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A Comment on the History of Donald Trump and the Business of Prostitutes

I first wrote about this in 2016, when Donald Trump first announced. We now have a few million voters who were not even of voting age then. And worse, in the most common sense, they know almost nothing about how things worked in those days, or even more scary, how things had been designed by the Founders (for survival purposes) to work throughout history.

You see, Trump stands accused in this trial of having “raped” a high-dollar prostitute, and the state says it has the evidence to prove it. Only they don’t, and never did, only the state now needs to force Donald Trump off the 2024 ballot.

Trump was probably America’s best-known businessman, having had a successful television series, “The Apprentice” which ran from 2004-2017. He was America’s acknowledged “How-to” businessman, who could show people how to set up and run a business with their hands-on, which if you don’t know is no longer sought after by people who think small business is a worthwhile pursuit.

Trump intentionally avoided big business entanglements.

Donald Trump came from a family of builders, his father and grandfather successful as hoteliers in New York going back to the days of the Alaska Gold Rush at the turn of the 20th Century. In 2016, after he had won the GOP nomination, I wrote “The-Most-Important-Truth-About-Donald-Trump”, pointing this out, distinguishing the difference between the person who does not work for a paycheck and the person who works for the bottom line, able to do his own taxes.

The last thing in the world the corporate media and working world of 2016 wanted to do was encourage men and women to go out and build their own wealth, from the ground up. Just 20 years ago. And if you’ll dog ear that point in history, you’ll see that American politics, and now it appears, American morality has spun off toward a different set of goal posts.

And to appreciate these changes we must now accept the immoral and survival-endangering baggage that comes with that new form of employment, even for hookers.

In the Trump context, we begin with the notion that prostitutes are generally liars. In World War II the Martin B-26 bomber had so many crashes pilots began calling them the “Flying Prostitute”, because those flaws were hidden, “with no visible means of support”.

Simply speaking, the ability to enjoy a prostitute was limited to those parts of the human experience that is very narrow, and not generally sought by the general population. Bottom line, only the most common of people pursued this, or like soldiers for a variety of personal and social reasons, find themselves away from not just family, but the social rules of conduct. I’ve lived all over the world; Asia, Mexico and the USSR and found prostitutes appealed to only certain portions of society and to narrow bands of people who find that sort of sex-making to be fun.

Donald Trump was never considered to have any appetite for prostitution, nor an appetite for alcohol or noisy entertainments that usually go along with it…long before he finished that ride down the escalator with his wife, Melania, in 2016. And it was not until this photo was taken did the national and New York press begin searching for such stories. (And you know, if you dangle a $100 bill from your nose, those stories simply appear.)

I saw Donald Trump only once in person, and that would have been on the Boardwalk entrance to the Taj Mahal,  I had business up the street, and decided to take a walk, and noticed Trump and who I assumed were two slightly younger bodyguards talking while moving toward the boardwalk entrance. They were laughing, convivial. This would have been the early-to-mid-90s. As one of Americas richest men, I was a little taken about the way they were chatting. I’ve seen politicians walk a considerable distance and never so much as exchange a smile with their bodyguards. Hillary was among the worst and most reported. All she had were sneers. And I watched Mike Pence, while still a congressman, enter a speaking venue in Las Vegas, surrounded by three escorts., He marched eyes-straight ahead, never noticing any of the crowd gathered outside in the hallway, then entered thru the rear entrance. He never smiled or acknowledged anyone along the way, went in, was introduced, made his talk, then came out and (I assume) returned to his handlers, and left the venue.

I thought nothing of this encounter, until I met Herman Cain at this same event, and through my association at RedState.com, we became friends. Like Herman, Trump was outgoing, and easy to talk to, which I did for about 90 seconds there on that Boardwalk. I simply walked over. stuck out my hand and introduced myself. A big man, over 6′, he was cordial, polite, turns out Donald Trump is also about 6 months younger than me

He and his crew then walked inside and I decided I’d find out more

In 2000 I moved to Central Virginia, where I’d make my HQ traveling back and forth to the Balkans, Russia, Ukraine…..until 2008, when I began writing at RedState,com, and now solo, this site, since 2012, and on X, (Twitter) as @VBushmills10125 where I constantly offend the Left, having been suspended twice until Elon Musk let much of the left-wing crew go.

And, as you’ve been noting, Donald Trump had been called a whore-monger, and in his current trial, he stands accused of rape by two women, E Jean Carroll and Stormy Daniel, the latter a professional hooker as well as I can recall, while the former seems only to be a wannabe who wants the money, seeking to turn her sole encounter with Donald Trump into one that was sexual, only having taken several years to bring charges…not criminal mind you, but designed to get her some money. The rape was to have occurred in in the 90s, at a department store, but she did not sue until 2020…when, Shazzaam, a New York City court finally ruled a rape did not occur, but sexual abuse had, ordering Trump to pay $5 million. (Trump did not testify). In short, the court had to make sure Trump paid for something. But apparently things may be falling apart for E Jean Carrol as well. As it seems she has acused others as well.

And Stormy Daniels only a few days ago had a subpoena dropped by a Trump lawyer at her feet only a few days ago, and her case is falling apart as well. She was in the business (real business) of sleeping around, and finding her marks at meet-and-greet political events and the occasional hotel bar.

But no one has inquired in the way Trump was brought up. 1) He doesn’t drink. And never has. That was a religious thing with his Christian mother, plus his oldest brother drank himself to death, a sort of nail in the coffin of the notion of alcohol-abuse by Donald Trump.) So what hidden fire causes him to just go and do this, especially to drop dead gorgeous babes such as E Jean, and painted whores like Stormy.

Now, not a person out there can testify these events ever occurred.

So why is the entire New York City government, court system and political establishment interested in seeing Donald Trump convicted?

The one thing it isn’t driven by is evidence.



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