Here’s What You Need to Know About “Facts” We’re Being Fed

From a friend, not sure who wrote this, but numbers you can use as you process Kipling's Rules, Who, What, When, When, Why and How. Perception is reality in the mind of the perceiver ! A...

Who WILL Vote for Obama in 2012? Seriously?

Obama has suppressed at least 20%-30% of his expected vote and he cannot seduce even a fraction of new replacements.

In The Hills of Shiloh

  One of the main reasons this site is even here is to connect America and its political framework to natural law and the covenant God struck with Abraham about 2000 years before Christ....

The Supreme Court, Elections and Natural Law

Question: As he lay dying at age 87 in 1864, I wonder if Chief Justice Roger B Taney had it to do all over again, would he have had any regrets about his decision...

The Consequences to a Sane Society Knowingly Electing a Demented Man to be President

...and Then Only Watching and Waiting Three days before the 2020 election, Nov 1, I posted the article below with this title. I don't generally do politics. I do analytics and what I call "Teachings",...

Sad Mamas

Postscript I watched a gathering of parents and children at my YMCA gym for their weekly 2-hour session teaching young 5-6 year olds how to handle and shoot a basketball. About 20 kids, all races, each with a parent, mom or dad standing behind them,...