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What Donald Trump Knows That You Should Think About The Next 7 Days

I spent several days in Atlanta last week, visiting family and getting a lay of the land about how a possible resistance movement might shape up should things go from bad to worse. I’ve known a man there for years, from Stone Mountain, who I’ll call Mark-from-WSB. He’s a frequent call-in contributor to several radio talk shows. 50’ish, a successful businessman, his profession allows him plenty of daylight hours to learn what “conservatives” in the Atlanta area are saying and thinking. Besides being conservative, he’s a dedicated ethicist, Christian, and since the rise of Donald Trump, a 2nd Amendment home-defense proponent, working with friends about collaborative planning for neighborhood defense. We’ve shared information and some of their tactical observations have found their way into my varied “killing rose bushes” -themed essays about dealing with paid mercenary groups like Antifa and BLM, (as well as their screeching cannon fodder I’ve decided to call  “pod-children” or “haters”).

Mark-of-WSB is not of my generation, but in his 50s. And generation matters.

Since the election our conversations about citizen involvement have changed from defense to offense should Donald Trump actually leave office on January 21 and the Democrat Party actually move from its “menshevik” (moderate communist) facade to the more radical “bolshevik” approach to government…as seems likely. Our conversations were built on a simple understanding, and that is that Donald Trump did win the election in November, and that a majority, MAJORITY, of people in America did vote for him.

We also talked a lot about the mental disposition of millions of Americans, especially in the government class, to see dementia as a normal qualification for being president, and voter fraud as existing only in the eyes of the beholder. By being able to deny the facts, they can then deny the reality. Mark calls this “cognitive dissonance”, a good modern term, while my generation speaks of this in Nazi or Soviet terms, in Pastor Niemoller’s words:

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

…about  which, and other subjects, I’ll deal with in coming days, depending on just what Donald Trump’s status will be on 21 January, (just 7 days from this writing) as I can see no profit in showing cards until the facts on the ground dictate it.

About Donald Trump began with Mark’s assessment of Erick Erickson, a prominent Atlanta radio talk show host and vocal #NeverTrumper. I knew Erickson personally from his days at RedState, where I wrote from 2008-2011. Mark is closer to Erickson’s age, and has called him on occasion challenging him on his fact-assessment. Unlike Erickson, who is a lawyer, Mark’s a natural scientist, plus ethicist and Christian, so challenges him from the point of view of Erickson’s own self-professed faith, expressing it this way:

“People who have a high opinion of themselves about the philosophical basis for their conservatism often seem to forget, and even look down upon people who reach that same conclusion about an issue through common sense and practical experience instead of citing philosophy or Scripture.”

“Their conditioned impulse is to dismiss Trump for his simplicity (simple-mindedness), so then, should he succeed, as Donald Trump most often does, from the economy to foreign relations, their dismissiveness moves straight to hatred and jealousy”. A common trait that causes them, in the end to renege on their principles in order to justify hating Trump. ” (As we’ve seen from a long list of noted “conservatives” since 2016, they either forgot or never knew that it was just those very same characteristics in ordinary people who made up America of the 1770s, that the greatest minds among our Founders, like Jefferson and Franklin, witnessed, thus being the principal reason the Declaration and Constitution were composed in the first place and all that power rendered over to the collective judgment of the People in the first place.)

Trump is the personification of “that guy”, just like that lanky farm kid named Lincoln whose life was changed because he’d read a biography of George Washington at age 11. You can tell from the lips of the likes of Jonah Goldberg to Erick Erickson to the recesses of veteran pros like Britt Hume that Donald Trump has touched on territory they consider to be their very special turf, not to mention a boatload of “Republicans in name only” for whom government has been their lifelong wealth-quest, and who clearly like the water they’re allowed to swim in, courtesy of an Establishment which has been titularly Democratic property since 1933.

“Vanity, all is vanity.” (Ecc 2:1) “And the rest is sheer selfishness”. (Moses Sand, 2007).

So, among them all, this hatred for Donald Trump is territorial and personal, not philosophical.

What both Donald Trump and God know

This 2020 election proved that this sort of thinking among people of common sense is still the MAJORITY thinking in America…as is a gen foundational belief in a higher moral Authority than the dictates of government.

Despite all they’ve tried, with near-exclusive control of the education and popular culture for over sixty years, and now reaching for total power over communications and the economies, the Bolsheviks still found themselves not just short, but landslide short of a majority at approximately 10 PM on November 3rd…all because of one man and one cosmic ideal the people refused to let go of.

