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Dr Larry Schweikart: Modern McClellan’s, Avoiding Defeatism

(If you didn’t already know, Gen George McClellan was America’s first RINO, well, sort of…his timidity in battle almost costing us the Civil War in the early going, then, in 1864, running as a Democrat against Lincoln just to unseat the president to save his good name.

(If you’ll Google him, and go to Images, you’ll see, in Sun Tzu’s words, “He loved to have his picture did.”)

Modern McClellan’s…

Avoiding Defeatism as we are Clobbering them

We are entering a very dangerous territory.


History has shown repeatedly that it is not just those who are actually winning the battle that counts, but those who believe they are winning.

What Really Happened at the Battle of the Little Bighorn? - HISTORY

No, I’m not talking about foolish presumption or hopium. I’m not talking about stupidity, like Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer launching an attack by 250 men against about 4,000. I’m not talking about picking wars, like the idiotic Paraguayan War of 1864-70 where the nation lost so many men and so much of its population that it didn’t recover until the twentieth century.

George B. McClellan | American Battlefield Trust

I’m referring to something very common, which is when the winner of a conflict—-or the one holding the far superior position—-is so conditioned by attitude or previous defeats that he loses even when he is on the precipice of total victory. (Italics mine.) One of history’s biggest examples of this is in the American Civil War, General George McClellan, who repeatedly outnumbered and out-gunned his enemy—-usually the Army of Northern Virginia’s General Robert E. Lee. McClellan consistently was fooled into thinking he was badly outnumbered and beaten even as he outnumbered Lee by three-to-one. One time, McClellan was fooled by an actor, General John MaGruder, who had his cavalry tie bushes and small trees to their horses, then ride all over the countryside making it appear that McClellan was facing multiple divisions of cavalry.

More recently, on two occasions in the battle for the Pacific, the Japanese at Guadalcanal then later at the Battle of Leyte Gulf, had defeated or lured away the American heavy carriers and had wide open lanes to severely punish the remaining Americans (Marines on Guadalcanal or the landing forces at Leyte). In each case, as with McClellan, the Japanese lacked audacity, and retreated with victory in their grasp.


Politically, today, we must strongly guard against defeatism or “whataboutism” as we approach one of the biggest political victories of our time. Yes, things can change. Yes, Biteme’s polling (and that of the DemoKKKrats) could suddenly rebound. Strange things happen. Yes, the Republicans of earlier years were known as the “stupid party.” That was pre-Trump and pre-MAGA. Many—-but not all—-of those now in the fight know how to win. Has all redistricting gone our way? No. In deep blue commie-held territory such as Illinois and New York, maps have been ridiculous. But in other places, Republicans already have fought and won—-Alabama, for example. Currently there are battles going on within the state legislature (Missouri), the governor’s office (Florida), and the courts (North Carolina) to secure stronger gains than we now have. As of now, the Republicans would probably come out about even—-but if they win each of these fights, they could add 5-10 more seats from redistricting.

Not enough for some “whatabouts.” “See!” they say. “We should have had 20 more seats.” Maybe. But I recall previous redistricting where Republicans carved out more favorable maps—-yet the DemoKKKrats won. Why? Because in “wave” elections, virtually no seat is safe.

2018 red wave election - Nevada Republican Club

I recall the shock on stunned DemoKKKrats’ faces in 1994 when dozens of safe seats were taken by aggressive Republicans, none more satisfying than that of the Speaker of the House Tom Foley!

Now, even more than then, Republicans are looking at a bevvy of issues that are tailor-made for them—-as Glenn Youngkin showed in Virginia, previously thought to be lost forever. Three of the most potent are education/schools (including both mask mandates and Communist Racist Theory); the vax mandates, which are falling fast; and the economy. Neither the Rutabaga nor his little horde of evil goblins have a clue on how to solve the economic problems, nor do they wish to truly fix things.

None of these issues are going the DemoKKKrats’ way. Indeed, we’ve won on the vax mandates and maskies, as seen by the fact that the Virginia Supreme Court threw out a challenge to Youngkin’s declaration of freedom; that DemoKKKrat hack/shill Kollyfornia congressman Ted (“Lieuser”) Lieu has accepted defeat and proclaimed natural immunity good; that the Governor of Connecticut, the guy who has a name coming from a 1940s radio mystery show, Ned Lamont has announced the end of the school maskie mandates in his state; that New Jersey and Delaware have thrown in the towel, as has Mordor, er, Oregon.

