American Theology Simply Stated, The Transcendence of Liberty

The Transcendence of Liberty I’ve told this story before, of the time in 1991 I attended a birthday party for a law professor at a university in USSR Ukraine. Around three tables pushed together, in...

The Doctrine of Liberty, The Original Republican Brand, Who Owns It?

I claim primacy for the GOP that is the older of the two, as well as the one that claims the greater chance of actually growing in size

Mark Twain, Caiaphas and the Mystery of Satan

During one of his stand-up routines late in life, Mark Twain said he'd always wanted to meet Satan. Shake his hand. (I paraphrase from memory)..."He must have had executive experience. After all, he is...

Famous Common People I Have Known, Earl Hodge and Federal Aid to Education

In my freshman year in high school, 1960, I participated in the Kentucky high school regionals of what was called The State Speech Festival. Organized like Spelling Bee competitions, the best of the best...

Trump and Sessions Must End the California Nullification Crisis Sooner Than Later (Updated)

      (I should have waited a day, too hasty on the Nullification part, needed a rewrite.) (I originally titled this piece "Lincoln Fought a Civil War to Keep the South in the Union, What Will Donald Trump...

Where is Matt? After a Decade’s Slide into Darkness (Revised)

  Matt Harding was born in 1976, a Gen-Xer (1965-1980). That Generation is just as apt to cling to the old ways and standards of their parents (Baby Boomers, 1942-1964) as they are to become utterly nouveau, knowing little, if anything about the shoulders they...