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Killing Rosebushes, How Things Work in Nature by St George Frederick

An old pal, I’d been holding onto this for several years, hoping St George (that’s really his name) would add more to this thought.

I invite you to do, as the time is nigh.

Killing Rosebushes” by St George Frederick

“Killing Rosebushes” is a euphemism for a type of citizen action against repressive government at the local level. It runs from the gamut, from sending warning shots across individual members of local, state, and federal government, when known, to full-blown “resistance”.

At the one end of the government misconduct spectrum, its main purpose is to send a signal to government actors that they are known to be doing bad things, misconduct ranging from “criminally illegal” to merely abuses of the station as public servants.

The purpose is simple; to make them cease and desist; make them stop, and to introduce an element of fear of pain into the consequences of their actions. Pain and the threat of pain is but one remedy. Public notice another.

All this can be accomplished simply by doing everything “in the dark”, leaving no trace of just who it is that “killed their rosebushes”, or who left that “cause-and-effect” notice in their mailbox or left under the wiper blade on their car.

Certain rules apply, and certain safeguards need to part of the Killing Rosebush contract as we don’t want to expand this into felonies, although ever mindful of the ancient license that had had been renewed when a Wisconsin court agreed that the young man Kyle Rittenhouse did not commit murder by killing two men who clearly appeared to be trying to take his.

If you’d like to expand this into a thread, I invite you to do so. I have some friends I’d like to invite to join in, and a few who don’t like me, as well. It would be nice to hear what “Lil Davie Hogg” has to say on this matter.

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