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Battle of Athens (1946) Our only successful uprising since 1776

(I want to dedicate this film review to Lady Penguin and JadedByPolitics, old friends from the Obama days, and my early days of RedState.com. We didn’t use the term “influencer” in 2006, but it was clear there was an urge among the younger set to become influencers, to become politically credentialed, even famous, and certainly more wealthy.

Influencers are in their third generation now, and after only 20 years, they have proved they are increasingly shallow, and limited in the relationship between political freedom, free markets, and a type of self-governance that regenerates itself. Influencers know little of their history, or its significance in lighting the path for generations still to come. As Thomas Jefferson said, “I weep for my country when I reflect that God is just.” We are indeed entering a third consecutive generation¬† (GenAlpha, the youngest only aged 13 today) alongside a bevy of newer minds from abroad, Vivek Ramaswamy of India comes to mind, bearing the finest minds in technology and philosophy, only no understanding whatsover of the American soil, and how it has planted and harvested 350 years of well-blended soil containing education, of our history, a sense of comity, and where children are no longer taught these lesson, in short, How Things Work in a republic. Today, no one seems to know “things have worked in America” (our history), nor are they even taught to seek its recipe.

Keep that introductory note in mind as I want to remind you of a little bit of “recent” America, recent meaning that it occurred in my lifetime.

I first began writing little advisories in 2011, and you check the Categories to see how many subjects I’ve addressed, centering around Natural Law, How Things Work, American Exceptionalism, and come around election time, sections on “the Wahr” (which is how Gulf Coast Alabamans called World War II), and in light of the way in which the Left has put a stranglehold on our institutions, calling for a kind of resistance, at one end, all the way down to several discussions under the general sobriquet, “Dark Alley”, where I think all sorts of things can be done to criminal political leaders and their “henchies” (henchmen and women), using the techniques of the Algerians against the French post-World War II, and dozens of other ways to cause many of you to get up off your couch and do something physical. I use “killing rosebushes” as a metaphor for instilling fear in people, as you are about to witness in a 1946 history in Tennessee, but it would amaze you how much changes of direction you can impose on evil just by letting them you know who they are, and where they are.


The perfect example is the Battle of Athens, which took place in Athens, Tennessee, in November, 1946, a little over a year after World War II ended. A few politicians there had built up an empire around the inability of the people of the city/county to ever vote these bad apples out.

With so many returning veterans, including wounded, and a build-up leading to Election Day, 1946, and the shooting of one of those vets by a county cop, the vets took over.

I’ve given you about 30 minutes of homework here, so just sit down and watch, 2 clips.


There was a commercial film as well, about an hour and a half, also shown on that opening panel, “An American Story”>

The Battle of Athens was a real event, and, as you know from real life, the winners of that fight, the owners of what we’d all call the moral high ground, there was a shaking up in the town’s social and political pecking order. A lot of people felt the need to move.

And it was about election stealing, choreographed from the highest levels in the state (Georgia comes to mind now, as well as Arizona)

I’m told that in Athens there were no trials or jail time. Only one person was shot. A lot of people just upped and moved away. I’d take that, wouldn’t you?. If we had a few standoffs in say, Loudon County, VA, a bedroom suburb for Washington, DC, a change in School Admin-Teacher culture would take place quickly.

Also you will see a change in how news is reported all because the people are once again, in charge. And the people, not the media, not state, federal or local government, will establish what is and is not important. That includes schools.

There doesn’t have to be wholesale violence to end this, or win this. And every region of the country, and state are different.

Give this some thought, and offer your thoughts in our comment file. Sit down with your mates, and give fear a chance.


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