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How War Affects the Home Front When the Home Front is Where the War Has to be Fought

Kursk battlefield is in western Russia, near the Ukrainian border. In 1943 it hosted the largest tank battle in history, one which began the shift of the war on the Russian Front from the German to the Russians. (Hint: America was allies with the Soviets at that time.)

I walked over a portion of that battlefield in January, 1992, just as the USSR was coming undone. It was early winter, snow, cold as blue blazes, compared to say, Gettysburg or Chickamagua, both of which I’d visited as a high schooler, family living nearby, mid-summer. By comparison, what I noticed was the absence of monuments except at their war park. Our Civil War parks had maps and pullovers since many smaller memorials been erected by people from Maine, Ohio, Georgia or Carolina, depending on whose sons had fought and died on that very tract of land, erected by home folks so that they could come and visit and lay a wreath. A single cannon mounted on a concrete base and a plaque usually marked the spot.

Russia and Ukraine were part of the same nation then, although, as you now know, they were entirely different, the Russians being Slavs and the Ukrainians being European. And at least since the rise of Bolshevism, not a lot of love was lost.

I spent most of my five months in Ukraine in Kharkiv, near the Russian border, the guest of a private bank that had been set up (many said illegally) by Gorbachev and the Communist Party. This was when any private enterprise for profit was still considered “mafia”. I came to Kursk via a university professor at one of Kharkiv’s “technical institutes”, meaning it was political in orientation, where foreign students were brought in to study Marxist doctrine and taught how to fight dirty. Saul Alinsky stuff. (I shared a sleeper car from Moscow to Ukraine with a pair of Palestinians who had wintered in a Gorkiy technical institute and were returning to the Middle East to take up the Intifada again. Interesting conversations, once they were convinced I wasn’t a Jew.)

I worked with (actually, was allowed to watch) that university professor go about doing community service by organizing the digging up of large mass graves at Kursk that contained the remains of both German and Soviet troops. He was a local hero of sorts by identifying and repatriating bodies to both Germany and throughout the USSR. This was one of the original NGO’s of the dying USSR, and such groups operated around all the Soviet battle sites, from Stalingrad to BeloRussia.

And of course, they were able to stash some of their better finds and sell those, for lack of a better term, on the black market.

But these were not criminal gangs, for, you may recall a piece I did in 2015 about the “American Theology”, it was at the birthday day party for this college professor that I got to recite Jefferson’s Preamble to the Declaration of Independence, then watch the entire room of his colleagues break into tears.

In Kharkiv I also visited three homes (apartments) of Soviet citizens who had a large framed photo of their son over the mantle of a son they’d lost in Afghanistan…but were told he had died, only after several months of no letters, no remains, no personal effects and only a very general report of how he died. Now, this didn’t happen to every family, but the level of bureaucratic indifference (which I’ve always argued is what killed the USSR) was rampant in those last days…and my view is that the Soviet top floor saw this fall of the USSR coming for months, and those last months were dedicated to easing many major assets of the State (oil, gas, coal, airlines) into the private hands of the people who already managed them.

So, what had been legally called “mafia” for even the tiniest for-profit work, such as tuning your car, or getting a filling from a dentist, both of which I witnessed, and was not unlike trying to gain entry into a speakeasy during Prohibition, complete with a sliding peep-hole at the door, had suddenly became known as “oligarchies”, and a Good Thing, only owned and run by consortia of the same men who had run those agencies as Soviet property in 1991.

So, an oligarch faction-war broke out in the New Russia, which we watched from a distance through 1992-to-2000 or so, when Bush was elected, and our attention turned to the Middle East because of 9/11.

Bottom line; the wealth of the Soviet Union just changed banks…most of it off-shore. All serious money exchanges with Russia went through banks in Cyprus.

And the people of the old Soviet Union, wherever found, had nothing to say about any of it.

History Lesson: All these things happened before you were paying attention, and there was no social media to discuss or complain about it.

Retelling these events from before the rise of Tea Parties is important because most patriots today weren’t really aware of those earlier days. Most patriots didn’t get involved until 2010 after Obama replaced Bush, and showed some of his cards.

But virtually every good thing that has happened to America has been because of those millions of Americans who woke up in regular generational periods, to the very real threat that was happening to America never connecting the fact that it went all the way back to the birth of the Democrat Party in 1824, whose principle mission then was to profit from the stand-off between Free States and Slave States. Then 36 yrs later there was the resulting Civil War, between Democrats vs the new party, Republicans, which the Republicans won. But then they quickly forgave, perhaps too quickly, since, after two more generations the Democrats turned Left, in 1896, expelling their last Constitution lover, Grover Cleveland in 1893, giving us Woodrow Wilson in 1913, then FDR in 1932 with FDR, turning the party even further Left, trying to build a bureaucratic state much like the one Stalin had erected in the USSR.

