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The Master Plan for America’s Mental Breakdown, Part IV

Having presented Parts I, II and III, I think we’ve established the reality of this “insanity” and that it is the mental disorder of cognitive dissonance…only it has been intentionally injected into America’s youth, a work in progress for at least 40 years, specifically targeting that part of America’s socio-economic culture, the new-rich, who are the least satisfied with the original social contract on 1787 between wealth and middle/working class.

And it is generational.

The latest poll, which was in 2001, almost a full generation ago, found that only 56% of Americans could trace their heritage in America back three generations, which used to be the de facto standard for becoming American. (I’ve written on this subject often, this piece in 2017 , “To Be American” probably the best overview.) That means that before Obama and his open door policies, beginning 2008, 44% of American citizens were finding jobs or building professional careers (if possessing H-1B educational status), with absolutely no social incentive to understand what the “American design” was all about.

It would be safe to say that number would be closer to half by now. And while it was the national policy of the United States through the first half of the 20th Century, up to World War II, to have a rigorous program of assimilation for those millions who had immigrated here, mostly from eastern and southern Europe, since the 1890s, even halting immigration completely for about 30 years to allow this process to take seed.

Today, as the 1984 KGB report (below) attests, today we don’t even have a working national education plan to turn our native-born children, whether their families arrived here in 1988, 1888,1788, or 1688 into Americans, much less more recent arrivals these past 30 years! 

Of course, the problem on America’s front burner today is what to do about those many thousands who have crossed the line from just being little snarky-assed spoiled brats to becoming real criminals, with the potential for becoming serious felons, seeing as how they have yet to feel the sting of Dad’s or Mom’s hand or Sister Angela’s flat ruler across their backside. And maybe even a Sunday School lesson or two about right and wrong, and still other punishments, both earthly and heavenly that await should they not take those lessons to heart…

…all ostensibly with the purpose of passing those lessons onto their own next generation.

With this new wealth class, that buck stopped quickly.

Much worse, beginning when I can’t be sure, but the 1980s I’d guess, those children were denied the ability to know, when teaching and knowing are still so important in a young person’s development. about just how unique the country they were born in actually is, compared to all the others, and how very very fortunate they are to be in it.

I hadn’t seen this 1984 interview with the KGB defector, when I wrote this series, but had been in the USSR at the time of their Fall (1991-92), so know first hand much of what he said to be true. He was speaking about  the America in the Reagan years, as we were culturally slipping into the abyss. He had no notion that 911 and Barack Obama would cause a “great awakening” once again in America (which Russians have no historical measure with which to compare) thus postponing what he thought was an inevitability 36 years ago.

You’ll also find Malcolm X’s comments from the 1960s instructive and informative.



Below: to add history to this KGB report and the warning by Malcolm X, I’ve listed how this type of “insanity” has been around for a century now, and almost always from the same niche of society, and psychologically for largely the same reasons.

Historical Commonalities:

Neil Diamond penned “The Pot Smokers Song” in 1970 to point out the role of marijuana as a gateway drug to the harder stuff. But listen to the stories of New York kids tell about their “family and social” reasons for trying dope and you’ll see a broader picture. They reveal perceptions in their own culture, which, even in the 70s, represented no more than 30% of America’s (mostly urban) population.


And as I said, it’s been that way for 100 years, not 50. What has changed is that the children are no longer made to stop. There are no longer social trip wires. and now it appears legal barriers are also dropping to the side. Parents don’t make them stop because at least one of them was likely just like them, while the other, as often as not, is absent. And politicians don’t make them stop because there is something to be gained by allowing them to destroy.

As their numbers go up, their general character goes down, for they seem to get away with just about everything.

Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb were both wealthy students at the University of Chicago in 1924. Just for kicks they murdered a 14-year old boy in order to prove they could do it without getting caught, “because of their intellectual superiority”. The perfect crime, they thought. Still, the less-smart Chicago detectives caught them in very short order. It was called the “Crime  of the Century” and as expected was a media-hyped mega-event. Public opinion was split 80-20 right down class lines, or “almost evenly”, if CNN were covering it. But public opinion largely wanted them hung, so Clarence Darrow was hired to run the defense team, not to get them acquitted, mind you, not even to put forth an insanity defense. But to avoid the death penalty…which he did admirably. The case itself was open and shut, so, both got life, only Loeb was killed by another prisoner in 1936. Leopold made it to parole in 1958, and actually reformed, with the help of a church group (now there’s a quaint idea) which proves he did some soul searching those 34 years, and spent the rest of his life doing good works, dying in 1971.

