Rush Limbaugh made the lamentable opening remarks on his show on Friday by telling us how much we had accomplished on Election Day despite perhaps losing the Presidency.

I know, he meant it one way, but of course, it was taken another way, with the help of Brett Bair at Fox, as a concession instead of a pep talk. (He came back a few minutes later and tried to walk it back, but that it is when I flipped to FM to listen to Chopin.)

He said, “Look we held the Senate (as it stands today) despite having to defend twice as many seats.” Ovation. “And look at the House, where we almost took it back, only falling 1-2 seats short!!” (These are my paraphrases.)

And it’s there I want to begin, for Rush’s analysis is based on a political model going forward, which, quite frankly, ended on November 4th, 2020 if that election and its election practices are allowed to stand. Because there will be no legal barrier, at the top, to prevent if from being repeated in every future national election.

Those election frauds (plural) will be allowed to stand if they are not dealt with now. Before Dec 14. The ability of the Democrats to insure they still control the House, standing against the lone brave visage of Mitch McConnell standing steadfast in the door of the Senate, backed by a feckless and craven Senate of an historic notoriety for spinelessness when the chips are down, especially when the barbarians are at the gate, is a nightmare I don’t intend to watch.

Mitch did wonders, and will deservedly gain special recognition in History for what he has done with the Supreme Court and other federal court nominations. But those judges weren’t supposed to be Donald Trump’s sole lasting contribution to these United States. They were supposed to be the cornerstone to an America returned to it structural greatness as defined in the Constitution. And the very idea that Mitch McConnell, who I knew when he was County Judge Executive for Jefferson County (Louisville) and the shade of his mentor from my neck of the woods, Sen John Sherman Cooper, the image of Mitch of becoming Leonidas at the Gate is a little more than laughable, as is thinking of the other 51 Republicans as the other 300 at Thermopylae. Maybe 5 or so. And this  election was in hopes to add 2-3 more real fighters.

With the Democrat’s midnight raids on the ballot box, their prospects of being the beneficiaries of the 20m votes for Biden including their being hung out to dry as well, don’t look too good.

And the House? If the Dems can hold the House, we now know that the Democrats can then choose how many, and where they will allow a Republican House to win seats, sort of like musical chairs, sometimes Virginia, sometimes Wisconsin, but like the old wards of Chicago under Mayor Daley, there will always be 1-2 fewer Republicans to make any difference. (In Virginia we had a corrupt 1st term Congresswoman, named Spanberger, VA-7, who outspent the Republican opponent 10-1, non-stop radio and TV ads, ad nauseum, still to be down by several thousand votes at midnight, then wake early Wed AM with a 3000 vote lead. Same-o, same-o. District 7 is a strong Red Republican district. It will always be that way, so when Dems think Spanberger’s seat will do them more good in Nebraska 3, or Kentucky 5, they’ll jettison her. No net loss.

Bottom line, if this election and these election practices are allowed to stand it will always be this way, for if a “political nation” with an at-the-call media, who has lined up and voted 74m strong (more like 55m if the truth were known) to put a demented man into the White House, totally clueless as to the true nature of Who, or more likely What, they elected, Democrats know they can pull this off, time after time, with only subtle variations such as swapping VA-7 for KY-5, from now til Doomsday.

For there will be no legal power to stop them, if all we have is a merry band of 51 senators standing at the gate, pipe and cocktail in hand.

As long as this craven model rules in the Senate, Dems can allow the occasional Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, or Tom Cotton to spout off for comic relief…for it gives the false appearance of Real Republic, and that false sense of hope that “Maybe next time” which can hope the masses for years on end.

If they have both the House and Executive, they don’t need no stinking Senate, and they can ignore much of what the 6-3 majority in the Supreme Court says. As Stalin once said about Pope Pius, “Where are the Pope’s armies?”

If I were totally corrupt and thought like a criminal…and it surprised me that Obama (and Committee) didn’t when they had the chance in  2010-2012… I would first turn my executive powers toward separating Americans from those 400-600 million guns we own…without Congress’ permission.

The citizens who scared Obama & Co in 2010 are still there, in greater number even and that still must be dealt with.

Job One.

I discuss this 2nd Amendment issue with more detail later this week, for it has much to do with all those guns we own (at least the ones government knows about) and how Americans for four years have been patient and stoic, and even now only talk of their guns as weapons of self-defense. Never offensive weapons. Once the Democrats legally climb back upon that horse in the White House, there’s no telling how the police and military will react when they are sent in to take weapons from private homes, one neighborhood or town at a time.

Militarily it will likely be easier than you think, if you think only in terms of self-defense.

Then, once disarmed, America will be no better off than those poor Brits or Aussies, who are quickly running out of memories about what it was like being free because they were also armed.

How a new government under the Left and Democrats (they are not quite the same) will play out with each other, I can’t say. That will take a few more years than I or Rush Limbaugh or Donald Trump, to name a few, have left.

There is only these next few days and weeks.

Just a consideration.

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