Sarah Palin Should Join the GOP’s Inglorious Basterds in the Senate

In September, 2013, a year before our 2014 election win, I wrote that “19 US Senators fired a shot heard around the world, which led directly to the government being shut down for two weeks.

Maybe he drew the short straw, who knows, but of those 19 it was Ted Cruz who strode to floor of the Senate, fumbled in his pocket and pulled out a copy of Dr Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham, then talked about it and other things for 21 hours and 19 minutes. Mike Lee could have done it. So could Rand Paul. In fact, several senators were in on it. It was a conspiracy, a Sam Adams act of provocative defiance, aimed at defunding Obamacare. More precisely it was a sword stuck into the ground, from whence they would not be moved, directed toward the GOP leadership who was in full-fledged “go-along-to-get-along” mode with the Administration on Obamacare. The GOP had worked hard to prevent this demonstration, for they had (have) no stomach for playing hardball with the Democrats and Obama….knowing the media would always blame them for any outcome.

(For Background, this is classic Stockholm Syndrome, going back to the ’95 government shutdown which history proves Bill Clinton orchestrated, but was able to blame the GOP House with the help of the media. House Republicans were vindicated by the voters in 1996, actually gaining seats. But too late, the traumatic bonding between captor and captive was cemented, and the House leadership never accepted the credit awarded them by the voters, instead holding onto the blame as if it were their most cherished security blanket.)

Oh, and John Boehner was part of that ’95 “captured” GOP House leadership.

Now back to 2013; the short straw fell on Ted Cruz to be the “basterd-designee”. By the end of the week the government was shut down (for two weeks) because 143 House members had joined this movement to keep Obamacare unfunded. then  “Now we were 162“, which, in order to break up Boehner discarded the Hastert rule to join with Democrats with only 79 of his own party to reopen the government.

Throughout this period the epithet was muttered throughout the halls of Congress and across media-land, “that bastard.” or “those basterds”, most often leveled at Cruz.  Even Krauthammer whispered something unkind about Ted Cruz., followed by an avalanche of email.  Warned by both parties,  “Don’t do this”, our 19 Inglorious Basterds nevertheless, using the Davy Crockett Rule, “be sure you’re right, then go ahead”…went ahead.

This was historical in the Senate, for in its history, this was the first expression of defiant leadership by GOP members since the rise of progressivism in 1901. Before they had always been outmaneuvered, usually by their own milquetoast insecurities. But in Sept-Oct 2013, beginning from a group of only four or five, then to 19, they jumped chambers, inspiring 142 soon-to-be-named-basterd conspirators in the House.

And those awful nightmares would come back to John Boehner, and Mitch McConnell, who I believe was born in Stockholm.

But the “common people heard them gladly.” (Mark 12:37)…

…for, Oh my, what a public endorsement of such a contrarian act of defiance. The Republicans swept the 2014 elections, claiming 13 new House seats, and 9 new senators…all but three a Basterd-in-waiting, strengthening the basterd-brand immeasurably, all arising from those original 162 Inglorious Basterds from 2013.

Moreover, the 2014 elections destroyed all hope for the media to be able to successfully paint the 2013 shutdown into a failure as they had in ’95 (or to be able to control the leftwing political narrative any longer.) The damage they have done to themselves is still being calculated but they were smitten by the optics of 90-year old veterans in wheelchairs being denied access to the most open-air memorial in Washington by yellow tape and thug park policemen turning them around, the height of spite and malice by what the media billed as the most compassionate administration since Caiaphas. Instead of placing blame on the GOP for the government shutdown, the people gave the GOP full credit for it, with enthusiasm….credit about which half the Party didn’t deserve, and for a variety of reasons, can’t bring themselves to accept even today….at least identifying the exact location of the cancer that afflicts the Party.

Predictably, as we have seen from both Boehner’s and McConnell’s office, this overwhelming support of the congressional basterds has unnerved them instead of emboldened them. They and their small cadres of factotums and hangers-on (see blow), not the Democrats, not the Left, are squarely in the sights of the majority of the Republican voters and the legions of Inglorious Basterds they’ve sent to Congress to stop this madness.

It would be nice, and less ugly, if the Leadership would simply quit, but that moment is not yet at hand. After all, above all things evil, satanic or otherwise, Marxist or otherwise, the Republican Leadership hates most having to answer to a mob of citizens with a copy of the Constitution in one hand and the Declaration in the other (and for many, the Bible in another.)