Note: Natural law was still in charge on this kind of rupture in our social design in the 1920’s, and worked as our system designed it. The threat was removed from the gene pool. And even atheists would have to agree that a kind of redemption of a purely personal nature occurred.

For our purposes today, you might also pause and wonder what the first conversation these boys had with their respective fathers might have gone like, in jail, both boys fully expecting that Dad would have them back home for dinner. Then Boom! What kind of shock waves went through their minds when they realized they’d dug a hole even Dad’s influence couldn’t pull them out of?

Murder or shop-lifting, the rule is the same: the certainty of punishment is the best deterrent. And of course, it’s better learned beforehand, and not while sitting in the courtroom in cuffs.

Class crimes- Since the class of these types of criminals have never changed since 1920 these really are “class crimes”, and leave the distinctive fingerprint of privilege, whether murder, rape, petty shoplifting (more common than you know around campuses) or destruction of property in the name of an imprinted cause.

They are made with the full expectation that there will be no real price to pay (that daddy or mommy can’t cover) for having committed it. (My “sanitarium boarding school” plan, Part III, above, is designed to disabuse them of this notion. It is the simplest thing to imprint into a child that, “no matter how wealthy and powerful Dad is, there are certain things, if I do them, he cannot get me out of.” Lucky is the child who is taught this at home, but among the wealthy, alas, they likely must learn it elsewhere.)

Social norms have let this get out of hand more than law enforcement, for as we know, in blue cities and blue states, the blue society, largely writes the rules of their own exemptions.

This is the insanity…

….which I’m trying to point out here is of a kind that can become especially explosive when two or more of these people meet, and then someone or some things triggers them. Much of what they do may be drug-induced, but also be the drug itself. (see Neil Diamond, above.) But like going to an opium den, it’s clear they went to that place with the foreknowledge those triggers would be there. And just to be sure, should the innocent triggers not show up, modern day handlers (“Comprachicos”) can provide them, as the mayhem and death at Charlottesville, VA in 2017 proved.

But at its heart is the “ability”, if that’s what it’s called, of the participants to work themselves into a froth, which, with a group of like-minded teat-fit throwers, can last for several hours. It all begins with that trigger, and then suddenly they are all speaking in tongues, reciting repetitions committed to memory, almost oblivious to the actual world around them. A kind of mass hypnosis or hysteria envelops them.

And while portrayed as harmless, or just aggravating, spoiled rotten kids, when joined with other spoiled rotten kids in politically driven venues, can be quite another thing. Truman Capote established convincingly, (In Cold Blood, 1966) that two ordinary men who killed four people in Kansas in an especially brutal manner, but who would both be declared “sane” by psychiatric examiners (when examined individually), together could become something else entirely, and in Capote’s mind, together they were insane. They were both hung anyway in 1965.

If there was any redemption it was known only to God, and maybe Capote, but the broader community was destroyed…that small farm community in Kansas was devastated forever, the “chaos replacing neighborliness.” Had the killers been found insane and avoided hanging the condition of that little community in Kansas would have still been devastated.

This is what we must prevent.

Yes, I know Portland, Seattle etc voters have brought this on themselves, but the planners and handlers behind these street wars know that even one foray into a single suburb or peaceful rural county can upset the entire idea of reciprocity and “love they neighbor” of that community, which is the anchor and foundation of this Republic and our Constitution.

So, when you see white female haranguers stand in front of police and do their “scolds-in-unison”, while other males may be harassing cars, or trying to force a wedge against a monument, all of these are crimes also in unison. They are designed to complement one another.

Today, out of an over-abundance of caution, police only try to deter these. Thus, the actual crime of the “attempt to commit a crime” is no longer bothered with. But when citizens at home see this they just shake their heads. These images are demoralizing, just like Kansas, and this is what the Comprachicos seek in their victory.

