I thought I was too old for this, but the sight of repugnant, arrogant men and women just having their asses kicked up and down the field on a daily basis is a true pleasure to behold. I never get tired of watching it or listening to them squeal, especially as this is not a brutish beating, a slugfest with clubs, or anything like that, but is carried out in the deliberate and coordinated manner of civilized political rules, using high ideals and deep thoughts in calculated movements by people of ordinary talents, people who are mediocre by every measure, well beneath the educations and social levels of those squealing porcines being kicked up and down the field.

Yet here we are, kicking their elitist asses as if they were nerf balls.

It’s a wonderful sight to behold, all the more enjoyable because I thought I was much too old to enjoy such pleasures carnally, as a part of the action.

I’m not.

When you’re winning politics truly is the most fun an adult can have…

…with your clothes on.

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