Just as everyone knew where the bootleg whisky was in 1930.

So President Trump speaks a big truth. Media naysayers are either as innocent as church teatotallers were in 1930 or are in on the conspiracy.

There’s no in between.

I’ve worked with voter integrity groups for as long as I’ve been involved in this writing business. Dead people have been voting for at least a century. Students have been voting in their home state and in their school state at least as long as we had a war in Vietnam to protest, or when Jennifer Brunner, Ohio Secretary of State, could encourage them.

And once revealed all that happens to dead voters is that they are finally removed from voter rolls. No one is ever indicted or fined, except in the case of the rare voter who voted 2-3 times in different places, got caught, then did a few months in stir and released to a hero’s welcome because she didn’t rat out her handlers. Sort of like a made guy in “Good Fellows”, protecting the boss capo. That will get you in good stead when you come home, and yes, this woman was a hero in Ohio, too.

Unless caught, these aren’t crimes, just poor administration.

People move from state to state all the time, and the idea that they need to notify the state election commission falls onto the second or third page of their to-do list, and they never get around to it. So purging voter records is a regular administrative duty and some states are just more attentive than others. And some political parties are a little more enterprising in using the system and predictable gaps and vagaries to exploit it. If you consider all the possibilities it should come as no surprise that Detroit had more votes cast than they had registered voters in the last election.

And no one would have even noticed had Jill Stein not paid a million dollars for a recount.

The real surprise was that they weren’t enough..

So, in swing states such as Virginia, where 10 votes here, 10 votes there in a few thousand precincts can swing that state from one candidate to another, using a cocktail of artifices unseen to the human eye unless you’re looking for them. You have to look for things out of the ordinary in order to spy out illegal voting, and assume all the people are crooks. This is why Republicans are no good as gatekeepers.

Voter integrity groups, even in clearly red or blue states, can point out on a map where the hotbeds of illegal voting or solicitations, are likely to occur. Almost no one knows the actual voters by sight or name. Live bodies can be found in various places on short notice, and there are groups who are paid to know where they are and how to go get them. Just call this seasonal work. Republican may have such groups, but Democrats are notorious.

Unions such as SEIU may be involved. ACORN, by whatever new names it goes by, is likely to be involved. Numbers of Hispanic NGO’s have moved into this territory as well. Soros money is everywhere.

But like Chicago in the 1930s, everyone knows where the whiskey is.

Donald Trump has built-in advantages by bringing this subject up now, and so far he’s playing his hand masterfully.

His hole-card is the recent history of the American media, all the way down to my local AM talk radio station. After 8 years of pimping for some of Barack Obama’s grander themes, and staying silent in the face of most flagrant and damaging lies, and generally looking down their noses on the man who would suddenly become our president, the media have suddenly morphed into becoming the most self-righteous church lawyer in the diocese, defending of all things, the truth.

Without slowing to shift gears the media, less than three months after they had prosecuted, and lost, a war in an election marked by multiple fake news events, capped by an unsubstantiable assault on the American election process by the Russians, they are now attempting to come into the American courtroom with indictments against Donald Trump as prosecutors and defenders of, of all things, the Truth…while the people of the United States clearly see them as the chief criminal defendants in that same court.

This isn’t hutzpah. It is self-immolation.

They just don’t get it. And they don’t know they are being played. And they don’t seem to realize, yet, their constituency is not in charge of America’s affairs now.

So, again, everyone knows there is illegal voting. What they don’t know is how large it is in any given state, county, city or precinct, in part because the media …print, internet, even radio, have suddenly become outraged citizens, and require statistical proof for things they turned a blind, and obsequious, eye to the past eight years .

Donald Trump is right. Lindsay Graham is wrong. The media is lying the same liars’ mouth hey have since Prohibition. So what else is new?

There is no way to quantify the breadth of illegal voting in America. You just know when it stops. Donald Trump went out and found millions of voters no one knew even existed, and millions more the Hillary camp believed didn’t matter…enough to counter the expected voter steal-rate, guesstimated at around 3%, making the whole issue moot..

The problem the Democrats have is that Trump threatens to take a large chunk of their old voter base simply by keeping his word…inner city blacks finding jobs and schools for their kids, Hispanics being able to get on the upward-mobility escalator. And, if he can reshape the GOP so that it won’t hold its nose when these new voters come over, we can even keep them.

The Democrats as a viable national party are finished.

So, the changing political marketplace may well minimize the impact of voter fraud all by itself.

By the time we have our next national election, the ax will have been taken to that locked door that hides the bootleg activity. Suddenly, as quietly as they began, states will begin cleansing their voter rolls of “errors” at about the same rate the administration will begin cleansing the country of illegal reisdents.. Proof of citizenship will likely be required to register. one thing the federal government can do.


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