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In Defense of the Justified Bloody Nose

You know the news story of the Trump supporter who sucker-punched a Trump rally protester.  Actually it was more of a sucker-forearm shiver to the chops, which makes more sense inasmuch as the puncher was 75 and the punchee was a mid-20s thug, (in all likelihood in the hire of Soros-funded Salon.org), and who come to these rallies with the express purpose of provoking violence, and, if the opportunity arises, to break things. I’ve had some experience in how these choreographed programs are designed, and know they have been working for the Left for most of 45 years, back to the day when Bill Ayers was still a young man.

But today I’d only like to defend this violent outburst of a 75-year old cowboy on grounds of “natural law” – for you see I have an up-close and personal history with this sort of sucker-punch, only not as the puncher but as the punchee. Even more remarkably, it happened to me twice, and from the same bare knuckles…and for the same offense…lying. (It was only after Round 2 that I realized I was law school material.) Many of you know this story, one of my most popular, and a chapter in my book “Famous Common People I Have Known”, about a red-headed kid named Mick Hensley, a barefoot ruffian who had an unbending sense of justice, and who taught me a very important natural law, not about lying, mind you, but about consequences and my false sense of immunity. I still mention him in my prayers, for were it not for Mick, I might have ended up like Bill Clinton, prince of a lying race, where the best went one way and the brightest went another. Thanks to Mick I believe I took the proper turn at the crossroads.

For, you see, I stopped lying (well, serious ones) the last one I told to my mother, to whom I reported I had fallen when she asked why my new shirt was bloodied. Had I told her the truth Mick may have ended up in reform school, for his reputation (in her eyes) justified him being taken off the streets at just about the time he was ready to graduate 8th grade, quit school and take a job in the coal mines.

The natural law lesson I learned then was that with every little sin there can be a consequence, and that can come right out of the blue, in my case a right cross.

That kid that took that forearm shiver to the chops had probably insulted the American flag, fingered a crowd of citizens, and mouthed out an F-U a dozen times with never a thought that maybe it would someday hurt. Then bam! it did.

Good. And as Ann Coulter has suggested, I’d like to see more overdue comeuppances likes that.

This is the moral (and legal, if you believe in natural law) reminder I want to put forward today. You see, a 21-year old college kid from Virginia was just sentenced to 15 years in North Korea for trying to sneak a political banner into his luggage on the return trip home. Hard labor, mind you. Now for those of you who go to bed tonight still in comfortable surroundings, his world has changed in ways you cannot imagine. He’ll probably only do 2-3 years, but you can’t imagine the anguish and deprivation, and real pain he will suffer unless he learns some real world rules of doing what you’re told very quickly. The US will probably pay a bribe price to get him out early. But still, you’re thinking…for a stinking banner?!!!…just as that black kid at the Trump rally is thinking, “for a lousy fifty bucks?” Welcome to the real world.

Hurts, don’t it?

The youth of our country have run around for about 50 years believing that they are immune to violent justice as I suffered at the hand of Mick Hensley or other reckonings being rendered on them because of one thing and one thing only…and that is “the law.” They think they are protected by the law while higher laws of nature hover.

That bloody nose is a reminder that those higher laws are real, which, carried into adulthood, is why we have a 2nd Amendment, for every time we go to bed believing the law will protect us, the law never does. In fact, history proves, the law becomes the aggressor. How many times did noblemen learn that they couldn’t ride though Sherwood Forest with wagons filled with gold before they learned not to do that anymore?

That so many young men have to accept a bloody nose, a black eye, or the occasional fifteen-year prison sentence all because  they never knew there were consequences to their actions, and that they are not immune from sanctions other-than-the-laws-of-man should be laws we celebrate, not condemn.

Laisser les bons temps rouller.



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