And in doing so, Donald Trump proved the empowerment of the People had grown by several points and was clearly moving to even greater heights. The Enemy Left, which had been a league of political insiders, bureaucrats, and elitist academicians, bolstered by a 60-year affiliation with a client sector (the poor) who received from 50%-75% of the tax revenues gathered from working tax-payers’ money to feed, clothe, and house them, (plus pay for the occasional lottery ticket and gold teeth), the remaining revenues kicking back to the  middle men in the political and bureaucracy-class as a kind of “service fee”, their greater vision of conquest was bolstered by an alliance with what once was their greatest enemy, American Big Business, only today identified generally as moguls who hadn’t a single drop of sweat equity in the creation or building of the corporations they ran. This was the perfect “Krupp model” of corporate power that Adolf Hitler had wined and dined to gain control in the early 30s. That didn’t work out too well, both sides thinking they’d swamp the other. Neither would this modern American rendition.

(Ironically, the article I cite above is from the leftwing Brennan Center for Justice at NYU in 2016, but before Trump was elected, decrying fascist sins about which today they most wholeheartedly support.)

In this context Mark and I discussed premises not just about Donald Trump, but also God’s plan, for in no way would God countenance a Marxist or Nazi to rule over a people still professing allegiance it Him, and proving it with their vote. (So don’t compare to Old Testament tales of the Kings.)

Even though no court has been willing to determine whether the 2020 elections was even remotely a reflection of the majority will of the People, God knows it was, not just nationally, but particularly in PA-MI-WI-GA-AZ, and in several down-ticket races in other states, such as NV and VA, meaning not just the presidency but House and Senate are now misrepresented.

In short, God knows Donald Trump should be in the White House and his party in control of Congress.

God also knows that the Republican Party, as an party, really doesn’t deserve this gift, for several reasons that have been made clear since the November election. Mark-at-WSB believes that this 2 1/2 month wait for Trump to “do something” has been to cause many of the Republican Party to show their true hands, not the Democrats. With Trump in the White House again most will change their tune or resign, but all will be replaced by America-first candidates at first chance.

You should assume that Donald Trump also knows these things.

Donald Trump also knows that if he simply hands over the reins of government to the Biden-in-name-only government on 20 January, certain things will happen that will affect him and his family personally, as well as all of the fine people, e.g, Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Josh Hawley, Louie Gohmert, Jim Jordan, to name a few, who have in one way or another pledged their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor”. He does not turn his back on such loyalty.

Donald Trump also knows he very well that may be arrested and jailed. The same for his children and their children. None of them will be safe. And even though Donald Trump is no historian, he also knows the ruling insiders of the Left, once in charge, can rewrite history so that all memory of these events can be erased and replaced within in as few as 20 years.

Knowing this, Trump knows, even if you don’t, that the Enemy is perfectly capable of “going medieval” on the entire Trump clan and his allies, without any sense of remorse. Mere banishment to a Mediterranean island won’t be enough to hide their mortal fear of the man, or their own inbred sense of paranoic insecurity. These are not just “get-rich” schemers but life-long haters.

Only none of us out here will know. We can only speculate. And the few “useful idiots” such as Mitt Romney, GW Bush, whether out of fear for their own lives and fortunes (forget the sacred honor stuff) will keep their mouths closed. Some may hang themselves, those 30 pieces of silver found laying under their feet, but most will slowly slink away and die miserable deaths of shame, just grateful that new history books don’t put an asterisk by their names as they have Donald Trump’s.

Mark and I agreed that that this is not a thing Donald Trump will allow to happen.

Trump knows there is no bargain he could make with the Left that, once in charge of the full reins of government, they would feel “honor-bound” (sic) to oblige. Having a good sense of the devil’s management style, from the Feudal System to Hitler, Stalin and Mao’s Marxist model, the general nature of this Enemy is they would not even give Donald Trump access of a telephone.

But, for 7 days from today, Donald Trump still has extraordinary Constitutional power under various national emergency laws. The Left may rue the day they made common cause with foreign powers, especially for filthy lucre. He can shut down entire portions of the national communications system; the internet, or at least social media. And for days, weeks, even months, until they have been cleaned up, inside out, top-to-bottom. Claiming foreign interference, (and what hasn’t China gotten its fingerprints all over these past few years?) he can simply shut the door on trade with them, including products directed toward American markets.

Moreover, he can also arrest, and even transfer to GITMO incommunicado 100’s of prominent Americans, including members of Congress, the Bureaucracy, and corporate front offices, including Media and its dozens of “Ellsworth M Toohey’s.” (Look him up)

I won’t get into war-gaming here, for Trump can do this several different ways. He just doesn’t have to declare himself  a “lord protector” (dictator) as Cromwell did for five years, for he can already claim a legitimate 4-year elected-term, won fair and square in 2020. (If someone on the other side wants to test this in SCOTUS, let them try.) He should be able to clean up this immediate mess (hopefully with some Nuremberg-style tribunals…at GITMO?) within a year, and having America back on track in half that time.

So, stay tuned.

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  1. Your essays are always brilliant and thought provoking. I don’t understand why there are no comments and conversation after them. I look forward to reading more from you.
    Thank you and please keep writing.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. That may be web-master’s doing. I’ll say something to him, since we may need to start a conversation.

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