Each one of those eras launched a new era of attacks to the right of the people to be their own bosses of their own lives.

I was born just as that era ended, and as an adult, I’ve only lived through the LBJ era, going forward. I suggest you stop and take stock of where your own history begins, just to give you an idea of what you don’t know about the things that had happened leading up to where we are now.

I only want to add a little history here to what you may not know.

You see, it was not until 1976 than the Democrats turned hard-core Left, and one of the principal architects of that was Nancy Pelosi, then not even a member of Congress. I was a “liberal” then, a kind of liberal you wouldn’t recognize now. JFK was likely one, Newt Gingrich was one, and I get the sense that Elon Musk is also one. Donald Trump was too, I think. I was still in the Army then, stationed in Arizona, my last posting, and as soon as I saw the announcement that the Democrats had declared themselves to no longer be liberal, but “Modern Liberals” which Molly McGrory, a New York columnist declared stood for

“that all human conduct should be subject the political process”.

(This was anathema to everything the Revolution and Constitution stood for; No more God, and no right and wrong, unless decided by the appropriate government.)

Let that sink in, for it is the exact opposite of what the Declaration and Constitution says defines America.

So, we need to review just what stands in front of us, first by looking behind us to see what has gone before.

Whither goeth the American People?

If you want to know “How Things Worked” in America and in all three of America’s wars for survival; the Revolution, the Civil War, and World War II, just know the American people had every say of how things worked:

1. In 1776 it was “the People” who read Thomas Paine’s Common Sense who then demanded their delegates in the Continental Congress demand a “Declaration of Independence”, which the Continental Congress then obliged them under the threat of being horsewhipped if they didn’t.

(Of course, you know what happened then, and it was all provided by the People.)

    2. In 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected president, which, like 2016, wasn’t supposed to happen, only, unlike 2016, did happen, but before Abe could even be sworn in, most of the slave states had seceded from the Union, and then, just to get ahead of the curve, started military action by firing on Ft Sumpter, in South Carolina.

And there was poor ol’ Abe, without very many friends in Washington, not having been part of that scene, and from the back country of Illinois, and not even a real army to do battle with the secessionist armies, in part because so many of his best Army officers had followed their states’ lead and stayed with the South.

The secession was well-planned, for the slave states caught Abe holding a pair of deuces, with only a standing army of 16,000 troops, so naturally they took the aggressor’s role, which dominated Civil War military history through 1861 into 1863. They were on the offensive. What messed up the Confederacy’s plans were the people of the Free States, who didn’t just allow, but actually encouraged their sons, six million of them, with the help of their preachers, to enlist. (And 600,000 of them died, many while waiting for Mr Lincoln to find the right sorts of officers to lead those men, taking the better part of two years.)

It was one of the most historic turnarounds in military history, again, brought to us courtesy of the American people.

3. And it was from this sort of stock, steeped in three generations of just what all that  meant, and still means to be American, millions of young men lined up in recruiting stations all across the nation the day after Pearl Harbor, in 1941. My dad was one of them.

And for the second time in world history, thousands of American men volunteered to rescue people they had never seen, nor knew their name. And over 400,000 died.

And once again, these things happened in American and World history because the People of the United States, and not its elected managers, instinctively knew the risks they faced…


This is just an introduction to what the American people have to do locally, as well as nationally, in order to re-instill government’s respect for the individual citizen, and if need be, fear of us, to redirect elected government officials, and those armies of un-elected bureaucrats. (Right now I would think state voting officials would be of special interest.)

I’ve already done dozens of essays on these subjects, found in the categories: Natural Law, How Things Work, American Exceptionalism, Dark Alley, The Wahr (the War), and even Stories and Sage-Isms, where you’ll find some interesting music. And much of what I’ll write will be restatements of those themes, only more directed at what you can do to make sure that Washington, the national media, and your state capitals can hear your rumblings. To be heard!, which does not really work on social media. (Retired, I spend less that 2 hours a day on social media but foremost in our minds should be saving your country, just like those three generations cited above. We really are in life-and-death territory now, and we all need to reset our priorities.

Could take months, years, even a generation, and we already know how the elites are training their children.

And I’ll try not to bore you with anymore history, including personal observations.

The only three facts you need to know are cited above, which begs the obvious question, since there was no national media or social media in those periods cited,

“Just how am I pushing this new war effort by complaining on Twitter, while I could be conspiring to kill the mayor’s rose bushes?”

Stay tuned


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