This is Part II, a Tactical overview of a suggestion I posed here on June 29. “Dealing With Public Insanity as if Our Lives Depended on it”

To be at this point, you’ve at least gleaned over the principal points I laid out in the first part of this analysis. As I said in the beginning, there is only one person who can take on this proposal nationally, while several more governors could try it. Since those governors would also likely be the biggest political causes of this problem to survive in their states in the first place, I don’t see this as being something we should hold our breath waiting to see. Whatever solutions that will work their way to those cities and states will have to come from the outside.

Top to bottom, the “comprachico” state of mind as outlined in Part I is political, military, and cultural (behavioral), each with underlying assumptions I don’t think most people are interested in looking into very deeply, as discussed by me in another context as early as Jan, 2015. Nor does the problem at hand, dealing with public displays of “temporary insanity” really require it. As I explain in Part III, within a couple of day, this really in simple.

You just need to know that should this sort of public behavior become the new normal, and we are edging closer to it, at an accelerating speed, many of those underlying assumptions we don’t think about will come to the fore more rudely and crudely. We may soon find ourselves having to defend our self-evident assumptions (truths) at our front stoop.

It’s better to fix this now, and let the historians, philosophers and God sort is out. This is but the first of many battles in this new war for Man’s mind and soul. It will likely take a generation to sort this out, which is why our first five presidents were all veterans of the original 1786 Convention.

But just for giggles let’s say the governor of red state Arkansas decided to join this “federalism laboratory” already claimed by blue California, Oregon-Washington, New York, California and others, just to ascertain how many potential 15-22 year olds in his state could be targets of the Left’s Comprachico-mind bending campaign. Almost any mental health board could list the conditions-precedent that contribute to the kind of “group insanity” we’re witnessing now in Seattle, etc. The Arkansas governor would find elements of class privilege in Little Rock very similar to those noted among the screechers and rioters of the big blue cities, only not of sufficient size to make it past local television. Or to succeed. (I live near Richmond, and its BLM statue-removal lawlessness is in part driven by trying to claim some of the national media spotlight going on just 100 miles away.)

What the Arkansas governor should (intuitively?) know is that his state presents an entirely different cultural landscape compared to the urban Northeast or Northwest. From religion and morality to just plain manners they are poles apart. And he knows that should there be the sorts of misconduct we now see in Seattle, it would be quickly put down. So that bright young girl from Bentonville who just finished her first year at Harvard will not be so apt to join with others to stop traffic, set fire to a Wendy’s or try to tear down a statue anywhere in Arkansas. It will not be a social enhancement in Arkansas.

And Bentonville, its mayor and police, have at their disposal the same tools that Seattle’s leadership have buried in their inventory of tools, but just haven’t considered using in years. And that’s because the majority of the people in one state will tolerate this sort of misbehavior (for reasons known only unto themselves) while the people of Arkansas sure as hell won’t. Or so we’re told. (The next statewide election in Washington may tell us if the worm has turned there, back toward a gentler sort of liberalism.)

However, this is not to say that the seeds of what we’re seeing today are not being planted in the minds of the children of the modern Boss Hoggs of Arkansas, who today run companies instead of farm counties. Tennessee Williams recognized the spoiled children of the wealthy 70 years ago. Some say Scarlett O’Hara threw the first film foot-stomping teat fit in 1939, but Carol Lombard gave a pretty good rendition in “Our Man Godfrey” in 1936, so the “spoiled rich girl type” was well chronicled in the years leading up to World War II, when things suddenly changed.

It isn’t that hard to turn those social vanities into political devices.

When this sociological condition co-exists, Little Rock and Seattle, their wealthy elites having adopted diametrically opposite moral and cultural worldviews, and each sees their view to be “the one-true, common sense reality”, it should be obvious that Arkansas and Washington cannot sit down and come to any terms except to keep to their respective sides of the fence. A kind of polite detente exists.

But only on the table; Arkansas has not entertained that it should try to “save” Washington, except perhaps mentioning them in prayer, for two generations. Religion, (and the basketful of virtues that are associated with it) is still tolerated, mind you, but only just barely. It is still legal, but a social scar should one wear it on his sleeve. But the reverse is no longer true. In the past 60 years or so, it has been the Comprachico-Left that has been wanting to “save” Arkansas, and the federally-funded state education systems have provided them base camps for at least 60 years.

