Donald Trump is not a messiah, although some seem to see him as such. This is a lamentable condition, but one which we’ll  have to discuss at a later time.

But as I have mentioned over and over again since early in the 2016 campaign, when people speak of Donald Trump, they are usually speaking of something else altogether.

That said, one magical-like thing Donald Trump does excel at is being able to draw Evil out from the dark recesses of the human soul and bare it naked. But he can only draw Evil out and expose it, he can’t cast It out, as in sending those devils off to reside inside swine, who then throw themselves into the sea to be swallowed up. (MT 8:31)

(This also begs a question for another day, and that is why so many who insist they are in closer contact with the Messiah than Trump still trail along behind him rooting for the pigs?)


A 28-year old college teacher in the San Francisco area was arrested and arraigned on charges of using a metal bicycle lock to assault counter-protesters near Berkley. I think he was aligned with ANTIFA. He tagged three victims, and the injuries, to the head, were serious.

These attacks were especially sneaky, him crouched behind others confronting the soon-to-be-victim, all no doubt exchanging curses at each other, suddenly leaping out, unleashing his steel bolo, then springing back in whack-a-mole fashion. Clearly our young prof was not of the “don’t want to get caught” variety of criminal, but of the “stab in the back” type, so that the victim won’t see it coming and have time to cover up. For maximum harm, not maximum security. (Planned premeditation, with a dab of cowardice.)

This “professor’s” lawyer defended these acts with Tucker Carlson  calling them “justified” because of the insidious nature of the Alt-Right’s aggressive attacks at this event (and others around the region), even though media had not mentioned “Alt-Right” (usually considered to be skin-head racists elements), or associated attacks with Trump supporters or freedom-of-speech advocates. If there were multiple stabbings, as the lawyer reported, they were not reported by media. Reputed to be a well-known attorney in the Bay area, as a former criminal defense attorney myself, I wonder what sort of good the attorney was doing his client by making arguments on national television which most judges, even in San Francisco, would toss him on his ear if he tried to make in their courtroom. Courts do not allow such evidence-less insinuations in either opening statements or closing arguments, so why try them on television? To what strategic or tactical end?

I knew this type well. This lawyer is likely a left-wing mouthpiece more than real lawyer who cares for his clients’ welfare less than his Cause. And come trial time, this soon-to-be-defrocked philosophy and ethics professor (yes, you read me correctly), not that he doesn’t deserve it, will cop a plea in exchange for a year or two of biting pillows and picking up bars of soap in the big house, just so this lawyer can make the public case about the bigger issue at hand (Donald Trump). Since I represented dozens of gays being dismissed from the military in the 70s, I found West Coast civilian attorneys to be especially cynical in sacrificing their clients’ best interests to make a political point.

What’s interesting in this bicycle-lock assault case is that the same justification was employed by Kathy Griffin once she’d lawyered up with Gloria Allred’s semi-beautiful daughter: namely, it was Trump’s fault, and therefore justified.

No one can speak better to the Evil in the room as well as our LadyPenguin did earlier in the week.

In both cases, the beheading photo and bicycle lock attack, the acts were not even remotely associated with trying to achieve any political goal or make any political point. Gaining voters? Making the Movement bigger? Move it forward? Strategically, they had nothing to do with bringing new people to the Cause. You wouldn’t use either in a recruiting film.

In fact, I’m sure they’ve both run a few people away from the movement. If there were a way to poll only left-wingers, a good one would be to ask how many are A) Disgusted, B) Embarrassed, C) Ashamed, or D) Proud? I’m sure many leftists in both Griffin’s and the Clunker’s age group are reconsidering their association with the Cause right now..

The organized, sane Left in the high castles, who really do have big plans for the future world, knows they at least have to pretend not to hate so malignantly, or lash out so violently, or inflict injury so indiscriminately, when there is nothing to be gained, and so much to be lost. (I’m sure the next Occupy training camp will even include a seminar on this.)

Soldiers in combat can often recall an event where an enemy were killed or maimed that could have been spared. I’ve known such men, and some still lose sleep, even though they weren’t the guy who pulled the trigger or used the bayonet. In Vietnam, My Lai comes to mind for never-ending nightmares for some men.

But with what we’ve seen here (and will see again) are the equivalent of kids drowning puppies or kittens just to see them squirm. The only questions are: Are they born this way, or is it learned? Nature versus Nurture? The greater likelihood is that it is learned, but as from a laboratory, years before they actually gained admission to the Leftwing’s Ship of Fools.

The Left’s management class trained these kids from pups, instilling in them all sorts of hatred for country, at least one parent, responsibility, accountability, God, even being white, never stopping to consider that they might become unplugged from the higher mission someday and form their own posse.

These aren’t Rogers’ and Hammerstein’s moonbeams. Kathy Griffin, having been gobsmacked by her base audience’s reaction, then fired from meaningful employment (although she no longer needs it), has now regathered herself with her posse, (only a very few, I’ll wager) to once again sneer back, much like the lone survivor of a pack of wolves.

Except, on the respectable Left no one wants to share her company…in public. Or will return her phone calls. She has to appear dead to them, for the simplest of reasons; no one wants the world to know they also share that same hole in their soul, for they recognized it the moment they saw it revealed. They must pretend otherwise

(So the answer to the Left-wing poll, above, is C) Ashamed.)

Kathy Griffin and Mr Clapton are closer to Dylann Roof, the (allegedly sane) South Carolina church killer than they are to the street image the Left wants to use to convey their “higher purposes”.

There will be more, so keep watching.

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