Is States Rights Back? A Return of America’s Lost Army

I'm not sure when American public schools began skimming over the first era of our history, 1787-1824, but I'm going to guess sometime after the Civil War, when the two-party system emerged as representing...

Thomas Paine, A Common Sense Curriculum

I wonder if millennials even know who Thomas Paine was. In the early 1960s I studied American History in college, as a required core subject, courses even engineering students from India had to take in order to...

The Set Up…William Barr’s Last Fling? “Cheaters Cannot Win!”

Sub-Theme: "Book'em Danno", from "Hawaii Five-O", a popular crime series 1968-1980 about a special crime unit, starring Jack Lord. "Danno" was Jack Lord's #2.) Both Donald Trump and William Barr will know this. This  "Set...

Apparently Gaining World Control is a Lot Harder Than it Looks; History Once Again...

This week marks a seminal point in world history, not just about what will happen, but how what happens will be recorded. History as Written I argued in November that it would be better not to prosecute Hillary...

The Final Word on Nullification is That There Is Never a Final Word

Law: There can never be a legal Final Word on a point of law when that final word is political.

Who Shook the Jar, by Mark Twain

0   Says it all about who's turning Americans against Americans