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Where Should the Next Shoe Drop in this Sexual Harassment Narrative?

Just about two weeks ago I floated the idea that perhaps there is a subtext to the manner in which the Harvey Weinstein story has been breaking, namely that women can charge and convict men publicly of sex crimes on their word alone.

So far only white men stand accused, and this will likely continue, as evidenced by increased twitter chatter from academic blogs about the evils of white privilege and masculinity and a widening list of unverified complaints against more male celebrities.

These are still largely “Under Hedda’s Hat” sorts of whispers, rumors most people inside Hollywood circles have known about for years, and fans outside that circle had always been dying to hear about since before talkies, but also falling short of actionable offenses.

But an “everybody knows” reputation is not supposed to be able to put people in jail. Harvey Weinstein seems to be the closest, and a more disagreeable man in any business, I’ve yet to hear about. If the stories are true that he runs around engaging in onanism in front of beautiful women as a way to impress them, with that Alberich quality about him, (from Wagner’s “Der Rings des Nibelungen”), who Anna Russell described as “frightfully ugly”, that speaks to a genuinely sick man.

But so far those claims are unproved in the legal sense, nor are the likely ever to see the light of day in a courtroom where evidence might be weighed. The only proof we have is found in private cash settlements Harvey has made in the past, which are damning enough to seal a man’s reputation.

Weinstein is a successful man who is ruined and well worth being ruined. Just like Bill Cosby, only Bill Cosby has been charged criminally, but so far stands un-convicted. Something about the evidence in his case was unpersuasive to the jury. But where Cosby and Weinstein stand joined at the hip is the laundry list of “other women” who have made charges against them, but have never had to stand before the bar, be sworn, then be examined, and cross-examined, about those charges.

Still, Cosby and Weinstein stand guilty in the eyes of public opinion as sexual predators and rapists, which arguably, one of them probably isn’t.

Expect these kinds of charges to grow, for they play well inside the media narrative. For once you can report a crime-that-may-not-be-a-crime as a crime, sometimes even anonymously, and sometimes so old the paint on the story has begun to peel, and no criminal complaint had even been filed in the intervening months or years, you know you are in the middle of a media feeding zone.

(Why I’m picky about this is that I once participated in the legal defense of a US soldier in a Japanese criminal court, on the charge of aggravated rape with injury. The woman was over 60, a laundry-worker, and did not report the attack for over three weeks, never visited the hospital but said she’d been injured. She picked the soldier out of a photo array provided by Army CID of the cars that had gone in and out of post gate during the hours in question. She said she had burned all her clothes so not a drop of physical evidence existed. And finally, the piece de resistance, when asked by the trail judge to identify the man who had attacked her, she could not, even though this soldier was the only Anglo in the courtroom. A judge alone, no jury, convicted him anyway…of aggravated rape. You can see why media-inspired kangaroo courts do not sit well with me. The public demanded a conviction.)

In moving the Weinstein profile forward a few weeks, several more prominent white men have been added, from film, entertainment, even media, well outside the boundaries of Hollywood. And now a gay white man (Kevin Spacey) has been added to the dead pool, supplying a new wrinkle, inasmuch as it involves an area of criminality about which Hollywood, the gay community and the law do not agree, and that is the “age of consent”. Spacey is accused of liking 14-year olds, (two so far) which is below most states’ age of consent, 16-18, which has been law since the 1920s. In one of those other states, (Mississippi, I think) Jerry Lee Lewis, one of the founding fathers of Rock and Roll, saw his career vanish when he legally married his first cousin (once removed), of 13, in 1958.

Hand me the smelling salts, I think I’m gonna swoon.

The problem for the LGBT community is that they have been promoting homosexuality as an acceptable sexual preference to children as young as 10-12 in public schools as recently as last week, and have been for years. And in the case of Roman Polanski, who had sex with a 13-year old girl, who they argue consented, and looked much older, (as they always do in Hollywood), in Hollywood’s eyes Polanski’s only sin is that he skipped the country when the judge signaled that he would likely put Polanski in jail after pleading guilty to statutory rape. Other than that one misstep, it was “no harm, no foul” for Hollywood.

So, in order to protect their preference for the lower-then-legal-age standard, expect the media to already be receiving talking points, as with Spacey, that his homosexual urges for a 14-year old are okay, but only so long as they are not violent or coercive, as every priest who ever diddled a choir boy is thought to be as judged by the Hollywood Measure.

The fact that the truth of Spacey’s “assault” will never be admitted as evidence anywhere in a court of law, and tried only in the court of popular opinion, as will the majority of Weinstein charges, shows us that we are revisiting an attempt to establish another set of rules altogether.

And that narrative is the power of women or other members of the victim class to convict men of criminal charges without trail or evidence, on their say-so alone, a position of preference women have openly sought ever since Hillary Clinton actually did live in the White House.

This might explain why that other large group of sexual predators is absent from the national narrative. 

When will be see accusations of sexual abuse by women brought,, since from at least the 1970s, many young college women were saying that the only way a college girl could get a good grade was to “pretend” to be lesbian for the benefit of her course instructor?

Just watch the reign of terror coming down on the head of Donna Braziille, a woman of color and a member of the Sisterhood, now that she has pointed the “‘J’accuse” finger of infidelity not at a sister, but a Founding Sister, in a totally unrelated crime having nothing to do with sexual predation.

