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A Open Letter to Elon Musk and “X” (Twitter) re: Suspension

I’m writing this about my fourth (I think) suspensions at “X”, all of which have occurred since Twitter changed its name. In each of those events I was  told that I could file an appeal although I never learned what my “crime” was until this most recent suspension.

I operate under the sobriquets @”VBushmills10125 and/or @StFrederick11290.

Every time I am (was) told my offense ran against rules of behavior at “X” but was never able to find out what the actual offense was, until this last one, which was played back for me. It was a recommendation about punching Rep Adam Schiff in the face, i.e., breaking his nose, i.e., violence.

I don’t know who it is that stands behind the curtain at X, young people or old-timers, but the assumption there seems to be that I have been wired into the technology of “X”. But at age 79, with over a half-century “in the field”, up-close and personal with the subjects I study and write about, keeping up with the technology that underlie communications here at “X” has never been a priority of mine. I still use books on a shelf. ( I even underline them, witness my Jerusalem Bible (purchased in 1979) and Schweikart & Allen’s A Patriot’s History of the United States (purchased in 2004). Larry and I have been writing friends since 2011. (Both are heavily underlined and noted.)

(Shown is the opening verses of Paul’s Letter to the Romans, which is a lesson unto itself.)

(Thus endeth the lesson)

Now, I have no idea about the age and maturity of the X editors, before or after it changed names, but I do know about Elon Musk, who I hold in high regard. I like his logic and his approach to problem solving.

My own story of getting from the 1940s to the 2020’s, found in greater detail, in written via episodes, at VassarBushmills.com:

In Spring, 2011, after a 3-year unpaid stint with RedState.com, I was shown the door, in part because I’d seen and done a thing or two more than the editors, mostly young college grads who operated the site. Submitting to RedState was free, and after 30+ years on the road, and able to see much of the world at ground level, and I assumed my experiences, beginning in a real coal camp in Appalachia, followed by university, law school, and a 5-year stint in the Army in the Far East as an Army lawyer, and real history was made as the Vietnam War was slow-walked into legend, all this unknown to these youngsters. It never dawned on me that there was no real interest in American history, or its culture was of any interest to the generations that followed.

Still, sort of like Johnny Appleseed, I continued to whistle a happy tune, following my military years with private law practice in Arizona, where my dad was recovering from open heart surgery …(he was among the first for that open heart procedure), followed by a 7-year corporate manufacturing stint with a major American garment manufacturer and brand.

That introduced me into the middle of the much smaller and fragmented Asian textile business and their management practices (versus the corporate vision found in America). I felt I could teach/show Asian managers how to work with American entrepreneurs, but then Soviet Empire in eastern Europe and the Russias collapsed. So, instead, in 1992 I moved to be near transportation hubs, where I could practiced law in Kentucky on its side of the Ohio River and international business on the Univ of Cincinnati side of the river.

I was even asked to teach college Civics courses to young black Cincinnati mothers who had to leave AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) thanks to New Gingrich’s assumption of the House speakership. And boy, did those mom’s ever teach me. It was in that classroom they enabled me to show on the blackboard how America was the first nation in the history of the world to have its citizens volunteer their own lives (and sons) to go and fight to liberate a peoples they had never even spoken to, much less known or seen.(If you’re curious about this event, It was called the American Civil War, (https://www.vassarbushmills.com/2023/10/30/the-timeline-of-freedom-how-and-why/)

It was Dr George Vredeveld of UC and his Bulgarian associate, Dr Vesselin Shanov who pointed me toward the Balkans, and I was one of very few Americans who was there at that historic time. They arranged for me to stay at their sister-city, Kharkov, in Eastern Ukraine, which is much in the news now, and where I spent most of the winter, 91-92, just before the USSR broke up. I also spent several days in Gorky (called Nizhni Novgorod) today, as the guest of a member of the Soviet Central Committee, Valentin Suchkov, (also introduced at https://www.vassarbushmills.com/2017/11/22/famous-soviet-russians-ive-colluded-with/) and one of the old-school Party members who actually cared about the lives of the workers in his district. https://www.vassarbushmills.com/2017/11/22/famous-soviet-russians-ive-colluded-with/.

Upon returning to the US, I moved my office to central Virginia.

It was here that I began to write politically, with a view of explaining “how things worked” in the communist world. I spent much time in Kharkiv and Kiev, first wrote about it at RedState.com, until 2010-11.  when a few of us suddenly woke up to find we could no longer access the site. Fortunately for me, I was able to stay in touch with David M Poff (who still had his eyesight at the time) and we gathered with a small group of “elders” in a hotel in Delaware to form a new website, Unified Patriots.com. As a thinking site it did quite well.

The Election Steal of 2020 changed everyone’s approach, and I created VassarBushmills.com as a site to explain the natural laws of politics when turned toward the dark side compared to the bright side. America’s trajectory has been a series of tests and crucibles about which we largely succeeded, but it was noticeably the Left that more fully understands the keys to America’s success, for it has been those key elements the Left most wants to destroy, and my mission at Unified Patriots had been in illuminating those, namely Natural Law.

As to the latest charge against me, and the only one actually made available to me to respond, someone posted at X less than a week ago that Rep Adam Schiff had reported a threat made to him by person unknown and I responded with a comment that a broken nose would do Adam Schiff some good. I’ve used that taunt several times at X, and probably aimed at Rep Schiff more than once. But only this only this one time had X had reached out to me to tell me what my great sin had been. But nearing the age of 80 I have noted on several occasions over the past decade about the virtues and benefits of a bloody nose, with variations of this short piece published here in 2016 when I opened this site. (It has also appeared at Story Shack, illustrated, courtesy of Cait Maloney.)

I have not lauded lethal responses to being caught in a lie, but did note that had someone broken Bill Clinton’s nose as a kid, he may also have flinched when a lie just sort of sprouted on his tongue. Kyle Rittenhouse did not end lethal shootings in public riots, but if you’ve noted, the outrage riots of George Floyd ended when Rittenhouse killed two rioters who came after him, and was acquitted at trial. He is still on the national media’s most-hated lists had he died instead of Rosenbaum and Huber. It’s been 3 1/2 years since a riot has produced other killings, not because brave, guileless young men will not be there to deter them, but they all know how juries tend to react. It’s not worth the risk.

If you’ve given this more modern collision of Good vs Evil deeper thought, you’ll realize the role Natural Law plays in settling the issue. Good and Evil are about to collide in America, and very soon, but no one can foresee what the collision will look like.

We have watched since the rise of the Barack Obama vision of American liberty, a shifting of the definition of Good and Evil. With the rise of the Tea Party in 2010, after the Obama-Left’s institutional approach to restructuring government in America.

How that vision will sort itself out remains to be sorted out, but it’s clear that the legislatures and courts and police will be unable to maintain the peace in all 50 states unless there is a consensus as to how citizens must behave across the board and I think that process will have to go back to the older days to find out what works and what does not.

We’ll see.

The coming 2024 election will not resolve these questions, but they will be able to set the table just as the American people found them in 1776.

I hope Elon Musk and his current constabulary of editors will be able to see that this probably cannot be done without a few bloody noses.







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  1. Without notice (or discussion) “X” has restored my privileges (I think). Let me know what you think.

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