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Der Obama- Khamenei Pakt, 2009-2015


Publicly renounced as being a traitor this week, the nervy Tom Cotton, one of our newest “Inglorious Basterds” in the Senate, did the United States and the world a favor by exposing what had all the makings of a secret pact between the Obama Administration and the ayatollahs of Iran.

In truth, had it been 1939, Cotton would have promptly been taken out and executed, for being (you guessed it), a traitor to the Party.

But when John Kerry, in testimony before the Senate last week, told Congress it would not have the authority to modify any agreement between Iran and the Administration, he let the whole cat out of the bag. He was then forced to acknowledge that any presidential agreement with Iran would not be legally binding (as a treaty does) or be enforceable.

So why go through this charade for what, four-five years? What do we have here, then? What does or did Obama hope to create with this mere personal contract with the ayatollahs, being passed off as an agreement between nations?

Well, whatcha got here is your basic, Type I, Grade A, top-of-the-shelf secret pact.

But thanks to hard questions posed to Kerry from our senators, esp Rand Paul, Kerry painted himself into a rhetorical corner and oops… exposed the fraud.

You see, for well over two years Obama has attempted to portray this Agreement he’s been working on night and day as legally binding, as if it were a treaty. Although it was never specifically said an agreement would be sent Congress for approval, (or ratified), most ordinary people inferred it, since Obama was clear this would be an agreement between nations. Go back and revisit all the promises, enforceable promises, Obama said were guaranteed to be contained in it. Certifiable inspections. Enforceable sanctions. It is now clear that these promises were never actually intended to be carried out, for there was/is no enforcement mechanism to cause that to happen…which is largely how secret pacts work. Someone, usually the public, has to be kept in the dark.

Kerry tried to dodge the Senator’s questions, but trapped himself when he said the Congress had no authority to modify any agreement…beeccccuuzzz…this agreement would be little more than  a private contract between two heads of state. They may as well have been swapping time-shares in Maui and Qom.

The basic secret pact runs something like this: While enemies with one another in public, the parties agree not to do such-and-such with one another, despite their public threats to the contrary. Iran promises not to make nukes, but they will. Obama promises to inspect and prevent them from making nukes, only he won’t. All these such-and-such guarantees will be for the public’s consumption across the breadth of America and Europe, assuring us all that everything is copacetic. And the Jews will be safe and still our friends. Where he has failed, thanks to Tom Cotton, Rand Paul (and John Kerry), is to be able to assure Americans and the Congress about any of these things on his say-so alone.

That ship has now sailed.

So Congress now has to (has every justification to) treat Obama the same way Obama says he is treating Iran, “don’t trust, and verify.”

Any public agreement Obama and Iran now makes will be for optics only, and, as Kerry says, a “framework” for settling future optic disputes. The secret pact handshake is the only binding part, secured by the heartfelt respect and admiration the two signatories have for one another, and the mutual enemy they likely share. For Hitler, that promise lasted about two years.

Now that the “secret” part of this deal is out there, Obama will likely scurry around trying to find a way to get the backing of the United Nations, probably having to promise Putin Ukraine in order to get Russia’s to back his play in the Security Council. But what is now out there now is the depth of Obama’s true deceit, which, like Obamacare, was based entirely on a lie.

For serious national security reasons, Congress needs to begin asking just what Obama’s true plan has been all along. Most of it can be discerned with circumstantial evidence and deductive reasoning, and maybe, just maybe, impeachment can be put back on the table.

Also, Iran is not a potted plant. They have to go back to the drawing board and come up with some other ingenious devices to get what they want. Even with our enemies Obama is proving to be an incompetent ally; can’t even keep a secret pakt secret. Their options are becoming more narrow as well. It is becoming a more dangerous world daily.

So when you go to bed at night, say a special prayer of thanks, and protection, for the junior senator from Arkansas. He may have saved a lot of people whose names, or even ethnic origins, we don’t know, a lot of anguish.

(Oh, if you’re wondering, the starring role of the swastika in this tale is played by Iran who were BFF’s with Hitler in 1940, you guessed it, because of the Jew thing.)

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