They have not yet had to pay with anything they hold dear. Bob Bennett (2010) was an fluke.. So was Richard Lugar (2012). Besides, Lugar got his revenge, bringing down Richard Mourdock, who beat him 60%-39%, handing the office to a Democrat. “Guess that’ll hold the basterd.” The GOP machine did likewise to Sharon Angle (who had Harry Reid by the neck, fergodsakes!), Joe Miller, and Christine O’Donnell in 2010. Ask Christine, with Redstate.com and the Delaware GOP peeing on your fire, who needs a Communist Democrat opponent? In 2014, even Eric Cantor was a freak of nature. Can’t happen again, they’re already saying… and by God, they mean to prove it.

2014 proved those aberrations will just keep on coming, and “hell is coming with them.”, for those Inglorious Basterds bring an enthusiasm to the voters unseen since Ronald Reagan stole the working class vote from the Democrats. in 1980, holding them through 1992, when they were just as quickly abandoned :”For the Democrats, Hell is when you have no answer to the existential question.” (VB for Ronald Reagan).

Already, just two months in, Boehner has had to bury the Hastert Rule twice more and join with Democrats to defeat the majority of his own party…on key party-base-loyalty-gut votes; the “why we elected you in the first place” votes. Boehner has become the ex officio leader of the Democrats in the House, and he is ramping up a new Medicare bill with Lady Nan to see how far this will go. (We’ll see the details in due course, the tell-tale sign being whether Obama will sign it.)

But for now, Boehner’s made his own bed, only now he can’t sleep in it for fear someone will slip a pillow over his head.

Today, the roughly 170 Republican Inglorious Basterds are the most exclusive club this side of Club Planet in New York. But all the gold bling in the world won’t get you in the front door. Only brass…and we’re only a few brass shekels short of taking back the Republican Party and restoring its original brand.

This is a big deal, one for the history books. Our Inglorious Basterds represent a movement that is all about the popular will of the people…yet it is not populist any more than the Constitution is populist. We’ll let Elizabeth Warren try her Huey Long-Jim Hightower “gimme gimme” brand of populism on the perennial takers of America.

Our voters only want their freedom back.

The Basterds represent a restoration that will not be complete until the GOP’s original brand, the Doctrine of Liberty, is restored and the Left driven from government. It’s Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and a gang of only 60 or so who are barring the door.

Note:At least three of our basterds are in the presidential mix, and while I like that venue for showcasing their individual messages, I’ve never cottoned very much to senators making a run for the White House…most fail miserably, as our “guitar gently weeping” (George Harrison) reminds us about Obama’s colossal failures.

But of our best and brightest over the next generation, who should want to be president when America rises or falls on the strength of a restored Congress? With the wisdom of years from such sachems as Grassley, Jeff Sessions, and Sensenbrenner and leadership from people such as Cruz, Paul, and Lee in the Senate, and Gohmert, Stutzman, Huelskamp, Gowdy, Meadows, and Jordan in the House, I can’t think of a more exciting or historical place to be over the next generation. A renaissance for American government.

For several years, restoring the strength and power of the Congress and reconnecting it to the people instead of special interests, should be the far greater challenge, with far greater rewards. God, what a Congress they would make over twenty-thirty very important years! ) (Flashing lights: “Editor’s message, Editor’s message.”)

Speaking of cotton, we had a bumper crop in the Senate (7) and the House, (13), and clearly they are unafraid to step out and kick up a dust. Sen Tom Cotton’s (AR) letter on constitutional law to the Iranian ayatollahs, instructing them on the difference between a binding treaty (i.e, the law of the land) and a secret “pakt”, (Ribbentropp-Molotov) has put a target on his back early. In the House, the most infamous new Basterd is Dave Brat, VA-7, when Eric Cantor woke up on Primay Day-plus-1 to find he had spent over $3m for just under 29,000 votes, while Brat spent under $200K for the other 55%. “YOU BASTERD!” (There’s a model here for primarying House incumbents, part money, part straight talk brass.)

The criteria for becoming an Inglorious Basterd is simple; to be fearless in speaking the truth, with frankness and independence; but also humility with a glimmer in the eye and just a hint of don’t-give-a-damn in the jutted chin. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz especially could give seminars.

