The Culture War

Trump-voting Americans are not a violent people, despite all those guns we have, despite that we know how to use them, especially from a distance, and especially since the Left, the “moving party” in this civil war, have done everything in their power to goad these people into some rash act that would involve taking casualties. Even the motorcycle groups supporting Trump have restrained themselves.

Nor are Trump-Americans considered to be hateful, bitter, mean-spirited, or even close-minded to people not like themselves. Most of them, even in cities, people on the streets, seem to be gregarious and friendly. Except in Cincinnati and parts of Manhattan, people make eye-contact and acknowledge one another as they pass by. (I always gave Chicago high marks on this account, except around the Cook County Court House.)

The leftist insurrectionists do not interact with the broader world in this way, and if memory serves from my days on campus in the 1960s, never have. Even then they looked at anyone not like them with a sneer, as if they were untouchable.

As of this moment, because of the recent election, despite the fact that these left-wing insurgents have finagled their way into ranking places inside the government bureaucracies and education system, and are made to appear huge, we now know that we are very much larger than they are, and that from our whole way of life, our economy, our social institutions, our common ground, our culture, all the things that make us prosper and grow, we are mostly in charge of them all, while they are only in charge of the things that hold us back…which is how they make their livings.

We are the makers, they are the takers. (Ayn Rand)

We also know, as of this moment, after an eight year absence, and for the first time with full knowledge of the Left’s true intentions, which are not democratic but authoritarian, we can deny them everything they want.

This is the benefit of being up on that horse. Those without a horse are afoot.

A Violent Civil War?

Those things understood, if we play our cards right, NO, it will not be, cannot be, a violent war.

Think about it:

If the Left can gather an army, as the Confederacy did, and actually find a couple of experienced field leaders who are willing to either be killed or hung for treason, they still cannot field an army that can stand up against trained Federal troops as Lee was able to do.

Nor can they seize large swaths of territory with .50 cal guns mounted in the backs of Toyota pick-ups, picking up abandoned Stryker armored cars, Bradleys and Abrams along the way from fleeing American soldiers, as ISIS was able to do with retreating Iraqi troops.

Even as hit-and-run guerilla bands, the best they can do is to hire the services of urban gangs in low-rider BMWs, or mercenary Mexican cartel gangs (who really do have a dog in this fight). These bands have small arms automatic weapons, but do they know anything about logistics? Resupply? Urban gangs can shoot their wads in a few minutes. Then what? By contrast American private gun owners, ever since New Orleans in 1815 at least, know how to stand behind trees and can hit a target at 200 yards, minimum. They even know how to fire pistols with accuracy, having never been trained in holding the pistol sideways.

And how could ANTIFA invade a subdivision like mine, 150 homes, hoping to subdue it, or maybe only terrorize it, knowing over half of those homes have guns, nd half of them are also likely friendlies. How can ANTIFA know Friend from Foe so they don’t shoot, or get shot at by friends? Can they send messengers house-to-house before hand? Should those messengers tell friendies to slaughter a lamb, then put its blood over the door sills so that the Avenging Angel of ANTIFA will know to pass over their house? Deep questions, all.

Manpower, Firepower, and Willpower

The whole point of this exercise is to illustrate the silliness of head-to-head ground combat created by the moving party, the Left, in this war. In the early days of Obama a kind of paranoia arose in some communities, especially after he mentioned forming a national police force. But over the years, and Obama never pulled that trigger, the reality settled in that he had decided on a more passive route to the Left’s next victory dance at the White House, losing it altogether. By then the fear of an armed takeover had become little more than a subject of beer talk, although more than a few American homes, even in fashionable suburban properties, have fields of fire cleared around their houses.

You can see how impractical any military action initiated by the Left would be to take any territory of any size, from Abilene, Kansas to Misty Wood subdivision in Petersburg, Virginia. And why on God’s green earth would we want to go to their Blue turf to pick a fight with them there?

As you can tell from the electoral map, the Left lives behind Blue fortress walls, pockets all over America, where still, I’ll wager, the majority of guns found in those places are owned by Trump-Americans.

Ever since LBJ initiated the Great Society in the 1960s, and America’s people of color were rounded up and shuttled off to a plantation, some American politicians of the right have tried to find ways that could rescue them and re-integrate them into the body of America as full citizens. Jack Kemp comes to mind. But they were in years when Democrats owned Congress. But now that the GOP owns Congress, it’s arguable that the GOP leadership is any too keen to save those people, either, meaning that a low-grade counter-attack in the civil war might be the best way to jog their memories and goose things along toward a greater good we all agree on.

Trump’s election has signaled such a new effort, and hopefully one that will succeed, since Trump-Americans are largely for it. (It’s the GOP we’re not sure of.)

Those Blue sections on the national map were largely built by LBJ’s racist plan, a Blue underclass with their own Blue managers. A giant portion of the California state government which isn’t busy snooping and arresting people for smoking or peeing in their back yards, is dedicated to overseeing the lives of millions of lost souls of color. For decades some of their politicians (Maxine Waters?) have considered these places personal fiefdoms, even threatening to call out the sizeable criminal elements of their underclass neighborhoods into the streets; to riot, smash windows and skulls, unless the rest of the country gives them things they are trying to extort.

