I recall after the 2016 election a black woman was released from jail after having served a few months for voter fraud. I think she got 18-24 months but was released early. Maybe good behavior. I don’t know the specifics of the offense, but when she came out of the jail she was met by what looked like a New Orleans funeral band, ready to “Saints Go Marchin’ In” down the street in the style she deserved. Many people around applauded and cheered.

The Democrats are known for caring for their own when they’ve taken one for the team, for you’ll note, she didn’t seem to take any of her supervisors along.

In the past two days I have watched several videos of poll workers inside Philadelphia, Detroit and a couple of other vote counting facilities, and although their glances were often furtive, looking to see if any of their colleagues were noticing, they moved out with dispatch to fill in and stamp clean ballots. All for Joe Biden. I didn’t see if any of the down ticket candidates were also ticked-off.

These are clearly crimes or to any cop on the street, would appear to be a crime in process, and certainly enough probable cause for a policemen to intervene. Of course, FBI or DOJ agents wouldn’t even need to interview her. Just walk up, tell her to stand up, put her hands behind her, cuff her, and advise her of her rights.

My understanding is that this almost never happens on election day at an election venue. It happens elsewhere. I think James O’Keefe (Project Veritas) caused a few OFA (Organizing for Action, an Obama era political action group) to be busted, charged and convicted. I think they’ve changed their name, and possibly their modus operandi.

No matter.

My point is, it seems like none of the higher-ups ever are arrested and charged, and in places like Chicago or Philly, i doubt very much local police actually want to know who they are, as they are likely ‘connected’.

Considering the magnitude of the voter theft I like to think federal agents would come to a facility fully prepared to arrest at least the perps identified in the videos. But also, as was done in the Prohibition raids in the 1920s, it was customary for police to lock all exits and place everyone in the building downtown for interrogation.

For you that white gal and black guy in the video filling out blank ballots, they have a supervisor in the building. And that supervisor also likely has a boss in the building. And at some point in the chain of command, a much higher-up is somewhere nearby.

This is common sense.

The speakeasy idea was to corral them all, and sort it all out at the station, to find out just who’s who. See, maybe not all of the ballot workers were in on the scam? Remember, Obama set up Lois Lerner and her team in a little corner of the IRS complex in Covington, KY, across the river from Cincinnati. No one else know what they were doing, but there were lots of whispers. And no IRS employee, even up to GS-11, or -12, would risk their jobs by snitching on a team working a project for the Boss.

Bottom line, the legal justification for arresting the whole room will stand up because you have hard evidence and probable cause  of at least a couple on film, and several more on-lookers/co-workers who likely knew or were possibly doing the same thing. And their teams certainly had at least two levels of supervisors on site as well.

I have a feeling most of those, caught red-handed, are not willing to do 1-2 just to keep their supervisors from doing 3-5, on up the time to the 10-20 range of federal election crimes. Cops love these rat-fests, especially if the rats are cronies with the BLM crowd.

If this is just one counting station, maybe only a few thousand Biden votes, and possibly down-ballot candidates, will be tossed. But if linked to other precincts, maybe a whole city’s count can be brought into question. (Chicago, Philly, Milwaukee) And if several states are acting in unison, yes, you have a RICO conspiracy, for which penalties are no longer chump change, and even politicos working in the 6-figure range, can find career-ending.

Seek and ye shall find.

So please leave General Barr and his “untouchables” a little bit of time to make this work out. We already know there are 100’s of thousands of votes, maybe even millions, that aren’t legit. And the speakeasy raid is just the key to the back door.

There are others.

But if I’m wrong about Barr, let me know in January, and I’ll send  you a book as compensation.

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