So, about that title: What about Sarah?

Yes, this is a recruitment letter. In many ways Sarah Palin is the Founding Basterd, for she was despised by the GOP establishment while their vice-presidential candidate in 2008. The common people not only heard her gladly, but loud and clear and the McCain camp didn’t like it one bit.

In a head to head fight, her Mama Grizzlies could probably beat Hillary’s Urban Butch Brigades without even having to dismount.


But it’s in the Senate that Sarah can do her greatest public service. A problematic presidential candidate, out of no fault of her own, Sarah Palin is a natural fit for a Senate that is just one of two votes short of rebranding the GOP back to what it was. Imagine a Senate ceding back the doctrine of liberty to the people, with the power to run their own governments, and educate and raise their kids according to tried and proven methods that had succeeded for generations. Sarah was made to order for this seat. And as with the other Inglorious Basterds already seated, what history they could make together, for 20-30 years, not eight, staking out a niche in history denied all others except the likes of Webster, Clay and Calhoun.

Now, I haven’t mention the “GOP-SOB’s” so far, but there are several, all who are wedded to the country club sense of entitlement arising from being members of a house of lords, instead of a house of service. High among them is Sarah’s neighbor, Lisa Murkowski, an entitled Hillary-like maven on the Klondike, (no pun intended). She was beaten by the Alaska Tea Party and Joe Miller in 2010, then ran as a write-in, beating Joe by about 11,000 votes as a write-in…then was welcomed back in Washington as if Caesar had just returned from the wars in Gaul. She needs to go, and Sarah is just the person to do it.

But Lisa’s not the only one.. There are also Dan Coats, Roy Blunt, and John McCain (all in 2016), and Jeff Flake and Bob Corker (2018).

The Democrats will also have two vulnerable seats, Harry Reid, who would’ve lost to the Tea Party candidate in 2010, but for the hands-under-the-aisle, and the open seat of Barbara Mikulski in Maryland. Carly Fiorina would be a perfect “basterd” to replace Barbara Boxer in CA. Uphill climb, but what an addition.

But the GOP can see us coming this time. Mitch McConnell especially will spend millions to keep our kind of people from attaining seats in Congress. He’s said so publicly. Expect the same from Boehner. This is why it will be important for us to primary SOB Republicans with genuine basterds like Brat, for that sends a powerful message to all those facing elections in the next cycles (2018-2020). In the House we only need another 6-8 new basterds to reverse the power structure there.

In 2016 voters will be more skeptical than 2014 since many already feel wham-bammed-thank-you-ma’m’ed just a few months ago, so are none too forgiving. You’d better mean every word, and be willing to die on the sword the people give you rather than renege on your promises, or your career may be over the first six months in office. You’ll be signing on for  “existential” warfare between the Democrats and Republicans, even if your leadership doesn’t want to admit it. We know about the enticements they’ll make if you’ll switch sides. A lot of GOP congressmen may lose their seats in 2016…to other Republicans, for having fallen for that trick.

Below in our roll-call of Inglorious Basterds currently serving in Congress  (by our calculation), and from it you can see we count 23 Basterds in the Senate and 143+ House members, according to our handicapper-in-chief, Pilgrim. This is not to paint the others as against us. These are simply the ones we believe will stand up against Leadership, will not be whipped when the vote goes against their fundamental authority from the people on.the key “why we sent you to Congress ” votes.

We believe adding 3-4 new Basterds to the Senate and 8-10 to the House, will put real conservatives in a position to take over both chambers. But if we can simultaneously remove 2-3 GOP-SOB’s from the Senate and 6-8 from the House at the same time, our odds are magnified, because that’s just one less John McCain striding to the mic to call Louis Gohmert, a possible next Speaker, a “stupid moron.”

Inglorious Basterd Roll-Call, 2015

What follows is almost entirely the work product of my friend and colleague, Pilgrim, @plgrm58, who is probably one of the best, and least paid, political handicappers in the business.

Now Pilgrim and I are not the College of Cardinals, here. Add or subtract as you feel is necessary. Thee are many fine conservatives not listed, and even among the GOP-SOB’s, most love America. Not just in the No 1 slot, and a few haven’t given it a thought in years.

