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“Crook” or “Liar”, Which Matters More to Voters?

The game here is to define the Democratic candidates with a single word, then sell that word to the approximately 30% of voters who still might be swayed.

I’ll only discuss two right now, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren—first because they are the top two, but also because the best single word to describe each of them can’t be changed, no matter what they might try to do to change it.

I’m sure Donald Trump knows this.

All that matters is which will be more likely to sway voters away from voting Democratic. Joe Biden is provably corrupt and Many Moon Warren is equally provably a liar.

Which is worse to those voters?

Why we want to know: If indeed President Trump is trail-blazing an “era” of reform going beyond his term (I’ve suggested at least 30 years to do the needed repairs), a 2020 win should tell us just what the baseline numbers are of how many irresolute, hardcore elitists are out there, just to gauge our progress over the next generation. Remember, the Left’s current ability to replace lost ones with new ones is prodigious. This covers everyone from radical-chic Leftists to New World Order corporatists, to holdover vain & arrogant #NeverTrumpers who’ve abdicated any notion of reciprocity they once shared with the people the Constitution was designed to enable.

They all need to be broomed, for they are all joined at the hip about that one thing; a shared disgust for “those people”.

So between Biden and Warren, what message will be more likely to move voters? Who do we want to win the Democratic nomination? Which term, “crook” or “liar” will draw the most blood from the conscience of the lower 30% of the voting public?

Note: I’ll postpone disussing Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Corey Booker until or unless any of them does or says anything to move them up the ladder, or alternately, that Joe or Many Moon Come Choctaw should suddenly take a big dip because of some unforced error.

Joe’s already working on this, under the gun about payola-like deals in China and Ukraine on behalf of his son. But Many Moon is always just one slip-of-the-tongue away about how as a kid she’d chew doeskin so her moccasins would be more soft. (Had I known she loved a good pilsner I could have told her that spitting beer on leather while chewing makes the leather more supple.)

If any of the lower tier rise I’ll find a word for them then, all but Pete Buttigieg, since it would be impossible to describe in one word a man who carries a Bible in one hand and his diametrically opposite “True Meaning of Life” in the other. I personally doubt he could carry 51% of the gay vote that’s cast by secret ballot …all because that Bible in his left hand is like a bottle of Chardonnay about to crawl into a hot tub with three other men. Cruisers almost never care about the psychological make-up of the rest of the gay community; only that they swing.

So it comes down to the central question, as I began—crook or liar?

Joe Biden is certifiably corrupt. But is he clearly guilty of crimes that really bother people? Remember, communities look upon corruption differently than district attorneys do.

Think Bob Menendez, senator from New Jersey, who escaped with a hung jury over a bevy of major crimes (to me) having to do with corruption. Had Bob lived in Alabama a jury probably wouldn’t have seen his crimes in the same light, but Joe Biden isn’t likely to get an Alabama jury.

Law: “All men in high political or military positions are purchasable in one way or another. Young men are largely honest, but when men are bowed down with years and weighted with honors, there isn’t one in a thousand who can’t be bribed with promises of love, votes, social advancement, or financial rewards.”—Kenneth Roberts

Americans have always known this about their politicians, but as long as citizens had direct control of the purse-strings over them, city, county, state, federal, there were pretty slim pickin’s for those politicians who ran for public office.

FDR changed all that with the (preventable) Great Depression. His programs, and the desks hired to implement them are with us still, only 100 times their original size, and still growing.  (Until 2017). And since that era, and the rise of the military-industrial complex after WWII (which Ike warned us about) virtually no elected Member of Congress came to town that didn’t leave town with ten times more wealth than he/she had when they came, and requiring only (5) years in Congress to become full pension-eligible!

Every voter in the know in every state has known this about their representative for at least 40 years. So they no longer even stop to think twice that some “quid pro quos” with donors might be involved, just so long as it isn’t from their wallet (which it often is, indirectly). In 1994 it was the House Post Office scandal that flipped the Congress for only the second time in 64 years. And I’m still unsure exactly what button that Post Office affair pushed. The GOP gave back the House to the Democrats with the 2006 election for the most puerile of reasons, a mixture of cowardice and greed, a desire to benefit from the same kind of corrupt payola. This marked the rise of the corporatist era, only voters didn’t know it at the time. No one told them. Then we threw the bums out again with the Tea Party revolt of 2010 because of Obamacare. In 2018 the Democrats took back the House, in part because several GOP milquetoasts retired while the getting was still good, taking their stashes with them. Also, the Democrats cheated in the voting process, the fixing of which is still a work in progress.

I’m sorry, folks, but Joe Biden represents at many levels a kind of “corruption” that most Republicans are on board with, as are their constituents, so unless evidence comes along that proves Joe Biden is shown to have crossed a line that very high bar Bob Menendez didn’t seem to cross, his corruption won’t switch many votes to Trump.

