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Dealing with Public Insanity as if Our Lives Depended on It

I have a theory that is well-grounded in both fact and law. It just requires all the pieces being put together which is above my pay grade.

So, first, watch this 1:37 video of BLM kids taking over a Target Store in a black neighborhood in some city; and follow my brief analysis.


First, get past the outrage, which is as far as a lot of you seem to want to go.

Next, look at this clinically, i.e, who these small-time criminals are psychologically. (Yes, I know these are criminal acts, rather serious ones, in fact, but most parts of government no longer see them this way. Nor does the media. And if this persists through election day, and we win again, as we likely will, this may just become the new normal until an even louder explosion puts an end to it. )

Then look at it militarily; tactically and strategically.

I offer two (2) optional scenarios to how this scene might have played out just a few years ago, and it might play in the very near future. Compare.

In Scene One, imagine the Target store manager comes out and politely asks these people…how many, 30-40?…to leave. And they come back with a “Get screwed, old man, we’re here to save you.” Or somesuch. Then imagine the manager walks over to the double entrance-exits doors and locks them, nodding to his crew to lock other doors to the backroom. Coming back to the crowd, he says “Now you can’t leave.”

Ok, you saw that scene from Sonny’s Bar, (“A Bronx Tale”1993) too. A good sociological study on several counts, not to mention a crowd-pleaser. Audiences still cheer. It put a somewhat different take in good vs bad, and right vs wrong. Then, military, ask yourself this: what kind of military leader either sends in or personally leads his troops into a combat zone on bluff alone, where they might easily be surrounded and have the crap kicked out of them?

How many guys from the back dock, with heavy metal sticks, would it take to subdue this crowd of haranguers and drag them out by their ankles? Moreover what assumptions did the military genius who designed this tactic make to send these brats into what could end up with a really serious ass whooping? That leader must either be incredibly stupid, or, entirely indifferent to the beat down his troops may have inflicted on themselves. Or maybe playing from a stacked deck.

But that’s the view from management. From the front lines, what sort of psyched-out kids collectively volunteer to be the guinea pigs here, also on the assumption that nothing can go wrong in this criminal operation, when in truth almost everything can?

And what happens to their eagerness and enthusiams, their elan, should the snake finally reach up and bite them? Will they volunteer to try again once their wounds heal? Demand more money? Or, since many are just starry-eyed, self-loving haranguers, will they just find something safer to do on the weekends.

By way of analysis, if you think this type of innocence is new, just look at the ill-fated Children’s Crusade of 1212, where a teenager in Germany, because of a vision he claims to have had with Jesus, was able to round up as many as 30,000 other kids to march on the Holy Land, which had been taken back by the Muslims under Saladin in 1187. Of course you can’t walk, march or even ride from Europe to the Holy Land, you have to have ships, so the throng ended up in Italy where people there had ships, only for a price. Living off of donations in food in clothes for hundreds of mile these kids thought good intentions would also get them across the Mediterranean to the Holy Land. Well, the Italian shippers, being Italian, did find people across the Med who would pay their fare, so to speak, only they were in Tunisia. So a large number of those children were eventually sent into Arab slavery. Not funny, but true.

Unlike those naifs of the 13th Century, modern Comprachico’s in America have a track record of about 100 years that indicates they largely work inside just one sector of society; the wealthy, where their children share certain (very malleable) traits. I suggest you read Ayn Rand’s essay for clinical background.

(I detail this pedigree a little later on, but 4000 words plus is a hard swallow in one gulp, so I’ve broken it into two pieces.)

Today, just by watching short videos, you can see why the Comprachico-Left has to choose its battlefields based on several pre-conditions: a local government that is general sympathetic with their political objectives, and which benefits politically from their “marketing victories”, also police who will stand aside at least on property crimes, (because their jobs depend on it), and third, the ease by which this cannon fodder can be recruited, and the incredible size of the pool to draw them from. They are almost eager to join, as they had been raised in Comprachico-friendly households and school systems not just for years, but generations.

Looking over our shoulders with a backward glance, which people of my generation can do without the guidance of Google, we can clearly identify a social process going back at least to the 1960s, that seems to have encouraged this group’s growth, and over the years, seems to have imbedded in their worldview that they will be immune to serious punishment for certain kinds of behavior, even criminal, which still apply to other parts of society. (That’s called “special treatment.”)

(Since this initial outline will seem overly long to the traditional reader who grows weary of reading and non-fiction over 1000 words, excluding Brian Nelson spy-thrillers…he was my son’s roommate in college, I’ll add a follow-up in a few days.)

My purpose here is how to deal with the “cannon fodder” who we see here in this Target film as “haranguers”, and “screechers”, just one of their many roles they play in moving the Comprachicos’ agenda forward.

They work both solo and in choral unison, are generally given a free pass because they rarely break things or set them on fire, although they regularly ignore police orders…without penalty. (Even Dr Spock warned parents about this.) And if you’ve noted their energy…yelling is actually hard work, especially when screaming “vain repetitions” aver and over again, they’re usually only good for a limited time. But they also feed on each other’s energy, so can make just a few minutes seem like Holst’s entire symphony of the Planets.

