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Helter Skelter or A Bucket of Cold Water; How Will This Civil War End?

(You’ll be happy to know I’ll not have anything else to say on this subject. It’s now time to rock and roll.)

In the past two segments I tried to convey how this new civil war should play out, not as a shooting war, but as a strategic war fought largely between two competing bodies of citizens where the various militaries remain on the sidelines, more as referees (except in places like Berkeley) than cheering sections. Ostensibly, their mission will be to protect property and break up fights, not egg them on.

We already know Blue states and Blue cities often play by different rules in this regards.

It’s not that the Left wants to play this way, but by having lost their place up on horseback, and are now afoot, there is no sane, practical strategic or tactical way they can achieve any advantage over the rest of America.

Helter Skelter

So, before we discuss the things we, as citizens, can do to diminish the power of the Left on the hundreds of battlefields the Left still controls, we must first look into the general notion that the Left is not entirely “sane” or “practical” in these kinds of matters, and the condition they all suffer from is shared in common. It’s the “ring that binds them all.” (Tolkein) Regardless of their special areas of interest; feminism, environmentalism, political hegemony, they all share certain personal traits, which, history proves, can push them over the edge.

High among them, if not paramount, is a personal dislike, even hatred, for the coarse, low-brow, un- or narrowly-educated people who, since the beginning of written history, have produced every thing the world has ever known.

I like to trace these common traits back to Karl Marx, although I’m sure you can go back to the 18th and 17th centuries, and maybe the entire French nobility since Charlemagne, and make a similar case, for they all arise from an unearned sense of nobility and entitlement, as if born to it.

What we are seeing today is the same kind of teat-fittery Karl Marx expressed that had nothing to do with the social injustices done by capitalists to the workers or the poor, and everything to do with self-love and glorification. Everything Marx knew about labor and workers he learned at the university library. He held them in utter disdain, and never sat down with one hoping to gain any insight. He sponged from his wife until she ran out of money and allowed two of his children to starve rather than get a job, so dedicated was he to this notion of “Self”.

Today modern journalists and academicians confess the same general opinion about Americans in fly-over country….and I swear, the Republican political class do not seem to be far behind.

Everything Marx knew about the capitalist class he knew from behind envious eyes who saw their wealth paraded in their better finery and that air of superiority as a way of rubbing it in. The way they carried themselves, that condescending air, was not evil per se, mind you, but an air that should have belonged to him instead. It simply was unfair that men who weren’t even half as smart and educated as he was should fare so well.

Turns out this sense of Self was shared by the European academic community, so when Marx and Engels first published their “Communist Manifesto” in the 1840s, they pushed a hot button common to them all. And by 1848 small fires of revolution spread across Europe against the socio-political systems that kept them out of the ruling loop.

What I’ve described here is a deep psycho-pathology. A kind of insanity. And we see it still in America today.

You must calculate the psychological effect into the Left’s reaction to the rest of American society today. Ask our Lady Penguin, who was attacked by one of the harrowers from Hell about to embark on their march on Washington the day after Trump was inaugurated, and the morning after Lady Penguin and Hubby had attended the now-famous Deplorable Ball. Penguin’s only sin was to share the same dining room.

These are not children in the toy aisle of Walmart. Some are wealthy up-east socialites. Or they may sit in executive offices in government agencies. Many teach your children a new kind of morality in grade school, and will have him arrested or suspended if he points his finger as if it were a gun, instead of picking his nose. They sit in editorial offices of all sorts of media organizations, even in front of cameras, and most assuredly, behind the cameras as producers. And in virtually every public university they now control a third-to-half of the curricula, including some sciences, and enough of the university administrative offices to be able to monitor, control and ultimately punish offenders of their specific ideas about thought, speech and conduct. And they have battalions of little snitches around campus that would make a third grade teacher looking for spit wads proud. Since Trump’s election, it also seems they can quickly organize a good-sized mob. Well-educated does not even begin to describe them…still they are children.

Even at 50 years of age, and two degrees, Jonathan Gruber comes to mind, their childhood rearing as special snowflakes can take over their minds at the snap of a finger. A look. A word. And heaven help you if you cross yourself in the Catholic fashion. I have witnessed this personally from an aging hippy who could go from sweet innocent flower child to dark-eyed raging maniac at the mere mention of Jesus in an approving way.

