Barry’s Boys

  "Barry's Boys" is not about Barack Obama. I was working on an introductory reminiscence on Rush Limbaugh for a piece on "dark alley" strategies that will appear in coming days, and wanted to link his...

“Leave the Bottle Full for Others”- Desert Pete

"Thank you kindly, Desert Pete" Billy Edd Wheeler was the O. Henry of folk music in the 60's. I don't recall him writing a single political lyric, not even sex. Just stories. Most had morals. He did...

2021 Annual Memorial Day Musical Tribute to those who Have Gone Before US

I’ve published an annual Memorial Day tribute to our fallen for several years. I think military brass just doesn’t capture the solemnity of what Memorial Day stands for. So, this year I’ve added a more...

Texas Rangers Song from “Wild Rovers” (1971)

Somehow this is fitting for the times we live in today.

The Hip Song (from 1964)

0   The 1960s, so yes, that bunch hasn't grown up an inch Oh, yeah Well, for a long time now I've been aware That I'm so hip the rest of the world is square Now, I'll tell all you...

The Russian-Ukrainian Village, Evening Bells

  In the 1960s I earned a minor in Russian Studies at university which interestingly enough, provided me with a lot of background to what I would observe when I visited Ukraine and central Russia in 1991 and 1992, when the USSR was finally cashing...