Capitalism and Capitalists, Why we Sometimes Confuse Them

(If this seems dull and dreary, it's because it's the Introduction to a short monograph I'm preparing about the lack of effective funding on the Right to combat the Left. I had to write...

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Karl Marx’s Funeral

I began this survey about Karl Marx only to hit a quick detour while looking into Marx's first experimental run, Russia. Like most theoreticians, Karl Marx couldn't show or tell you how to build...

In The Hills of Shiloh

  One of the main reasons this site is even here is to connect America and its political framework to natural law and the covenant God struck with Abraham about 2000 years before Christ....

Tribalism Writ Large; the American Tribe

Humanity started out tribal. All of us. This meeting below is between a white man named Cpt Nathan Brittles, about 800 years after his tribal beginnings, and a Cheyenne chief, still in the waning days of...

Remember the Jacquerie

The law has become the common man's prison.

Where is Matt? After a Decade’s Slide into Darkness (Revised)

  Matt Harding was born in 1976, a Gen-Xer (1965-1980). That Generation is just as apt to cling to the old ways and standards of their parents (Baby Boomers, 1942-1964) as they are to become utterly nouveau, knowing little, if anything about the shoulders they...