The Iffiness in Science that makes Everything a Coin Flip

I have several fits-and-starts in my stack of stuff, all centering around scientific debates not just about how human history is written, but how human achievement is defined, going back long before history could...

Mooning the Left and other Atheists

Remember the rules that Marxist academics first invoked in the 19th Century... Rule #1: "Never debate opponents with facts in front of an audience" (for obvious reasons; Marxists cannot produce real facts to back up...

Two Simple Answers to the Timing of the Comey Firing

No 1: The first is a simple equation of process, doing things by the book, for which Donald Trump would have been double-damned had he violated in the manner of how, and when he fired FBI...

We are NOT all in this together!

I’m getting very tired of that male bedroom voice over the radio and television, a suave male fitting that radio voice, pushing some restaurant chain, or maybe a local medical group, or box store,...

Charting the Politics of Coronavirus Clusters

First, we need to graph the Corona Virus Worldwide, without China, then narrow it down to individual states. That way you can see things the big numbers don't tell you. First, we get rid of the...

Melancholy, a Ten-Minute Indulgence

Just to shut you down for about ten minutes, remind you of your place... ...and our place.   Both from Ken Burns films: Lewis and Clark Ashokan Farewell, Civil War Ashokan Farewell-Sullivan Ballou Letter