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Bet you didn’t know that the title term assassins comes from the Arab word, hashish, which was a very potent drug known all the way back to the Middle Ages and the Crusades?

Some say they came from central Asia, the Caucasus, maybe Persia, but the most famous chronicles were from a mountain fortress in Syria, “The Old Man in the Mountain”, named Rashīd ad-Dīn. And they were for hire, so while most of the Muslims lined up against the Crusaders, they sold their services to the highest bidder. The Knights Templars, who also had castles in that region, are said to have been on at least speaking terms with them, and even visited their castle and observe some of the training.

It’s hard to separate fact from myth after 700 years, but Rashid’s “Assassins” were truly mythical. They got their name from the hallucinogenic drug, hashish, which he used to train his soldiers, to give them glimpses of what lay ahead for them when they died for whatever cause or mission they were assigned. “Hashshashin” they were called.

And in their mountain aerie their training consisted of both military tactics and hash-induced psychological training, to connect that deep high with seeking to enter a world where it was ever-lasting. Only Rashid carried the keys to that kingdom and those keys were drug-based; hash.

We don’t know if modern Arab suicide bombers also are motivated by drugs, for there’s never enough of them found lying around to do an autopsy. But in World War II cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and various painkillers were used by German troops, Pervatine the brand of choice, given to their soldiers to keep them alert and on their feet beyond human normal. Americans and British knew of this practice and tried to find safer substitutes.

But going into battle with a suicidal high? Only the Japanese were able to do that, Kamikaze, only it isn’t believed to have been drug-induced.

Even in World War I, cocaine and heroin, both legal in that period, were used by soldiers in that war, although the French insisted their soldiers got by with “elan” (fighting spirit) alone.

Today, we do know that drugs of another kind, (in fact, more kinds that you can count) are not only great highs but very good agents for suggestibility to larger and larger numbers of “street warriors” of the Left…largely because many of them started so young, and in permissive households (at both ends of the economic spectrum) were easy to obtain and enjoy in groups.

All they needed was the want-to, and that was obtained through their social circles. And since most city police don’t see fit to arrest these people and quarantine and observe them, after several years we still don’t know how this social process works, since most of these “Children of the Sun” Sonnenkinder, are politically protected from closer scrutiny.

P J O’Rourke (RIP), an alumnus of my son’s university, when he was still a young student radical in the 60s, tells that when his group of mates were working various protests events, they were mostly paid with the three highs; marijuana, beer and sex (if girls were part of the team)… and that seemed a fair payment at the time.

I have argued for years that these kids should be arrested and tested with blood work, and held in observation for at least a few days…admittedly not as long as J6 detainees have been held for breaking-and-entering…culminating in this series at my Dark Alley section, which I’ve taken off the front page through the end of this election cycle. (We’re looking for interventions.)

Part I, Dealing With Public Insanity as if your Lives Depended On it (June 29 2020)

Part II, How Things Work When Unworkable Things are Allowed to Work (July 4, 2020)

Part III, Shutting The Door, The Federal (or State) Boarding School and Sanitarium, The Plan, July 5, 2020)

Part IV, The Master Plan for America’s Mental Breakdown, Part IV, July 9, 2020

What we know now is there is a direct correlation between drug use not just in obtaining a high in order to gain a person’s “voluntary” involvement, but to enhance enthusiasm and/or wrath, including, yes, even a kind of fearlessness that approaches suicidal, much like the Assassins of old. Only these modern soldiers have never really known real pain.

The inner vision of being part of an heroic cause is a kind of hypnosis that can be injected externally, only, much like video war games, the subject will survive to brag another day…never to suffer any real sting of battle. Modern police today go out of their way to inflict any real pain…which used to be considered a sure deterrent.

Even when their eventual fate may be scrounging for hits in one of San Francisco’s tent cities.

In my older America that sense of moral indignation and bravado could be purchased with a pitcher of beer if the crowd was just right and the bar regulars know that a guy named Casper, who only came in every once in a while, was an easy target. He might stand up, kick the chair away, and dare everyone to say anything else, and then go home with a bloody nose, and the echo of a roomful of laughter as he went out to get his car and drive home…to possibly be pulled over for DUI while shouting in his car about how he’d “show that SOB next time!” At a certain age, we’ve all seen that.

But in the town in central Arizona where I opened my law practice after leaving the Army  in ’76, this same thing had happened to a man who had been picked on by a bully in a local saloon. Only he quietly walked to his car, drove home and returned with a .45 and shot his tormentor dead. “Cold blooded” the indictment said. He was convicted, of course, but the jury only gave him 10 years (meaning probably out in 4 or less), so I assumed a lot of bar regulars took the stand to say the bully had it coming.

That’s how nature works, (and is why America’s current enemies despise our jury system…they keep losing when the “facts” are shown to 12 regular Americans) for just after I did that 4-part series (above), America saw film clips of a kid named Kyle Rittenhouse kill two BLM rioters trying to “get” him. Then there was his trial, and we saw a similar jury reaction in its acquittal of Rittenhouse. Self-defense, they ruled. Now poor Kyle’s dogged by the Left who paid those would-be assassins to play-game with real guns, and seeing an easy target…Ooops!…two are dead. Now Kyle’s rich, and still not yet 20. But because he was politically on the wrong side, and at 17 with no real deep political beliefs and had never attended a BLM training camp, and probably had never even dropped acid, he’s a national pariah. Coulda been a virgin, even. Uncool by every radical standard.

To the media, and Wiki, it was like two knights being killed by the hog-butcher’s son. Oh, the ignominy of it all!

Just two years ago I was not even remotely aware of how deeply, or how long this drug scourge had been running even though I’d had drugged-out clients and children of rich parents since the 70s. I just never made the connection. After doing some digging I realized Ayn Rand was also unaware of the drug connection to that sense of entitlement of the students at Berkeley in ’64, or how it grew throughout the 60s and 70s, as the wealth sector grew into the 90s and 2000’s.

But what began as an army of a few thousand now measure in the millions. And they are largely protected and allowed to burn, rip, tear, pillage and steal, just so long as they don’t kill anyone…or get caught on camera. Then the police have to do something.

We need to give this serious thought, for even as they still comprise no more than 20% of the population, they provide most…most…of the weight of social media, little bratlings who use the term “democracy” to define what they stand for when it omits the other 80% of society who fall outside their class.

Think about it, and think also about what you/we must do if our elected officials and police won’t, for if America-as-founded should suddenly die, while the new masters will be “sophisticated” managers, the New Royals, their power will have been sanctioned by a drug-abused suicidal cult.





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