrov, but he was a backwoods model of everything the modern Klaus Schwab-WEF (World Economic Forum) is "offering" the world today, every bit as much as Marxist-Leninism was...

“Simpatico”, Two Simple Rules for Immigration

You already know I’m “one of those desert loving English”. I like Arabs and don’t see anything especially sinister in the Quran as I’ve known it to develop over the past millenium. But I...

Somebody Had to Go First

The idea has been around a long time that maybe we should reorganize our government by electing presidents from the private sector, from outside the political circles we've watched for over 30 years bring...

Who Shook the Jar, by Mark Twain

0   Says it all about who's turning Americans against Americans