ID posters -Soviet Tanks, T-72 & T-64 UNUSED-Used in UKRAINE today

GTA 30-3-24, Unclassified, 1981, updated to 1987 and passed around to units and Allies, as they were used by the Iraqis in Desert Storm. The T-72's are still a part of the Polish military...

Republicans v Republicans in Arizona, Look for the Flash Points

  The "Patriots of 1776" actually began with the Boston Massacre in March 1770, which was a street protest against unfair taxation. Sam Adams, to my mind the "real" Adams in the American pantheon of...

First Principles; the Constitution, Big Government and Peter Strzok

In the Introduction to his biography of Alexander Hamilton, former "National Review" editor and historian Richard Brookhiser wrote that "As an orator, he was not spellbinding. His method...was to find the first principles (emphasis...

Promiscuity and Profanity, a Commentary of Modern LGBTQIA

Mark Twain was apparently a notorious swearer. Since he didn’t use such language in his writings (wasn’t permitted in his day) we have no real idea what his profanity might have sounded like. But...

Art Chance on False Flags

(With Art's permission, a lesson about false flags from a a political-pro friend in Alaska about a candidate no one knows anything about outside of Alaska. This is how lessons are learned,) THE PROBLEM WITH...

God’s Gonna Cut You Down- Johnny Cash

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