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“If you will stop telling lies about us, we will stop telling the truth about you”

(This remark wasn’t appropriated from a Republican, but a Democrat, Adlai Stevenson, their 1952 presidential candidate. And it fell flat for the same reason Rep (Cowboy Hat) Frederica Wilson’s accusations against a four-star retired Marine general fell flat last week; it was made against a five-star general and war hero by the name of Dwight Eisenhower. Not even Democrats believed Ike would lie in those days.)

Today, Democrats lie. In fact that’s about all they’ve got. There is not a subject they will not lie about if they think it can gain them a political advantage, or defend them if caught with a smoking revolver in their hand, as the “dossier” case now appears to be.

But unlike 1952, today, we hold these truths about Democrats to be self-evident.

So this is not an indictment of Democrats, but a simple statement of common knowledge. It would take too many pages to list even their major lies, but some of their best are found in the almost monotonous accusations of political opponents for lying, as if lying were the most scandalous of sins instead of the handiest of tools. Today Democrats have acquired the hutzpah to declare that the “dossier” smoking gun they’ve been caught holding to be a mere figment, but even more skillfully, to be able to turn every mistaken statement into a lie, as with Gen Kelly’s recollection of the precise reason Frederica Wilson stood up and showed her ass in Miami in 2015.  Seems Kelly’s mistaking the “why” of her grandstanding while correctly noting her classless display of disrespect still amounted to a lie.

In their world.

And who, even today, if the subject of Iraq and WMD’s, comes up, doesn’t recognize that “Bush lied and people died” slogan? That Bush didn’t lie, or in fact, wasn’t even mistaken about those WMD’s, has been lost in the mist of history, all because everyone only remembers that catchy phrase, proving how well the Democrats can make a lie become truth just by repeating it over and over again.

Our Bible tells to “pray without ceasing”, while theirs teaches them to “lie without ceasing”.

You have to be schooled to be able to lie at such a high level of calculation.

Ralph Northam v Ed Gillespie, Virginia, 2017…Why Lying matters

So, say what you will about the Republican establishment, even in Delaware (well maybe), GOPe simply aren’t this low. They are elitists, very clubsy, and will use their rules to keep grass roots voters at arms length from party decision making. They are like front office corporate executives that none of the workers really like.

But they aren’t crass liars or thieves, while Democrats, on the other hand, are the grand theft auto/bank robber-scale of thieves. And because they are such expert liars, they can impoverish entire sections of our society, then lay the blame at the feet of the Republicans, who are so dainty and unwilling to roll up their sleeves to fight for those segments of society, leaving the poor with no choice but to accept their fate.

After all, when southern state government was a one-party affair, roughly 1880-1976, that one party was the Democrat Party. In those early days ALL the white supremacists in Virginia were Democrats.

Actually that has not changed.

What the Republican Party had generally forgotten the past several years is that one of its principal missions was always to restore the original Republican promise to all citizens. And to fight like hell to do it.

That fight has become entwined in the populist movement called “Trumpism”, or MAGA, a movement of little people, the common man and woman, and is much reviled by the modern Republican Establishment. Thanks to Jeff Flake, Bob Corker and probably Steve Bannon and others, that fight has now gone national…a little ahead of schedule.

Bathed in this soap opera of animosity with the GOP establishment for several years anyway, long before Trump, many MAGA-supporters in Virginia believe it’s not worth their time to vote R in the November 7 election.

I’m here to tell you why MAGA Virginians should care.

In 2008 Barack Obama got 1.96m votes, or 52.6% compared to a weak candidate, John McCain’s 1.73m, or 46.3%. Remember? It was an historical wave election. VA Senator Tim Kaine- D, was governor then.

In 2012 Obama rcvd 1.97m votes, 51.2%, (vs Romney’s 1.82m, 47.3%), almost flat versus 2008. Bob McDonnell, a Republican, was governor in 2012, and harder to cheat.

In 2016, with another Democrat as governor, Terry McAuliffe, Hillary beat Donald Trump, 49.4% to 44.4%, outdoing Obama’s best showing by almost a quarter of a million votes. Thank Terry McAuliffe.

Fabulously wealthy, and close friend to the Clinton’s, McAuliffe came to Virginia to turn the state blue, and leave no stone unturned in securing a source of new votes in keeping it that way, plus finding ways to make a few bucks for himself and his friends along the way, as was always his nature to do.

McAuliffe carried out his end of the bargain, turning Virginia blue. It was the other swing states that failed.

Without the cooperation of the GOP Virginia Assembly, McAuliffe had to use his pen-and-phone to grant blanket pardons for Virginia felons, over 200,000 to augment standard voter-machine hacks in select counties and precincts, and wind and nod illegal immigrants to vote in northern Virginia. Hillary’s quarter million gain in Virginia was as suspect as California’s 3 million illegals who voted out there, drawing into question whether she actually won a real majority after all.

Virginia was planned to become a jewel in the crown of a new blue majority, a swing-state no longer.

With a new sheriff in Washington, stealing votes will be more difficult in Virginia, as many of their methods are outlawed. But as long as key counties in northern Virginia are controlled by leftists, and illegals allowed to run amok in those counties, it will be close every election. The Democrat candidate, Northam, is playing some tough cards with sanctuary city rhetoric as long as MS-13 and drugs are a part of that template. If President Trump reduces the federal work force by 100,000, as many as 200,000 federal employees may leave the region…an unemployment surge we’d all like to see. But not this year.

The Dem’s need to widen the wedge between MAGA-Trump voters and the GOP establishment.

The photo from a Democrat campaign flyer at the top is not a sign of Democrat panic, but rather a window into their soul. They actually see the world this way.

MAGA Virginians need to save the Old Dominion from the grip of the Left first. It doesn’t matter that Ed Gillespie or his team will not see this leftist threat the same way. Trump is pushing Ed’s election anyway, knowing Ed will sign into law what the Virginia Assembly sends him. And that Ed’s voter-guardians around the state’s poll both will play it straight, just as Bob McDonnell’s troops did in 2012.

The fate of the Republican establishment is pretty much sealed, with the early abdication of Flake and Corker. But it will happen on a state-by-state basis. There will be no H-bomb in the Senate…they will drip, drip, drip themselves into irrelevance, possibly by the end of the Trump’s term.

Where Virginia will be on the list of state’s that have flipped is anyone’s guess. But it will be before Delaware.

Just never, never forget that the first duty is to keep the barbarians away from the Virginia gate.

Easy Ed Gillespie is a good man. He won’t lie, cheat or steal, and he is no Jeff Flake who will go against the people out of personal spite or meanness.




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