Tell Me A Tale, Great Or Small...: Armies of Middle Earth SBG: Mordor in the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game

When we turn to politics, the news is downright funkydirty for DemoKKKrats. Listening to Richard Baris discuss polling on his “What are the Odds?” show with lawyer Robert Barnes yesterday, some of the information was mind-boggling. White working class are now in the Trump camp to the tune of 61%! (Remember, just 20 years ago this was the backbone of the DemoKKKrat Party). There have been shocking shifts in Hispanic males to the GOP, and one district, CA-13, which went for Biteme by 11 (I know, you can’t trust any of those numbers because of fraud but hear me out. . . ) now would go to Trump by 3. For those of you who weren’t homeschooled, that’s a fourteen point swing in just a year!!! We are likewise seeing polling that says even the popular maskiopathic governor of Colorado, Jared Polio, is underwater and the DemoKKkrat sentor there would lose to a generic Republican.

Again, I know: I’ve never met Joe Generic, and have yet to see him win. But . . .Baris went on to say at this level of dissatisfaction, he would have Trump winning Florida easily, winning Ohio by fifteen and rather easily taking the electoral college. The generic ballot has Republicans up between five and eight points; and Biteme lingers at 40% or below. (I personally think he’s stabilized around 35%-39%, and this is good—-we do not want him crashing too soon where the DemoKKKrats might replace him. A nice slow glide to total destruction in the low 20s is desirable).

6,868 Plane Crash Stock Photos and Images - 123RF

Our biggest enemy is our own negativity and defeatism. I get it: after the stolen 2020 election, many say “what’s the point?” Well, first many states have enacted reforms, more are on the way, and the public—even those who pay little attention to politics—know something was fishy. This won’t happen again. Moreover, people who in early 2020 didn’t want to hear about a stolen election cuz they “just wanted to get on with their lives” now are much more receptive to measures to make sure we don’t get another Rutabaga. This Demented Pervert is singlehandedly burying the DemoKKKrat Party, and as Steve Bannon says, we have a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to annihilate them. I’m talkin’ a Reconstruction-level level event.

Now, we also have the Hoax January 6 Patriot Day Committee (cuz now, with the maskies and vaxxes gone, this and war with the Russkies is all they have). Like you, the attitude of many in the Senate especially makes me want to vomit. But here’s the dirty little secret, and it pains me to say this: while senators such as John Barrasso, who pooh-pooed the Great Vote Robbery and predictably lambasted the Patriot Day protesters, will pay some price politically, they know that the real ire of the people is slowly being turned on Botoxic and her gang of ghouls. So rather than step in front of a bullet, they (wisely, if not un-heroically) hide behind the line of DemoKKKrats about to take the volley.

MAGA has to neither be complacent, nor lack aggressiveness. We need to remind people about the steal at every opportunity without making that the primary voting issue, cuz as Baris shows, it isn’t. It’s the economy stupid. It’s the economy stupid. It’s the economy stupid. Old Serpent Head James Carville knew what he was talking about then.

794 James Carville Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty Images

So adopt the three Rs: REMIND people, regularly and politely, that the 2020 election was stolen and that what they are experiencing is the precise result of that theft; REINFORCE election integrity in all ways. This means volunteering to be poll watchers; lawyers need to be trained to be at polls; and while you are chastising public officials for not doing their jobs then, embrace any instructions they can give you on spotting and stopping fraud. Then, RENEW your attacks, stay on the offensive, never apologize, two steps forward for one step back. Be Napoleon. Until the very end he consistently defeated enemies whose forces were far larger than his because he said l’audace l’audace toujours l’audace (“Audacity, Audacity, Always Audacity”). When you look at how the DemoKKKrats got where they are, at least up til Biteme, it was precisely using this maxim.

Appetite For War: What Napoleon And His Men Ate On The March : The Salt : NPR

Now, ditch the “whatabouts”, remove the RINOs, and kick DemoKKKrat tail back to 1867.

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