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Natural law versus natural choices gone wrong

Part I:

When facts hurt.

On August 23, 2020 Kenosha, Wisconsin police shot and wounded Jacob Blake while attempting to arrest him. A riot ensued staged by Black Lives Matter.

Two days later, Kyle Rittenhoue, a 17-year old teenager drove from his home in Illinois to join a group of friends  to defend property, car rental lots, owned by an Arab friend (shown here), who had no connection with Jacob Blake in any way.

On that fateful night, while being chased by three (3) men…acting individually or in unison no one will say…Kyle shot and killed two of the men giving chase, while wounding a third.

And of course, in November, 2021, Kyle was tried in for murder, and acquitted on all counts.

So, has anyone asked why there have been no more riots such as the one that caused Kyle Rittenhouse to shoot and kill two of the three assailants that attacked him on the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin?

Certain natural laws apply, not only to the verdict, but also to the natural law reasons those kinds of riots have been halted, at least temporarily.

Let me go over a few facts, real facts, that were never mentioned in the news stories leading up to the shooting on Aug 23, 2020, and the riots that began the next day.

1) Police were attempting to arrest Blake for violating a restraining order stemming from an alleged sexual assault, 2) Jacob Blake was armed and did make a move on his knife when police tried to arrest him. 3) Jacob Blake did not die. But Rittenhouse’s Arab-friend’s business, just as many other street-level businesses in Kenosha, was a direct target of the rioters, some of whom, unlike Rittenhouse and his friends, were directed by third parties. (The media has never linked the three who attacked Kyle to each other, but rather described them as random and unaffiliated, as NPR suggested the day the verdict was read.

Can any one make a logical connection?

That was three years ago, with the Nov 2021 trial acquitting Rittenhouse of all charges, 15 months later.

Also, the police officer who shot Jacob Blake was not charged, nor removed from his job.

The orchestrators of the Kenosha riots, supposedly BLM (Black Lives Matter) were never charged over any of the damages done in Kenosha. (They never seem to be, FYI, nor does it cross the media’s mind to ask, going back to the days of the Occupy Movement going back to Obama’s first term.

Almost nothing, from the way private groups like ANTIFA and BLM managed their riots…were spontaneous in the first place. The failure of the media to create a climate of guilt around this high school kid from Illinois, or their failure to create a climate of guilt among the jurors inflamed anger nationally among the Left, only the national media failed spectacularly in changing the general mood of this local Wisconsin community that produced the jury, leaving their county court system and county prosecutors without any leverage to make this a “national offense” over racially-based attempted murder.

A spectaculor prosecutorial flop. The jury unanimously concluded that Rittenhouse’s action were justified, and a strong message was sent all across the United States that under these kinds of circumstances, this would be a likely outcome in future shootouts.

There would be no political advantage to be gained.

Lessons learned?

Under such circumstances deep pocket riot-influencers would be wise to select future riot-venues that are almost exclusively under control of federal authorities, or at least left-wing police and court authorities, such as New York, Chicago and maybe even the District of Columbia or Portland. Kenosha simply was a bad choice for a paid-riot. It would have been better to have a few banners with a marching band and sober music.

Fake spontaneity didn’t work. And in the long run, even the fill-in Jan6 Capitol “insurrection” won’t become a fait accompli until all the cases have been appealed and final gavels dropped, which will probably then render only a few successful felony guilty verdicts. (I think the planning about the Jan6 strategy was that our voting system will have been so maimed and damaged there will be little “the people” could do to undo the political damage in 2024….which remains to be seen.)

Most riots since Donald Trump assumed office had been staged, orchestrated spectacles, beginning with the Charlottesville Lee-Statute riots, in 2017, serving up one criminal death, and they have melded into a template of kabuki action-figures belonging to Black Lives Matter and Antifa, squaring off with any number of lesser known, but purported-to-be-violent right wing mobs of unknown origin, with little real histories.

Kyle Rittenhouse caused a re-writing of that script, leaving us with one sound fact: Defenders of private property as in Kenosha are almost always unpaid volunteers. Kyle Rittenhouse and his crew weren’t paid, maybe not even their gas money, while…BLM “soldiers” are paid, of “funded” as they say in field. (Just like the air-conditioned buses that transport them to a downtown location, from a gathering site a few miles away, we know that both BLM and Antifa are well supported logistically. (And we do know that the three who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse were armed, only NPR reported that they were each acting randomly.). (

Film suggests otherwise.

The Natural Law takeaway: It remains to be seen whether a “paid” mercenary force, which failed miserably in the Kenosha “fire fight”, can ever overcome volunteer combatants from the other side, fighting for a higher cause. P J O’Rourke, when a young liberal, had volunteered for anti-Vietnam War causes in the 1960s, he mentioned they were rewarded with flophouse room-and-board, beer and possibly marijuana with the possibility of sex with female anti-war activists, (depending on looks, I assume…as was the standard pick-up criteria at any local gin mill near my campus.) PJ was from my generation, including college background, and there was a standard axiom that “they always looked better around closing time.”

The chances of free highs or free sex would have mattered little had they been forewarned they may be shot. “Pay” does not natural infer a regular bath or shave, or even a regular bedroom with a poster of Raquel Welch from “One Million Years, B.C.” hanging on a wall. They were there for the thrill and the memories.