We’ve had “riot seasons” in America before, and are looking at a [prolonged one now. The media have always portrayed these as fear-scenarios for the rest of the country; that the poor may choose to spill over their borders. So we should be fearful. But the Freddie Gray-Baltimore riots of 2015 proved the original LBJ model has reached a tipping point, proving second-generation black political leadership is even more inept than their predecessors were corrupt. Both are institutionalized now.

Still, we can’t just charge in. If Blue cities, however victimized want to burn and pillage Blue common areas, Blue bodegas, Blue pharmacies, Blue homes and Blue schools, it’s not for us to stop them. It is for us to marvel at the stupidity of those who foster it, and quietly remove them.

But we can lay siege. A slow, drip-drip siege, for we know that if certain things are done by our elected Trump-political class while we are up on horseback, we can wait them out, bringing the victims over to our side once the Left is finally exorcised, leaving the field, turning their Party over to people who wish to play democratic politics by the original constitutional design. (Considering the fecklessness of the GOP, that road back could be quick, if they will recapture the original design.)

In this endeavor the people can play a significant role, as I’ll lay out in the next chapter, by carrying on a stealth war against irredentist sectors of the local public government and academic sectors, to insure the people can reassert power in their local governments, schools and culture. It’s easier than you think, and will make national politics much more easier to effect outcomes.

So, there will be no pitched battles. They can burn Chicago, Cleveland, Baltimore or Berkeley to the ground, as Sherman did Atlanta, only it will only be by their own soldiers. And they would still not gain one inch of territory, while we can take each of those cities away from them without ever firing a shot if certain things are done. (See Part III)

Of course, they can turn to Terrorism

But even here, the Left will encounter difficulties. There will always be modern-day Bill Ayers who will join with three or four others to conspire to make bombs in their basements to blow up buildings, or at least a diner, and maybe even some people. Anarchists are small-minded creatures, never thinking of capturing countries, much less states or counties, or thinking about what to do with them once captured. Their natural hateful distemper just teaches them to want to break stuff, to disrupt things they dislike, chaos, just for the hell of it. A Russian named Bakunin, in the days of Marx, even created a philosophy underwriting it. Anarchists have always been with us. They are a state of nature, but are little more than useful idiots for grander planners with a more unified vision.

But almost no anarchist ever wants to die as part of his crime.

Suicidal jihadis have also been around awhile, for at least 1400 years. Their Assassins during the Crusades highlighted their effectiveness, as well as the mind-bending effectiveness of hashish, (hence their name) which put them into a mental state that made death seem pleasant. A variation on that theme drives them still, but it seems peculiar to the Arab or Muslim mind (scholars debate which) but few westerners seem interested in dying this way, much less misusing a decent pipe of hashish in that fashion.

But their special understandings of their faith tell them that there is no sin in allying themselves with infidels if those infidels can assist them in killing still other infidels. Dirty money meeting dirty bombers is like hammer meeting nail and what the Left has plenty of is blood money.

American terrorists have a more difficult path than do those in Europe or other places, for like immigrants of all stripes, they find America a place where they can actually prosper, not just get by, which is about all Europe can offer. Of suicide bombers who come here, most come here predisposed to kill. But not all.

Also, despite Obama’s easing on immigration, our level of prevention is still far better then the Europeans, both intelligence and cop-work. The recent Manchester murders have highlighted the fact that public discussion about how to fight terrorism in Europe has fallen well below that of America, although Obama had us directed that way. Donald Trump has reenergized the notion that terrorism must be fought to the death and killed wherever found, and is not, as Barack Obama had surmised, simply a new condition of life we have to learn to live with; “acceptable casualties”. If Trump has any success in turning even a few of the 50 gathered Sunnis states in pursuing this policy, we can even see a change in Europe…

…noting however, that whether by design or just good fortune, the corporate globalist agenda as seen from the point of view of its principal benefactors, men-who-produce-no-new-wealth such as George Soros, can find great benefit in a world filled with small fires lit by chaos, causing the world’s citizenry to hunker down in fear just as medieval Royals and Church, hand-in-glove, had their commoners afraid to go out at night because of the things that might go bump while out there. It was all good for the Royals’, and the Church’s, economy.

(Remember: I raised that point about the role of Google and Facebook in 2009, in creating Arab Spring in 2011, which in turn created civil wars in the Middle East, leading to the fall of two relatively benign authoritarian regimes, and one teeteruing, and the creation os ISIS, in 2013.)

This is something we only need to be aware of, but for our small part, our ability to blight the path of the Left in their traditional haunts will have a lot to say about how the globalists will fare in the end, not to mention the type of Middle Eastern immigrant who can thrive here peacefully. I believe some can.

What cannot be allowed to survive is the grip global fascism is trying to seal around the world. Interestingly, as we’ve been saying for a long time now, it’s the little people, the Hobbits, who hold the key.

So, in this respect, we are the eventual “moving party” in this civil war.




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