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Days of Infamy?

Are the days of infamy behind us?

Or are they just beginning?

When President Roosevelt addressed Congress on December 8th, 1941 he said December 7th would be forever remembered as a “day in infamy”. But he then went onto to lay it at the feet of the “Empire of Japan”. FDR didn’t name names, not that American people would have recognized them at the time. Not the Emperor who inspired it, nor Admiral Yamamoto, who planned it, which were about the only Japanese names Brit Hume would have known had he been a political commentator at the time. I doubt Brit would have known the names of the two emissaries on a peace mission from Tokyo who sat in the ante-room waiting to meet with Secretary of State Cordell Hull as Pearl Harbor was being bombed.

Three days later America also declared war on the rest of the Axis powers, Germany and Italy, but because they had they had declared war on America first. The names of their principles, Hitler, Mussolini, and others, like propagandist Josef Goebbels, had been better known to Americans because the war in Europe had been going on for three years before Pearl Harbor. Goering was bombing Britain, the Blitz, and Rommel was moving across North Africa by 1940. Ordinary citizens who sat down to read the morning edition over coffee in Scranton knew who those people were. But speaking of Pennsylvania, Irving Berlin and Kate Smith teamed together in 1938 to record “God Bless America”, knowing that the war “over there”, would eventually get here. So it’s worth your time to watch and hear again at this particular juncture in American history. You see Kate Smith was a Philadelphia girl, and in 2019 her statue in Philly was removed. Yes, that Philadelphia and that Pennsylvania. And that God.

But to my knowledge no one knows who the names are who caused this to happen. Not one single rose bush has died vindicating Kate Smith’s good name, her love of America, or her love of God.

Attaching names to heinous acts matter, especially the planners and facilitators of those acts are important.

Hitler’s Third Reich lasted 12 years, Napoleon’s empire lasted around 15. Both were violent but short, compared to Alexander’s (300 years) and Rome’s (closer to 500, depending on who’s counting.)

Now contrast this with the modern Marxist empires. 2017 commemorated the first century of the reigns (plural) of the Marxist empires, beginning in 1917 with a revolution in Russia. Lenin’s empire in Russia lasted 70 years, then died leaving its people still wandering around in the dark thirty years later with no memory of their past. Mao’s empire in China took up the Marxist mantle and it also nearing that 70 year tipping point. Structurally, it is also nearing collapse (only they don’t know it yet), and the Chinese people are also without a map.

The Marxist empires are all marked by the glorification of certain human vanities and failings (vices) which guarantee their failure (modern corporations are structured similarly, only subject to different laws) usually over a three-four generation time frame common to corporations, at which time “the system” just sort of pulls up stakes and moves to another territory to start all over again…leaving a total cultural and moral wasteland in its wake.

In this way, Marxist ideology can just pack up and move every 70-100 years, which is not unlike the medieval royal system of Europe, where their royal houses and their territories came and went, but the royal system remained intact from roughly 800 AD, with the formation of the Holy Roman Empire until its fall in 1918.

Over 1000 years.

Without further elaboration here, we’ve discussed in other essays the “transcendental” nature of the American theology, which causes it to regenerate itself in a manner not unlike being “saved”, in the Christian sense of discovering the love for one’s neighbor through the example of Jesus. The thirst for “liberty” in man is innate. And it is good. A virtue. It touches Man’s basic wiring, requiring him to essentially jettison his hostility with neighbors “not of his tribe” and reciprocate with them to their mutual advantage instead. All Man had to do provide the mechanism, which the American experience was able to do, even to the most common and tribal sort of people, who’ve managed to build this empire of freedom and decency over 250 years.

On the flip side, Marxist ideology was able to find that transcendent button on the dark side of Man’s nature, simply by purveying to every human vice…(from Proverbs 6:16-19), “A proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plots, feet that are swift to run into mischief, a deceitful witness that uttereth lies, and one that soweth discord among brethren”.

All Marxism then had to do was absolve its followers of all Judgment for these acts by any unseen Higher Authority, by simply banishing any notion of God, and reserve that power of judgment to the State. This one thing is all that separates the modern Marxist from the medieval Royals; Royalism without any last rites.

So know thine Enemy. And then take names, for if you’ll notice, America and its transcendent model is as alone in the world today as it was in 1782.

In 2017 I wrote a piece entitled “After Hitler” featuring two 45-minute videos, back-to-back, I encourage you to see them, for they provide insights of what happens in the most civilized countries of Europe once they surrender their moral compass, as in the German Reich. Then compare with them having it taken away at the point of bayonet in the post-war Red Army occupied eastern bloc. The Germans, whose churches remained open throughout the Hitler years, have never seemed to find their way back since 1938, 70 years…as has most of Western Europe… while eastern Europe is surging forward in religious faith.


Apparently being “known” is important in our post-moral, secular world. If you are good or clever you want people to know who you are. Self-promotion is considered a virtue. But if you do a bad thing, or course, you want that to be kept secret. But it’s the change in the definition of “bad thing” that has brought us to this place in history, for apparently a thing is bad only if we one is found out and that bad thing is “illegal”. Immoral is no longer an issue.

Far too many, actually, almost all of the state class, elected as well as bureaucratic hirelings, from lawyers, to medical experts to military and intelligence specialists, only fear being “found out” in the legal sense. They no longer fear the weight of that heavy foot from Heaven squishing them like a bug.


Personally, I recommend it.

Well, sort of, for the authority to actually squish is not given to us. But administering heavy doses of “second thoughts”, otherwise known as fear, is within our power, if you’ll do your homework with the various options laid out in the “rose bush” title above. (Should the godless royalists achieve power in coming months, I have an updated outline of those operations in queue that turns killing rose bushes into full blown resistance.)

It’s clear today that the moral compass has become almost the exclusive property of the citizenry while the state class and large part of the corporate class have abandoned it.

So, acquaint yourselves with the names of these people who have violated their oaths.

In Georgia there are of course, the governor, Kemp, and Raffensperger, the secretary of state. Blight their paths in such a way that they have to put on homeless men’s clothing to sneak into thru the back door to their offices. Have such men and women looking over their shoulders every waking moment.

There is also David Ralston, Speaker of the House in Georgia. And Rusty Bowers, Speaker of the House in Arizona, both Republicans, who have the power to call their bodies together without the permission of the their governors and then vote to decertify the electors. Other states, Pennsylvania especially, are similarly situated.

Let them know you know their names.

Deal with the treacherous traitors first.

In a God-fearing Nation how did we allow our political class to become so exclusively moral-less? So yes, we have to bear some of the responsibility, for we took the easy path by simply telling ourselves the R’s more closely represented our moral compass then allowed those wild apples to grow in the orchards for what, 50 years?

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