With that in mind, below I’ve included some police photos of those arrested in the Portland area during their many confrontations with police during the Trump years. It’s hard to tell them apart from the people camped out along the streets of almost every major American city the past 10-15 years nowadays. The NPR “biographies” do not mention education, family connection (divorced homes), family economic status or social rank; lawyer, school teacher, blue collar worker worker or idle rich-kid layabout…(a lot of affluent kids are unemployed, I know, I’ve represented them), but drug use does appear to play a part. As does the “thrill sport” aspect. As does the absence of Sabbath habits with the family.

Nothing about a mug shot and an overnight stay in the clinker before meeting the judge next was a deterrent to their street fun.


Virtually every American city now has homeless camps, much as was seen during the Great Depression. Many have lost their jobs due to a list of reasons; drugs, bad behavior, even spoiled indifference.

What is not to be forgotten is that media wants to view these spoiled layabouts thru the same prism as you might a neglected veteran. Yes, there are veterans from the Middle East wars, (2002-2017) who simply fell off the veteran assistance wagon. My Vietnam generation are still visiting the VA, but a few of us also fell thru the cracks there. One of my best buds, his father the town police chief, was drafted and served his 12-months in Saigon as a clerk. He never heard a shot fired in anger. But Saigon was the best drug-stop for anybody looking for a fix, and “he never entirely came home”, his brother told me at a high school football reunion in 2000. (Rest in peace, Freddie.)

Part II: “At both ends of the economic spectrum, there is a leisure class.”

No one is sure who first made this comment, but most I’ve read carry a Marxian analytical twist, suggesting there is indeed a greater turn at the upper levels of income. The “nature” versus “nurture” argument was most often directed toward choices made of a sexual nature, as in choosing gay over straight. In truth, the post-war spoiled child, beginning with the Baby Boomers, (1946-1964), were taught what to expect when entering the “valley of the shadow of death”, as my mother used to warn, so when we made it through, usually after marriage, and a child or two, we were back on the straight and narrow, with a list of memories and warnings to pass onto our own children.

That was the “law of generations” as it was known as we eased into Generation X. That generation is now in their 50’s, and their children in their 30s…only they know less is about the Valley of the Shadow, and the lessons that guided their family line through it through it, and even less is known about the “Doctrine of Liberty” that got us this far in the first place. And we are besieged by two generations that know almost nothing about this place, or this time, or their natural place in it, and if we are to survive.

Their personal aggrandizement is all they care about.

Thanks to the rise of Antifa in the Portland area we’ve been treated to a gallery of faces that were busted by Portland and Multnomah Couny police. (We do not know their names, or the nature of the arrests, or their case dispositions, but police there have given us some basis for comparisons…only no one seems to have undertaken a statistical study…male/female, age range, income/employment status). Can anyone guess as to the average annual income of these kids’ families?


I was just sent a video of a young 16-17 yr old girl whose father had had enough, and ordered his unruly daughter to leave his car. When she refused, he called the police.

Watch, study the behavior.

Insane daughter refuses to get out of her father’s car and gets arrested
byu/lordhazzard invideos

You should watch this all the way through because this little lady is very reminiscent of Hillary Rodham, before she became a Clinton…only her father (who died during Bill’s first term) never shut her down as this little lady father just did, maybe saving her…if treatment is made available. And mandatory.

(I did a 4-part series in 2020 on this subject, exploring various avenues. This Part IV of that series connects to the whole set.)

But today we have two generations to watch how morally empty parenting has worked out so far for the Left, going back to When the Old Left Was Young, taken from a 1993 saga of Student radicals and America’s first mass student movement, 1929-1941, by Prof Robert Cohen…believing he is imparting a rich and noble history of the collapse of an entire moral culture. (I discuss this book in a future chapter of this them.)

I suggest you find and read this book. (With events since 1993, and lesson of the Clintons and Obamas, and now Bidens, Prof Cohen may have to eat a lot of his words. I plan to do a separate piece later, as the law of generations about the wealthy seeking power in any century, is one of utter destruction, going back to King John Lackland, notwithstanding he eventually signed the Magna Carta in 1215…(with a gun to his head.)

Nature simply will not permit what the Left wants to achieve on the backs of their rich bratlings. Prof Cohen does get his history chain-of-events correct, all that is left for him to do is have a soul-searching with himself and decide if what his celebration in 1993 was in fact a Good Thing. Much has transpired in 30 years, as the snot-nosed wealthy class had almost doubled, and the church-going, God-fearing class has diminished by about a third.

We know how many have ended up, but each of you can come up with some names:

Think of Nancy Pelosi (a Baltimore debutante before marrying), Hillary Clinton, lamp-thrower supreme, Whitewater architect, still unindicted, Christine Blasey-Ford, (Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser of teenage rape in the 1980s in Baltimore, and typical affluent “Valley Girl” of GenX, (1965), a card carrying Sisterhood member who dropped everything to step forward to lie under oath about a teen rape by Kavanaugh as if someone had showed her a Queen of Diamonds, while a faculty member at Stanford, or Cindy Sheehan, a divorced, mother who stalked and chastised George W Bush because her son, who had embarrassed her among her California coffee-klatch by volunteering for military duty after 9/11, had died in Iraq.

These are not outliers, folks, and yes, a remarkable number of them are women.

Self-entitlement and teat-fittery galore, Washington is filled with them, especially lawyers and elected officials, the perfect models for modern wannabes who can create nothing but manage everything into oblivion.

It does seem that tantrum-throwing (teat-fittery, as I call it) belongs to the whole economic range of human existence, but in a society where divorce has magnified the alienation between so many families and their religious roots in America I’d say we are all in deep jeopardy.

Keep watching



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