In 2014 we replaced almost every Democrat with a Basterd. In the Senate;

  • Dan Sullivan – AK
  • Tom Cotton – AR
  • David Perdue – GA
  • Joni Ernst – IA
  • Bill Cassidy – LA
  • Steve Daines – MT
  • Thom Tillis – NC
  • Ben Sasse – NE
  • James Lankford – OK

So far they are living up to their pledge. Only David Perdue, Ben Sasse, and James Lankford replaced a Republican.

They join  Grand Sachems Charles Grassley of Iowa and Jeff Sessions  of Alabama, Mike Crapo of Idaho, Ted Cruz of Texas, James Imhofe of Oklahoma, Mike Lee of Utah, Rand Paul of Kentucky, James Risch of Idaho, Pat Roberts of Kansas, Marco Rubio of Florida, Tim Scott of South Carolina, Richard Shelby of Alabama, David Vitter of Louisiana and Deb Fischer of Nebraska.

That’s 23.

Mentioned in the article from 2013, listing the original Basterds, Mike Enzi of Wyoming, , Dean Heller of Nevada, Jerry Moran of Kansas, Rob Portman of Ohio, and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, have all been voted out in early 2015. You may disagree. But each of these chose, for one reason of the other, not to push the envelope against the Party establishment in keeping with the 2014 mandate.. Not-ready-for-prime-time Basterds.

In the House, I only list the top 32, who are more or less the movers.

  • Gary Palmer (Rep – 6th) – AL
  • Paul Gosar (Rep. – 4th) – AZ
  • Matt Salmon (Rep. – 6th) – AZ
  • Trent Franks (Rep. – 8th) – AZ
  • Ted Yoho (Rep. – 3rd) – FL
  • Ron DeSantis (Rep. – 6th) – FL
  • Bill Posey (Rep. – 8th) – FL
  • Rich Nugent (Rep. – 11th) – FL
  • Curt Clawson (Rep. – 19th) – FL
  • Austin Scott (Rep. – 8th) – GA
  • Rod Blum (Rep. – 1st) – IA
  • Steve King (Rep. – 4th) – IA
  • Raul Labrador (Rep. – 1st) – ID
  • Marlin Stutzman (Rep. – 3rd) IN
  • Tim Huelskamp (Rep. – 1st) – KS
  • Thomas Massie (Rep. – 4th) – KY
  • John Fleming (Rep. – 4th) – LA
  • Justin Amash (Rep. – 3rd) – MI
  • Walter Jones (Rep. 3rd)  NC
  • Mark Meadows (Rep. – 11th)  NC
  • Scott Garrett (Rep. – 5th) – NJ
  • Jim Jordan (Rep. – 4th) – OH
  • Jim Bridenstne (Rep. – 1st) – OK
  • Jeff Duncan (Rep. – 3rd) – SC
  • Trey Gowdy (Rep. – 4th) – SC
  • Mick Mulvaney (Rep. – 5th) – SC
  • Scott Desjarlais (Rep. – 4th) – TN
  • Louie Gohmert (Rep. – 1st) – TX
  • Ted Poe (Rep. – 2nd) – TX
  • Randy Weber (Rep. – 14th) – TX
  • Brian Babin (Rep. – 36th) – TX
  • Dave Brat (Rep. – 7th) – VA

GOP-SOB’s- Senate, the Gang of 9

  • Lisa Murkowski (AK)- 2016
  • Jeff Flake (AZ)-2018
  • Dan Coats (IN)-2016
  • Susan Collins (ME)-why bother?
  • Thad Cochran (MS)-2020
  • Bob Corker (TN)-2018
  • Lindsay Graham (SC)-2020
  • Orrin Hatch (UT)-2018
  • Lamar Alexander (TN)-2020
  • John McCain (AZ) 2016
GOP-SOB’s- House, all Red State House members
Boehner, who doesn’t need to be primaried. Remove him from the speakership and he will retire/resign.
  • Don Young AK-at large
  • Steve Womack  AR-3
  • Ander Crenshaw  FL-4
  • Vern Buchanan FL-16
  • Mike Simpson  ID-2
  • Susan Brooks  IN-5
  • Ed Whitfield  KY-1
  • Hal Rogers KY-5
  • Gregg Harper MS-3
  • Blaine Luetkemeyer  MO-3
  • Renee Ellmers  NC-2
  • Robert Pittenger  NC-9
  • Steve Stivers OH-15
  • Frank Lucas  OK-3
  • Tom Cole OK-4
we can do this.



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