Papismus Lucifugus, the Advent of Tribalism in American Conservatism

Papismus Lucifugus I have this book, one of only a few surviving. Dated 1668, it's a record of a disputation between John Menzies of the (Church of Scotland) Divinity School at Marischal College in Aberdeen and an...

Don’t-Give-a-Damn’s as America’s Protected Religious Class

This is a chapter in my unfinished book, The Devil's History of the United States I’ve often lamented the demise of public religious institutions, for that is an important part of the Foundation of the...

Does a Straight Woman Have a Chance in Today’s Democrat Party?

Does a straight male dancer have a chance in a chorus line on Broadway today?

Good and Evil, and Donald Trump

  After only three days, it's clear that the anti-Donald Trump crowd hasn't all been created equally. Especially those whose opposition to Trump seems to be based on some sort of professed faith about Evil. As I have written several times,...

Bolsheviks vs Mensheviks; Who Should we Root for? Are They Really Any Different?

With his speech Donald Trump seems to have lit the fuse for not only a cultural Awakening in America, but a "two-front war", lighting the fuse of liberty among the people of those peoples...

Who Shook the Jar, by Mark Twain

0   Says it all about who's turning Americans against Americans