There are many sorts of things even middle-aged people have seen police do in the past to clear an area, from water cannon, to SKUNK (my favorite), to just a massive police rush, not just to move them back, but with the clear military objective of rounding them up and hauling them off.

The people with memories just scratch their heads,

Why police don’t do those things anymore is that 1) their hands are tied by their front office and city hall and 2) the absolute beating police take in the media, which began at Ferguson, Missouri in 2014 when a young white police officer shot and killed a black kid who had tried to take his gun and was charging him. What followed  was based on an opportunistic lie perpetrated by behind-the-scenes planners and the media. Black Lives Matter was born that day, and though cleared of all charges, “a righteous kill” police used to call it, that young police officer and his family had to move away from town and start over.

As we see over and over, even when a killing is involved, that the kid who was dressed like Lucifer-with-a-scraggly beard when he took that bicycle chain to that 70-year old veteran in a wheelchair, he comes into court in a snappy business suit and sits next to his lawyer, well groomed and shaven, just as erect as you’d expect in the front pew of a church on Sunday morning. I’ve seen juries moving their heads back and forth from the witness to the defendant just trying to connect the vile things the witness is saying about that nice looking boy over at the defendant’s table.

Don’t believe me? Just reach back and picture Christine Blasey-Ford, 52 years old today, a clinical psychologist at Stanford, who, as a college freshman said she had crashed a beer bash and was then raped by Bret Kavanaugh, who was a year ahead of her. Facts discovered about her but never highlighted by the main stream media is that she was a raucous under-age drinker and frequent bed-hopper, which society came to know in the 80s as a “Valley Girl” type: affluent, amoral, materialistic and vain. My sons were of that generation, but I paid no attention to that generation’s interest in “Valley Girl” themed films, but since Kavanaugh have begun watching them, as a type. They’re a good study as to how distant, affluent upper-middle class parenting was perceived by Hollywood in that era, largely permissive and amoral…but also largely aimed at the youth. Cultural advertisements, not warnings.

Also note, when Blasey-Ford made her charges, the lock-step nature of how thousands of women stepped forward to bolster her charge, in the name of one of those Sisterhood’s battle cries, #MeToo. and then later slinked away, silent and unrepentant, once Blasey-Ford’s story was proved false. No worry, their work was done.

Moving back in time, the Columbine High School shootings, where 13 were murdered, in a similar upscale school in Colorado in 1999, highlighted similar other parenting practices. It was a mass murder involving just two male students who basically were allowed to create and live in their own separate world inside their homes. But their killing spree rattled that privileged culture so much that President Bill Clinton felt compelled to fly out there to offer absolution to the entire community of parents.

Then came a similar event in Parkland, Florida 20 years later, in 2018 at another upscale affluent high school where 19 school kids were murdered. The fault here wasn’t indifferent parenting this time, but guns, with little attention paid to the way some in-clique students were enabled to mistreat outsiders (called “hazing” in my day) who didn’t “clique” in. This shooting is also notable because of the media turning into heroes two very noxious types, the “Shrill Antifa” (David Hogg) and the “Scolding Bitch” (Emma Gonzalez) who taunted and baited Nikolas Cruz, the shooter, (still awaiting trial), and who may bear as much responsibility for the killings as did Cruz.

Doing the numbers:

As Dr Fauci suggests, you can run the numbers, then do a forecast of just how many in any given number of constitutionally-protected protesters, 100, or 1000, 10,000, will likely turn toward “insane behavior” once you unleash this cruel “clique-virus”.  Let’s say 10%. So if 500 show up to sing and dance around the statue of Robert E Lee on Monument Avenue until curfew, (which is legally set by the Mayor of Richmond) we can expect 50 to refuse to leave and hang around afterwards, and then commit mayhem.

But only five are arrested, and then their cases sink into the media abyss: Actual charges? Bail? Pleas and pre-trial deals? No-shows? Common for out-of-state arrestees? Trial dates set?

Who’s keeping tabs and keeping score of the blue cities’ actual follow through?

Remember: Antifa, BLM, white college kids, street gangs and looters: the One Ring that binds them all is not a search for Justice. It’s a sense of Immunity, and that that Cellphone Ring.

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