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Saul Alinsky’s Doctrine: 8 steps to topple a nation


(I stand corrected on the facts stated in this piece, published in 2021, and notified by Mr Ralph Benko, an authority on Saul Alinsky, who it seems WAS NOT an inspiration for Hilary and Bill’s crimes. Please read his comments as they appear founded. They DO NOT alter my opinions about the Clintons, either of them, as we were of the same generation, though not of the same law schools or later experiences. So Mr Alinsky is hereby exonerated of the crimes charged. My apologies to Mr Benko. But not the Clintons.

The beat goes on.)

Below are Saul Alinsky’s Eight Steps.

Think of these as “fronts” in a war; Western front, Eastern front.  These are all the fronts the Enemies of the United States have set up and been fighting for at least the past 50 years—

—all on your front steps and at your front door.

You simply don’t have time to sit and complain about how the elected officials you trusted have let you down.

There are hundreds of way you can send them all a message every day that you have taken these issues in hand and will be doing something about daily, and not just the next election day.


1) Healthcare — Control healthcare and you control the people

2) Poverty — Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.

3) Debt — Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.

4) Gun Control — Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.

5) Welfare — Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income).

6) Education — Take control of what people read and listen to — take control of what children learn in school.

7) Religion — Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools.

8) Class Warfare — Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor.


You simply don’t have time to sit around and complain.

31 thoughts on “Saul Alinsky’s Doctrine: 8 steps to topple a nation

        1. « Rules for Radical » have you read it?
          I suspect you are a communist and therefore an enemy of Freedom!

  1. It seems you are mistaken. These “rules” are not attributed to Alinsky. No web results prior to 2016 can be found.

    From https://www.oc-breeze.com/2020/05/24/182305_book-discussion-saul-alinskys-rules-for-radicals-part-1-introduction/

    from the comments section:

    “My name is Ralph Benko. Greetings from DC. I’m a former deputy general counsel in the Reagan White House, My conservative credentials are widely respected. (Google me.)
    I am intimately familiar with the life and work of Saul Alinsky, who I never met but greatly admire. I do know David Alinsky (who doesn’t like me very much).
    David is far to my left. Unlike his father.
    Saul Alinsky made it clear more times than I can count, including in Rules for Radicals, that he hated Big Government. There is zero evidence that he was a socialist. The FBI exonerated him from false charges that he was sympathetic to communism.
    Alinsky NEVER said there were eight levels to gaining socialist control of a nation. He never said that “Number one” on his list was healthcare.
    This is just fake news. Don’t fall for it.
    I’ve researched Alinsky’s life and writings and found zero evidence that he believed that if government controls healthcare it can control people. He was passionate in his propounding that the people should control the government, not vice versa. He said and wrote this many times and lived by that creed.
    Hillary Rodham (later Clinton) wrote her undergraduate master’s thesis on Alinsky. She admired but rejected him. Alinsky was on the side of the people. Hillary coveted insider status. And got it. She made her choice. It wasn’t Alinsky.
    Obama never met Saul Alinsky (who died while he was a child) but spent a weekend with one of Saul’s successors at the Industrial Areas Foundation (whom I interviewed and have written about). Per Saul’s successor Obama rejected Alinsky too.
    Both Hillary Rodham and Barack Obama believed they should go into the system rather than organizing citizens to pressure it from outside. Which is what Saul Alinsky prescribed.
    I am a well known archconservative, a hardened anticommunist Cold War veteran, and an arch-nemesis of progressives and socialists, and, yes, of communists. I played a small role in bringing down the USSR, and am proud to have played any role at all.
    You have Saul Alinsky all wrong. He was an anti-big-government pro-liberty guy who has been latched onto and appropriated by the left.
    Yes, he was a provocateur, a provocateur for “liberty and justice for all” to which we have all pledged allegiance, fighting racial injustice.
    That’s a cause that all Conservatives can support.
    Saul Alinsky was no socialist. The evidence is conclusive.
    Spread the word!
    Kind regards,
    Ralph Benko
    The Capitalist League
    Washington, DC”