And with absolutely no sense of shame, Democrats will have no difficulty defending Biden, or any other Democrat, using the same criminal-law language they are now using to urge prosecution against Trump. Using the Menendez model, it will require a jury to convict and a judge to incarcerate Biden before they will stop proclaiming Joe’s innocence and his sainthood.

Elizabeth Warren, the certifiable liar, is easier to detail.

For liars and, as with corruption, society has its own internal mechanisms to deal with both the liar and the lie. Almost everyone has a ranking system, both in the quality of the lie, but also in who says it.

Just like corruption, we assume politicians lie. Bill Clinton was a chronic liar, but most men his age identified with him because they’d all told similar types of lies, “Sure, Honey, I’ll still love you in the morning.” But rape? Had Juanita Broderick told her tale in his first term Clinton likely would not have beaten Bob Dole. The sadness of the way Clinton and Hillary got away with lying about little trivial things, church burnings in Arkansas, being named after Sir Edmund Hillary, who conquered Mt Everest, which really did expose a great deal about the smallness of their souls, is that lying became excusable for the generations coming up; Gen X and Gen Y (millennials).

This sadness has some bearing for the Trump base, for Donald Trump is accused of all sorts of lies, along with infidelities, but his base still loves him, despite these shortcomings…only I can find no evidence that any of these claims are true. I was a trial lawyer, and know a thing or two about lies and proof. Remember, the greatest lie you can utter is when say a thing is a fact when you either don’t know, or can’t know. Our entire culture stands accused today, and sadly many of those are pro-Trump. These are lies of vanity, and we hear them daily, usually begun by New York Times or WAPO reporters, then passed around the media, relying on the old axiom that the oft-repeated lie can eventually become the truth..by acclamation.

Those are the lies that can kill, in some cases an entire society.

The lies that cultures still resist are the lies of theft. And not just crimes; Theft by deception, although I recall an essay many years ago saying the death penalty should be defined by the lives they destroy, not kill, citing a broker who took all an elderly couples’ savings.

Stolen Valor is such a lie, and we have a US Senator from Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, who told repeatedly that he had served in Vietnam and didn’t, in order to enhance his electability, then semi-apologized (he said it was “unintentional”, similar to the time I told some mates I’d slept with Sophia Loren over several pitchers of beer). In a bass-ackward way, he admitted his guilt, but Connecticut has re-elected him anyway. He hasn’t exactly shifted the burden of Judgment, but God’s now judging the whole state , not just ol’ Dick Blumenthal. Holy step-mother of Christ, can’t anyone in Connecticut step in to remove this stain from the good name of Connecticut?

Well, Elizabeth Warren is in this category of liar. A thief.

You see, Elizabeth Warren stole some valuable things with her lies about her non-existent Indian heritage. There was no deeper motive, such as the sake of Liberalism, a sine qua non for justifying any lie for The Cause.

It was simply for status, higher rank, a lot more money, (her teaching position at Harvard Law was in six figures) at probably the most fashionable and respected Old Liberal address in America, Harvard, and who has now put the Crimson in the serious bind of having to decide what to do about all the accolades they had given Many Moon, as the “first person of color” on their faculty. What happens to a real person of color who has to stand behind Many Moon Come Choctaw Warren?

This occurred in the 1990s, admittedly when open lying was in vogue, so had nothing to do with political advancement. She wasn’t teaching 3rd Year Revolution, just mundane subjects such as bankruptcy law and contracts.

Many Moon has embarrassed Harvard, and at a time when she might become the Democrat’s nominee for president, which could place Harvard, and “their kind of people”, in an uncomfortable squeeze. And with starry-eyed youth, where millions are always looking for reason not to vote, Many Moon Come Choctaw may just be the ticket, if all the right red buttons are pushed.

She already is between a rock and a hard place. The Party is receiving threats from Wall Street Democrats because of her romance with Bernie socialists. It’s probably a feint (a type of lie), and almost everyone believes she will come back to the center once the nominee. But that will only alienate the AOC Kiddie Korps more. Either way as many as a third of that 30% could go elsewhere. Lose-lose.

At least that’s the thinking.

By March the Democrats will have a better notion of who their top candidates will be. Recent Ukraine revelations suggest Joe Biden will no longer be one, so the first fatality of the “Trump-Ukraine-scandal” will be Joe himself. This throws the fat-and-sassy wing of the party’s plan out of whack. How this will change Many Moon going forward no one knows, but some people believe Kamala will move in, at which time we’ll a short one-word discussion straight up man-woman sex. Is Pillow-biting or Whistle-blowing one word?

I expect violence after New Years. Well orchestrated violence. Maybe sooner, since everything the media had tried so far has failed and quite frankly, some Democrats may be indicted, or at least sweating, by January. I just wouldn’t equate this uprising to the Divine Wind Japan sent up against our fleet in the Philippines in 1945.

I wrote a series about “The Next Civil War” several months ago in these pages, and will revisit some of those assumptions later in the Fall. But things are changing on the Democrat side at a frantic pace, which we can’t really see or know. But trust your instincts more about what those things might be, and pay no attention to anything you read in the papers.


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