I recall an article from “National Review” in the 1970s or 80s by a woman who had graduated from Yale, where she posited the question:

Once they had graduated and returned to normal life, to be married, how would young graduates from Yale tell their husbands that they had been practicing lesbians at university?

Or that they had to do it…for grades?

It was not a subject I was interested in at the time, so I can’t recall this woman’s name. But it sounds like something Camille Paglia might ask, although I didn’t know her name at the time, either. But by the late 80s the practice had proliferated, evidenced by one of my staffer’s daughter who had attended a small university in Kentucky, majored in Women’s Studies which did not qualify her for a better job than the one she turned down before going off to college, just to make the family proud. Embittered by having to take that same job after coming back home, it was then her parents learned she had had to fall on the Women’s department “play-to-pay” casting couch in order to graduate, but alas, for only a C-average. She had no promise.

There’s nothing lonelier, or more angry, than a Women’s Studies graduate with a C-average and no sponsorship for grad school or a decent job in the growing “women’s system.” at colleges. I know they’re out there.

But what might have begun as the kind of ‘power rape’ employed by powerful studio execs like Harvey Weinstein, in many cases these kindled many lifestyle choices for 20-something young women, if their profs liked them. So many were OK with the change of direction., and it turned out to be very clubsy.

By the 1990s it was accepted that powerful women in the board rooms and the political classes in DC and around the country made play-for-pay a sine qua non of being promoted, adding a whole new dimension to that awful front office term, “kissing up”.

So, today, in Hillary’s Washington, women’s golf and professional basketball, among others, it’s understood that many or most of the players are lesbian, and it’s the non-lesbians who have to try to get along.

So, in the “everyone knew about Harvey, Kevin and Rock” category of secrets hidden in plain view, it should some as no surprise that the conditions of employment for powerful women in Congress and government often comes at a price as well.

But since Kevin Spacey was just ruined on a 30-year old drunk-and-hump rap against a 14-year old boy, I wonder where are the closet victims of lesbian play-for-pay, also from 30 years ago? Will be ever see any victims step forward?

Since the Left has more or less isolated “coercion or force” as the sole criteria for their sexual predation outrage, I’m sure there are a few ladies out there who still feel the burn of being forced to make that hard choice, or, instead, perhaps having to drop the course, accept a C or less, for having refused to make it. Hollywood has always been full of women who said “no” only no one knows who they were, which defeats the purpose for them being there in the first place. Get it?

Bottom line, American lesbianism has become so sordid because it had become so intertwined with what the Left says it hates most about Harvey Weinstein and his power-uses of the casting couch.

There was a great sadness in this…

…for in most of the world their men are pigs. I can speak directly to Chinese, Japanese, and Middle Easterners with first hand accounts. For centuries, if women sought tenderness and sweet words they found it in other women, not their men. I’m told this is not sexual in the way you might imagine it. In brief, it is not promiscuous. Europeans created their own cultural sex stagecraft, only not associated with marriage, which was mostly about money, property and having sons. Italians and French are the most memorable, both for sweet words, but also quick hands. My first wife recalled, as a summer school student in Italy in 1967, the many times and varied circumstances her butt had been pinched on the streets of Rome, fun stories then but a major crime these days. But I doubt if Europe’s romantic mating manners and mores were ever all that remarkable. All the royals of Europe had their every whim attended to by a bevy of chambermaids, from bathing, massaging, to grooming, to zit-popping, a duty I’ve always been told Huma Abadin was especially adept at carrying out. But commoners could not enjoy such comforts.

Thanks largely to Shakespeare, the English developed a tastes for actual romantic love, only it was unable to thrive in a society so divided by class. Seriously, what woman could love a lord of the manor named Dickie, and who was raised by a nanny…except for his title?

Therefore, because of our more humble origins, it seems only natural that Americans would be the ones to merge romantic love into the building of a House and family, and then, through a free market commerce at one time unique to Americans, to be able to inject love and romance into the courtship of the popular culture via music, film, radio, and every known recording device known to man. Only in America and England did people read fiction for the express purpose of feeling all warm and fuzzy.

So why American lesbianism chose to inject power and promiscuity and power instead of romance into congenial relationships is a mystery to me. Male dominance of women worldwide probably runs in the 80% range, with varying degrees of heavy hands involved. In America, into the period when people began putting a nickel in the juke box, or watching 2-reelers at the theater, probably as many as 50% of Americans men fell into that same category, but at the lower end of society, as we were immigrating them as quickly as they could get here. While Harvey Weinstein probably represented 20%-30% of the male culture of Hollywood and Manhattan executive America, I doubt his type reflected even 5% in America at large. Likewise for gays. Spacey and his kind easily make up 10%-20% of the male population of the entire entertainment industry, but still, likely less than 3% of the general population, despite the best efforts of the education system. Hollywood and executive power centers in America are natural draws for the type, but really nowhere else.

Maybe it’s only natural that the promiscuity of power is something to be sought after and emulated. But history tells us that it is always decadent, and self-destructive.

But the Amazon hordes and their geldings are abroad in the land now.

I wish a few victims would step forward and drop that other shoe, just so we can have a full discussion about the true nature of sexual predation.



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