    1. Well presented. Being a Christian, I’m content to allow God to sort out who Saul Alinsky really was. I too am an old Cold Warrior, Army lawyer, corporate manufacturer, and lucky enough to have spent a great deal of time in the old USSR as it fell, ’91-’92, especially where the current war is taking place. The most honorable man I ever knew there was a member of the Soviet Central Committee, https://www.vassarbushmills.com/2017/11/22/famous-soviet-russians-ive-colluded-with/ in Gorkiy, a real CINO, making your case for Alinsky’s internal star chart certainly believable. I spent 20 years in the old Soviet Bloc (the Balkans after becoming personna non grata to members of Ukraine’s “non-extistent” cartels, simply called mafia in those days). I certainly believe much of what Alinsky seemed to believe, from your letter, is having a positive effect on the masses’ attitudes about “liberty”, now that it is clear the State wishes to deprive them of it.- Thanks

      1. Thank you Vassar. As myself a Jew, I take the commandment not to bear false witness very seriously. And attributing this to Saul Alinsky is false witness. I salute you for your contribution to winning the Cold War. That’s impressive.

    2. I’m not sure you understand that this is in his actual book that he actually wrote called “Rules for Radicals”.

      But I digress…

    3. You are LYING!
      Hillary idolized Saul Alinski
      He Litterally discipled her while she was in college.
      You are just another leftist propagandist,
      lying on behalf of the Clintons & Saul Alinski.
      I’m surprised you didn’t add to your narrative
      that none of Hillary‘s associates had ever died of mysterious murders that were ruled suicides.

      1. John? Apparently you haven’t actually read Hillary’s thesis. (I have.) She admired but repudiated Alinsky (who btw barely knew her, she was just a random fangirl). And since what I wrote herein is documented truth, shame on you for accusing me of lying. You only damage yourself thereby.

    4. It appears this individual is confused between Alinsky and The Cloward-Piven strategy. The 8 rules listed above are from Cloward & Piven.

    5. It appears this individual is confused between Alinsky and The Cloward-Piven strategy. The 8 rules listed above are from Cloward & Piven.

    6. Did I miss something? I don’t see where Alinsky is pushing or approving of these items. I read it as someone pointing out how it could be done. NOT something he wanted to be done. He’s not responsible for any politicians that chose to make them happen.

    7. K. Baum,

      I didn’t take this as something Alinsky wanted or was pushing for. I took as things to watch out for. Alinsky is not responsible for any politicians trying to make these part of American life. That’s on them, not him.

    1. Thanks, Cliff. And right you are. Alinsky did say most of those things, but since he died so long ago I’m sure his name’s been taken in vain often.

  2. Whether someone said it or not, it just takes common sense and eyes to know that these 8 steps are accurate and already in effect. There is already a cure for cancer but the elite don’t want it practiced or revealed. Reducing the population through cancer, GMOs, abortion, race wars is necessary in destroying a nation. Christianity is quickly being chipped away and replaced with bad sexual learned behavior ideology. The school shootings are done intentionally to sway favor in taking away gun rights. Law abiding citizens will give up guns while criminals will not. We will self destruct with rape and violence. That will make it easier for China to step in and mop up the ones left alive.

    1. I think you’re spot on there, Mark, although I don’t think the picture is as dark as you suggest. Therer are just too many of my generation around who know about the proper use of bloody noses. I’m still very optimistic…but it will be an argument that is won, but only that these radicals will have to crawl back in their holes. The good news is, as in the animal kingdom, they won’t be able to grow their numbers by persuasion. Nature will die them out.

    1. Very nice of you to add the “cultural suicide” information. I wasn’t as up to snuff as you are, but agree there is a grave survival warning embedded in their conduct.
      Thank you again.

  3. It was always my understanding that Saul intended the rules as a prediction. When it happens, (now), this is the way in which it would happen. He was, is, right.

    1. No, Rules was a training manual for community organizers, not a prophecy. It’s subtitle is “A pragmatic primer for realistic radicals” and it taught activists how to be effective at getting the Establishment (whether government or corporate) to respect the dignity of the communities they are there to serve.

  4. I have seen these 8 Steps to Communism since the 1980’s and they were always attributed to either Saul Alinsky or Anonymous. It doesn’t really matter who wrote them or what they were written for. All I know is that the steps have been and are being followed. They are all in play right now. These people are very patient and are playing the long game with us. I’ve always said that in the past they tried to take the US by waging war. Now they are just buying us. Countries in other parts of the world don’t allow people from other countries to buy their property or businesses, but people in this country are too greedy to care about our nation’s sovereignty and security so someone offers a little more money and the mighty dollar rules them. Wake up people. We’re being taken over an acre and a business at a time.

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