Ben Shapiro and the Simpsons

Updating a May, 2016 essay I wrote about the millennial "Saving Ben Shapiro" I can unequivocally pronounce him "found"! I thought he was perilously close to becoming lost due to the major rot of...

“To be American”

(Updated from a post I made at in 2010. Looks better here, without commercial interruption.) A law student takes his date, a med student, to Ruby Tuesday’s for dinner. In the course of conversation,...

Unfinished Business- “Unfinished Society”

This is Part II of "Unfinished Business", which is a theme that just sort of eases into the minds of men and women as they near the sunset of their lives. I'm 76 and...

To be American, American Exceptionalism and Assimilation- How Things Worked

I think there is a general misconception of just what assimilation means to the ideal of “to be American”. To understand American exceptionalism you must first realize that it was created by the American  people, not...

Unfinished Business; Memories are Resume Enhancements

As I noted in my free book offering at another section of this site, my wife suddenly decided to end her business association of nearly 20 years with AmazonBooks, and decided to chuck close...

Who Shook the Jar, by Mark Twain

0   Says it all about who's turning Americans against Americans