And visually, they often provide the body of an event; it’s size, it’s noise, both of which are often diversions, even cover, for more felonious things going on. Their bicycle-chain swinging teammates, Antifa and BLM, operating in teams of four or so, often carry out their feats of valor inside the protective shield of dozens of these screaming banshees making a lot of noise, while never carrying anything more than a placard.

Numbering in the thousands, with at least 1000 reachable within any 100 mile radius of an urban center, they can form up on short notice, even when school isn’t in session.

They all participate under the assumption that nothing really serious will ever happen to them. And by “serious” I mean in terms of pain, injury, or any sort of criminal arrest that will greatly affect the way they live their lives 2-3 days hence.

From the days of Occupy Movement in 2011, itself a Comprachico- design to create an image of an organic grass roots movement (which by elites, is sociologically impossible) to mirror the success of the Tea Party movement which took back the House in 2010, part of the Teat-Fit Brigades’ training was to expect, and therefore know how to deal with a simple arrest: the phone call and overnight stay in jail. Like an insult from an hourly wage truck driver, once preconditioned, they know to expect it, and it becomes a merit badge instead of a scarlet letter. They love being called names by the likes of you.

(This is why I have recommended Skunk as an unexpected “painless” deterrent since it doesn’t hurt, can’t be washed off, and won’t wear off for three days, thus requiring self-isolation, which in turn may provide a little time to reflect on whether they want to go back next week.)

So, now, with all this in mind, Consider Option #2 of this visit by BLM activists to Target, who you’ll note, aren’t tearing up the store, but just doing a choral preach-in. In their minds they are not breaking any law. And short a nun teaching grade schoolers in the Bronx, you can’t find a more delicious brew of moral rectitude and intellectual superiority to be able to dish out to a captive audience of gutter-trash you’re foresworn in your own minds to save…despite themselves.

Change just one thing in the scenario above. Instead of the store manager locking the doors, imagine it’s the police, or more likely in blue cities, federal agents, who lock the place up, and come storming in.

But instead of hauling these kids off to the precinct to be booked, instead imagine them being whisked away to a holding facility (designed by Joe Arapaio) where they surrender everything, including their phones, and are processed one-by-one, especially about necessities such as current meds they may be taking (don’t be surprised if you see some lists as long as your arm), next of kin, do the standard police inventory of property and give them a copy. Then provide a special jump suit, (also designed by Sheriff Joe) and then run them through a medical/psychiatric panel and inform them they have committed a list of real crimes, which leads the government to believe they may have some mental issues, and that under Order Such-and-Such they will be held for up to 30 days for observation.

(Again, this video invasion of Target, was a crime. Since every protest march must have a permit issued by local government, anyone who goes beyond the four corners of that permit, from start-time-to-finish-time, inside boundaries, and (until Covid) even the wearing of masks, etc, all of these violations are also crimes, worthy of detainment, citation or arrest.)

Police never really bother with these misdemeanors any longer…for several reasons, some of them logistical… but while they may be the less destructive, they are far and way the more psychopathic.

From here on in, the devil is in the details…which is above my pay grade, but there are some serious mental health issues that I believe should be attended to by our government only outside the traditional prosecutorial-court system.

Terrorists caught with the goods don’t have civil rights, and neither should psychotics, if all we’re going to do is watch them for a few days, and take notes,

I’m approaching this as national mental health issue, and cannot justify spending tens of thousands of dollar in legal fees, (which virtually every parent would willingly pay, just to protect the family name) over what amounts to $500 misdemeanors and can likely be CURED simply by sending the brat to their room without dinner, only for up to 30 days instead a year at Rikers.

There should be a way to make this happen, Mr President, Sen Cruz, Congressman Jordan.

GITMO them, only not in Cuba, but a GITMO-for-Pre-schoolers” inside CONUS, And if GITMO’s jurisdictional legal cover is that it is not in the US, get Costa Rica to lease you an island. Maybe some Jurassic Park property.

Just consider what can be done, and in a relatively short period of time.

My theory is to treat them the same as we treat terrorists, with the same legal cover.  The Bush Administration managed to forge GITMO into a deterrent for taking terrorists off the streets in an expeditious way without flooding our jails or courts, while also allowing normalcy to return to America even as the War on Terror, and the terrorist war on America continues. GITMO plays a major role in allowing us to sleep better.

I think Americans will take just as kindly to not having to see daily reports of rabid children behaving badly and nothing being done about it. We are not far away from this becoming the “new normal” and their Comprachicos know this. It is one the major cards they think they can play toward their end game.

So this is no small matter.

(I see that I crossed the 2000 word mark, so some of you have already fallen asleep, but I do have some background insights into the treatment of psychopaths inside a facility based on the work of a law professor-psychiatrist named John Batt, who died in 2009. I knew John in law school and worked with him and another on a fuel project in sub-Saharan Africa in the 80s. I also had crafted a short history, 100 years, of the rise of this “insanity” among the wealthy class, which you might find interesting.

(With those things pending for a few days, please consider who might find this suggestion interesting and please pass it on to those people.

As always, I’m not in this for the money, but here’s how to contact me;

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