Spoiled, yes. But America and the free marketplace was designed specifically to reach up and jerk them back into sanity. (Or “slap the taste out of their mouths”- Bernie Mac RIP).

But today there are enough of them to build collective cocoons around themselves, (e.g., the faculty lounge at Harvard) and never have to wander outside it. Their lives have been a succession of safe spaces, where conservatives are treated like smokers at break time on the truck loading docks, having to stand outside in the cold.

All this because of that single, unshakable belief in the infallibility of Self, and the entitlement that should belong to them alone because of it.

With the election of Donald Trump and a clear signal that he really intends to make war on the supremacy on a ruling class in America (the Swamp), returning America to its former self, where producers roam free, and reign…they’ve snapped.

You may see this change as a cause for worry. But many of us know is that in order to restore America, we had to see this time arrive some day. Rather then fret and worry, I see this as a target rich environment and encourage you to see things the same way, for there are some things the people out here can do that can temper the violence of Helter Skelter that the government simply cannot do.

Between government bureaucracies and the academy that “entitled class” has now quietly achieved near voter parity, only our side, the entrepreneurs and low-born workers, are still responsible for producing everything this nation has ever known, except printed paper.  Still suffering from a 20% shortage in the electoral map (see the map)…

….we still need to reduce their size by about half over the next generation.

It’s a simple math, but one we need to begin attending to now, for the corporatist world is buying into AI and other ways to remove working people from the production-equation altogether, first by replacing indigenous labor with cheap immigrant labor, then simply providing the working class a guaranteed income in lieu of work, like Hyacinth’s brother-in-law Onslow in the British “Keeping Up Appearances” TV series in the 90s. You can fill in the blanks as to how such a society might look in 2050, or just go to Chicago, Baltimore, Cleveland and any numbers of cities in Europe, to note that there’s a few kinks in the plan that hasn’t been ironed out yet. The idea is that over a period of a few generations, AI and robotics will replace a need for any human labor, excepting the managerial class of course, and eventually mankind on earth will simply reduce itself to a size consistent with what environmentalists have always told us would be a more peaceful coexistence with nature. (The EU’s way ahead of us already, which explains Merkel’s antipathy for Trump.)

This was always easier to achieve in Europe than America, for there have always been limitations on how much wealth a small, private business person could ever attain in the first place. America has always been the fly in the globalists’ buttermilk. Don’t forget that.

So when we fight the Left today we are fighting a worldwide globalist plan as well. In the current civil war, while we are largely playing defense, keeping the Left in check (Parts I-II) there are places in our society where we must go on offense, as the “moving party” in this civil war, while keeping it at a low temperature.

I think only the citizens on Main Street can do this.

A Bucket of Cold Water

The civil war has already begun, but the good news is that there is much we can do to throw a bucket of cold water on all this insanity. Helter Skelter in already in progress, but can still be diluted and contained by what we do out here in fly-over country.

Trust me, all those Blue areas inside red states…city government, university campuses, etc, even in California, the citizens alone can reduce the violent power of the Left all by ourselves, and all it requires is the skill and willingness to commit a little misdemeanor violence against their property. Well mostly.

In earlier strategy lay-outs, we developed operation models that only affected property, largely directed at government employees. Bureaucrats. To my knowledge that was all it required, one dead rose bush and a letter telling them to stop, and they stopped. (So far as I know). Inconvenience, and out-of-pocket replacement costs for that new suit, purse, or rose bush, like pain, when it comes out of the blue, by the unseen and unknown, has a powerful effect…having nothing to do with the Left’s ideology.

For one, they are physical cowards. They don’t like pain, even the tiniest bit, like a rolled-up newspaper across the nose. They think they are immune from punishment of any kind, like a “C” in Music Appreciation, much less being caught in a lie, and when punishment occurs it affects them in many ways normal people don’t go through, at least not since they were 10.

The success of older dark alley operations, going back to the early Obama years, Moving Against the Big Lie, A Strategy Down a Dark Alley, rests not on the out-of-pocket expenses our targets have had to pay, but knowing that there is someone out there watching them if they misstep, never quite knowing just what the rules of mistepping are. Their sense of immunity and invulnerability have left them. They become paranoid in the same way I flinch if someone raises his arms suddenly, thinking he might bop me on the nose. As Mick Hensley did twice.

