Why Don’t We Know? Why Didn’t We Know? The National Whine.

Do you think our grandparents were standing around the radio, or the window outside the newspaper office where they hung the daily headlines for people to read, just gnashing their teeth because they hadn’t been told until the day after that our troops had stormed ashore in North Africa in November, 1942?

What was Gen Marshall doing, playing golf?

What about Sicily or Guadalcanal in ’43, or Italy or the Normandy Beaches in ’44?

Why didn’t J Edgar Hoover tell us about his round-up of Nazi fifth columnists in ’36, ’37, ’38, ’39, ’40 and ’41? His new FBI was in charge of that, weren’t they?

Why didn’t someone tell us about that A-bomb being developed in New Mexico, or its big bang in August ’45 that ended the war in the Pacific?


From reading today’s tweets, D-Day +1, what I’m seeing most is “Why weren’t we told?” or “Why aren’t we told?”  (Or should it be “warned”?)
It’s almost as if we’d come down to the final 10 pieces of a jigsaw puzzle only to find out two pieces are missing, and are now on the verge in flipping the card table over in disgust.

Just where the hell is William Barr? It’s been a full 30 hours, and not a whisper. Where are the arrests and g-d indictments? And oh, yes, why is Christopher Wray still on the payroll?

Short answer, our grand-parents in 1941 were all grown-ups. They know less about the articles of the Constitution than we do, but a thousand times more about how a six-cylinder engine makes that old Chevy go forward.

Even the people who read the “Wall Street Journal” on a daily basis, and knew how much their agricultural stock and consumer goods stocks had lost money since Pearl Harbor, and how much better industrial stocks were doing, they also knew “how things worked.”

And they thought less and complained less about how they thought things ought to work, or how’d they’ like things to work.

None of them felt they knew enough about spies, war, or even laws or criminal procedure to second-guess General Marshall (who actually ran the military part of the War), or FDR or FBI, but they knew, just looking down into the fine Chevrolet engine, that it was too damned complicated to explain to their children (who were mostly overseas fighting) or their grandchildren.

Still, here we are, tapping our toes, just one more urge away from picking up that card table and tossing it because Barr hasn’t already indicted, much less arrested and charged all those people who did those dastardly deeds over 48 hours ago! They should all be in jail by now.

Look, all of you really fine patriots: Thanks for loving our country, but before you want to tell us how you can do it better, go out in the shed and see if you can flip the lawnmower over, know how to take off the blades to sharpen them, or maybe just one of the wheels….without first having to look it up in the owner’s manual.

The first law of survival in Constitutional republics is for the people to elect men and women they can trust to do these jobs for us, while our greatest duty is knowing how to tell a horse from a mule.

For ten years I prayed for a man like Donald Trump, who so far has shown he can handle the job of both FDR an Marshall, and has actually hired men like William Barr who knows how to keep his mouth shut and keep a low profile about active investigations and operations.

I’m content with knowing that Trump has been a step ahead of the Enemy for four years, an that’s resume enough to believe he has the ability to see this election fraud through, even if a couple of cities in Japan have to be blown down to finish it.

For all of you “entitled” second-guessers, just shut the hell up.

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