Famous Common People I Have Known, “Me”, or Thanks, Cincinnati

I've sprinkled little vignettes of my background all over this site, many of "Famous Common People I Have Known" series are drawn from my life among the trees. My fondest memories are of trees and...

On the Shoulders We Stand On

When I was a young man, from 15 to college graduate at 22, I generally kept my mouth shut in the company of my elders. Much of it was just good manners, which, I...

Natural Law and the Law of Averages, How Science Hobbled Down and Became Political

When Science started calling Science a liar. Continuing our inquiries on how Science has been hobbling down in both its genuine understanding of Fact and Truth, and its current political insistence on incorporating most other...

Dying for the Right

Dying for a Cause is not the same as arguing a Cause. What stands out about the Civil War (1860-1865, for those of you who still read) is that both sides sent their sons to...

The Times They are A’Changin’, So, Do we Need to Change Party Names?

...just to avoid confusion between "classical", "modern" and "new-and-improved" Republicans and Conservatives. I watched Peter, Paul & Mary sing this live in 1964 on the campus of the University of Kentucky. Of course, Bob Dylan...

Who Shook the Jar, by Mark Twain

https://youtu.be/-uX1sgH3iEo   Says it all about who's turning Americans against Americans