In the past, I have absolutely said “No” to violence against the person, preferring misdemeanor violence only against property. This has proven to work fine in cases involving government bureaucrats, school teachers, college professors, even most overly-rambunctious students, in that they all fit the general profile of the physical cowards who, because of their tender upbringing, have been allowed to bypass the normal rites of nature and have no personal experience with the “justified bloody-nose”. (A rite of passage for an older generation.)  I’m convinced that only a very few of the Left’s most zealous insiders are willing to pay to replace clothes or garden accessories over and over again, in order to continue doing whatever illegal or illicit practice they have been engaged. Again, when asked to stop doing whatever it is they’re doing, most stop.

Because of Helter Skelter, about violence then, there is some justification in its use when presumably students, or at least hired thugs, lead with it as their opening salvo.

The discussion has already risen about how bad violence is now that the Trump-right has engaged in it (again) with a congressional candidate in Montana laying his hands on a bothersome reporter from The Guardian of Britain, who, by the reporter’s own report, broke his glasses. A “body slam” is said to have occurred, as witnessed by a Fox reporter, but later walked back. Limbaugh had a field day with this story, laughing about a “manly man” pushing around a wormy little “pajama-boy” liberal reporter, perhaps never quite knowing that he was closer to a larger truth than even he realized.

You may recall the 75-year old man who sucker-punched a young thug hired to disrupt one of Trumps rallies in 2016, featured in my “Justified Bloody Nose” article, above. I was so proud, as people our age are supposed to be once we’re past that sort of tom-foolery. I featured it to explain Nature’s way of drawing a line in the sand as to where justice must sometimes be applied when the courts, police and process fail. As an impulsive act I’m not sure the old codger was fully aware of the consequences of his acts. And as an agent-for-hire, with not so much as a bruise to show for his dozens of other paid assaults, I’m sure the hired thug was never aware there was, or ever had been, an equalizing forcing out there in Nature that sometimes steps in to exact justice at the most unexpected time. He never saw it coming, literally from out of the sky.

Then Tucker Carlson raised the issue that right-wing violence takes on a different (and lesser) aspect than left-wing violence because of this absence of serious damage. I might also add; premeditation. As with Gianforte’s “body slam” the violent act is impulsive and quickly ends. It last no more time than it takes to hit the floor, or yell “Ouch!”. Seconds. Then sanity, and maybe even reflection. Been there, done that dozens of times, a memory most people under 50 have sadly been denied.

As with almost all impulsive acts, they result in misdemeanor damage to a nose or property, instead of felony damages, as we see when lefties stand over a crouched body on the ground kicking it until police or other third parties have to step in to rescue the victim, or innocent storefronts and buildings must withstand assault after assault on their windows and facades, even having firebombs tossed inside, suffering thousands of dollars of damage. An Antifa college professor (in California) is being tried for whacking counter-protesters with a bicycle lock.

It’s getting worse.

So, you’ll agree, there is a difference with our kind of violence and theirs. Not only by degree, but by the broad-band range of impulses that provoke it. Cold premeditation is more likely, which takes us into an entirely different psychopathy. And all we want to do is make them stop. All they want to do is inflict pain.

How our system currently deals with felons such as Marvel Comics-clad kids in stagecoach bandit masks, or Black Lives Matter disruptions to public transportation, is just such a matter. For they do seem to get away with it…even if they are arrested. So there is no deterrence or retribution.

This is my launch point into all the things we can do to preempt, discourage, blight, even punish the acts of Leftwing members of the government and academic establishment without breaking a single nose, or leg, or killing a single kitty, or burning down a single house. (Maybe just its rosebushes).

I have been telling people about these options since 2012 at least. I’ve even given seminars. But today I’m too old to go traipsing around in dark alleys, and am no longer sure-footed enough to outrun a Manhattan feminist on her broom. So I only write about it, and have written several pieces which lay out the general ground rules. With some variation for the rising violence from the Left, they still work.

In the end. the plan is simple as laid out in the Dark Alley Strategy, above: Locate a genuinely guilty perp, kill his rose bush or soils his business suit, then send him a letter telling him why. Leave no fingerprints, don’t get caught. And he will always worry.

