Part III, Our Next Great Awakening

The ingredients for historical Great Awakenings have been described in Parts I and II and we know those ingredients had already revealed themselves as early as 2010. Remember, the awakened people found Donald Trump...

The Devil and Daniel Webster, 1941

This is 1941, when Hollywood apparently still approved of God. "The Devil and Daniel Webster" is a short story written by Stephen Vincent Benet in 1936 for Saturday Evening Post, then in book form in 1937, then this film...

The Doctrine of Liberty, The Original Republican Brand, Who Owns It?

I claim primacy for the GOP that is the older of the two, as well as the one that claims the greater chance of actually growing in size

Trump and Sessions Must End the California Nullification Crisis Sooner Than Later (Updated)

      (I should have waited a day, too hasty on the Nullification part, needed a rewrite.) (I originally titled this piece "Lincoln Fought a Civil War to Keep the South in the Union, What Will Donald Trump...

The Satan Chronicles, an Invitation

Over at Unwashed Philosophy (a creation of "Haystack", one of the early behind-the-curtain tech-guys at RedState and now living a contemplative monk's existence in an aerie in New England) I was invited to do a series...

Where is Matt? After a Decade’s Slide into Darkness (Revised)

  Matt Harding was born in 1976, a Gen-Xer (1965-1980). That Generation is just as apt to cling to the old ways and standards of their parents (Baby Boomers, 1942-1964) as they are to become utterly nouveau, knowing little, if anything about the shoulders they...