Security is still the main concern. Your personal security. Don’t get caught. Even more importantly don’t get outed, for in these days of Helter Skelter, the police are the least of your troubles. The Left will hunt you down if they even have a glimmer of who you are or where you might be.

Your personal risks have quintupled, ironically because we’re back up on the horses, and the insane Left is leaning more and more toward extreme violence.

In 2012, a 4-man team could expect to do no more than 3-4 operations a year, never using the same MO (modus operandi) twice, a dead rose bush here, Skunked leather purse there, etc., with rarely if any police reports. It takes several ops for the Left to even compare notes across town and begin putting two-and-two together. “Who was that masked man?”

My advice, if you form a group, (4-5 are best) even your best friends shouldn’t know about it. And never use email or Facebook to broadcast in the clear. Burner cellphones, ($15/month plan), dummy email accounts (Google not a good idea), and face-to-face meetings best. Compartmentalize.

I have generally been fretful of trying to recruit students on campus, as that age group, while swift afoot, and brazen and bold, also seem totally unable to keep their mouths shut about their deeds of daring. In 2011 a university student was part of a group of students who vandalized some votive candles on a religious holiday, then found by my a retired Army Ranger friend of mine, and face-planted into tubful of cow manure, all because he bragged about his crime on Facebook.

Don’t be that guy. The Left does much more that face-plant.

On campus, consider the Left’s power of reprisals against the innocent.

Off campus, the dark-alley operative’s greatest tool is his/her anonymity. The police are the least of your problems in being caught. Even Freddie Gray knew how to avoid being made on camera. The source of the Left’s fear is knowing that someone is watching them who can do them harm. They don’t have to know, won’t know and won’t believe (since they do not believe in such restraints) that you mean them no greater harm than a dead rose bush. Their chances of finding you are remote.

On campus, they can “take hostages”. Just know this. Everyone knows who the conservative groups are. As well as the Christian groups. And it doesn’t matter that you may be from the Engineering School, or Raptor Bird Studies grad department, those poor people over at the YAF hall, or other campus conservatives, all the people who signed up with the Student Government so that they could be recognized, and grow up to be like Paul Ryan…all these people can become targets of the official and unofficial campus Left, because of what you are doing. Without a drop of evidence.

Keep this in mind and plan accordingly.

The Left’s civil war came to the campus years ago, and they won. So keep this is mind, too. When you operate there you are behind enemy lines. Still, this is territory that must be recovered if the civil war is ever to be won in our favor. Our job is to soften the underbelly, so that the federal and state governments can begin to redirect funding, and cancel grant programs, and restructuring how things are done in the front offices. It will take a generation, not just a few years. And yes, cleaning up the University of Nebraska will be easier than cleaning up the University of Virginia.

Avoid the current spate of protest-counter protests over free speech and such, unless you can stay at a distance. We’ve seen confrontations between (likely) paid-mobs dressed up in Marvel Comic hero get-ups, who then collide on public commons with what are called “alt-right” mobs by Leftists, allegedly composed of neo-Nazis, and other racists, i.e, people almost no one likes. There is a choreographed quality to these confrontations I find suspicious, especially since most of these confrontations are in heavy Blue cities and states, and near campuses. One wonders if these confrontations are not also staged, since we hear of multiple stabbings by the Alt-Right that always seem to go unpunished, without arrests or verified incident reports, but serve as the Left’s justification for a violent response.

These are events to observe from a distance. Take notes, names, photos, film, license plates, i.e., gather intelligence, especially about how these mobs are assembled (bussed in?) and if they seem to coordinate. I give a short overview here about dealing with the way one type of Black Lives Matter event is assembled and how they go about their business as just another day on the job.. If you can track even three or four back to places where they live, all the rules of killing rose bushes apply, and they could spend the rest of their days looking over their shoulders if they want to continue in this business. This is how to deplete the left’s ranks without taking scalps.

Just be careful. The Helter-Skelter Left are like rats when they are cornered. Don’t do anything you have to apologize for.

“Aim between the eyes, Joe. Sometimes they charge when they’re wounded.”




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  1. This is predicated on the US keeping the Electoral College. While most “entrepreneurs and low-born workers” understand its value, the ruling class hate it and have plans to get rid of it, including an Article V convention to make amendments to the Constitution the faster way. We need to move in a direction, but we also need to safeguard those things that have protected our rights that are in place now.

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