So what began as political incursions in the 1960s have now turned military, no longer aimed at a negotiated settlement but rather a take-over.

Simply, what is occurring today, as Clausewitz states, is the “carrying out of politics by other means.”

So the Arkansas the governor can breath a sigh of relief, but for how long? The most casual study of Arkansas urban culture would indicate that there are at least a few thousand there already who would take to the streets as part of a mob, just for the thrill and excitement of it, or its what children-of-class talk about in college even at UA, Fayetteville…but only if they thought they could get away with it. But in 5 years? Ten? Every year in universities around the country, the odds that they “could get away with it increase” incrementally, and then suddenly they are in charge in the statehouse.

Consider: In 2013, a red state Virginia elected Clinton hack, Terry McAuliffe, with the help of “conservative” George Will, yes that George Will, simply because, as an atheist, he didn’t like the GOP nominee, Ken Cuccinelli, a devout Roman Catholic, while the Virginia GOP also didn’t particularly like Cuccinelli because the Virginia grass roots had chosen Cuccinelli over the state GOP pick, (a really good man by the way). With McAuliffe (a genius at setting up vote-stealing ops) paving the way, four urban areas and some really generous poll workers, a minority of Democrats of the tawdriest sort now have grabbed control the majority of voters in this state. So with a moribund, sulking Virginia GOP apparatus who may as well be kissing cousins with the Delaware GOP, the minority Democrats are a lock in Virginia.

I’m sorry folks, but this was evident to people who actually paid attention to the culture of the Left since 1976.  (when the Democrats officially turned Left). And while we’ve been preached to, lectured at, and warned since the days of Ronald Reagan, it’s taken over 30 years for that final dot to be connected and the realization set in that there won’t likely be a negotiated settlement between the two current political parties unless the old Democrat Party base, (the urban working Democrats, not unlike the small-town Republican base until Obamacare) rises up and smites, as in physically throws down, its Comprachico-Left leadership. (I leave the accommodationist Republican leadership out of this equation in part because so many of them are so wedded to the GOP of yesteryear they don’t seem able to quite grasp the notion of an existential, winner-take-all, Final Battle. But if push comes to shove, and they rush to the nearest fence to straddle, they will mostly glide into line behind the better-armed and thoroughly pissed-off Republican base, then to emerge wanting to still be in control once the smoke clears. Lindsey Graham strikes me as the perfect prototype. Most old-school Republicans will go to their graves without ever having once stood on a high principle, much less a hill, on which they could plant their spear and begin chanting their death song. They would more prefer that the Washington Post or New York Times gave them a decent send-off.)

Hoka hey!

So what I have suggested to you in  “Dealing With Public Insanity as if Our Lives Depended on it” (Part 1) should be read through the lens that the Comprachicos’ tactical ground strategy can be interdicted without serious violence.

This can be done by removing these many thousands of over-indulged, screaming banshees from the field, which in turn would move public opinion even in Washington and Minnesota back toward law and order, meaning that the Democratic working base has spoken.

It would also possibly save many of the starry-eyed kids’ lives, simply by causing 400 million guns out here to stay locked up in their gun cabinets.

Unlike me, they’ve never had their nose broken for lying, or known the taste a bar of Ivory Soap for a lesser offense (cussing). In the last 20 years or so, even if their Dad bent one over his knee, (if one actually still lived at home) they would likely have marched straight to their room, pulled out their cellphone and reported Dad to the police.

I spanked both of my sons twice, at age 7 or 8, and never heard of another transgression. But after they graduated from college and we’d sit around at Thanksgiving or Christmas, and a couple of beers shared, both would brag to me of the little “stealth crimes” they had committed as teenagers, all behind my back, all after dark, and all involving sneaking and not getting caught. I never had a clue.

“Not getting found out by Dad or Mom” used to be a major bar to misconduct by children.

Just know, there is a big, big pain difference in having your tonsils removed at 11 instead of 40, and if you can’t summon the courage to put your child over your knee at 10, the state may have to when they’re 20 all.  America can no longer afford for these children to believe they are are immune from punishment.

What follows in Part III will be:

  • A General Overview of Temporary Insanity and Class-related Criminology
  • Who Determines: The Broader Society or the Person Known Only unto Him-or-Herself?
  • The Camp Experience at the Boarding School and Sanitarium for Wayward Children: An explanation of how this intervention might look “In camp”.
  • An 100-Year Historical Analysis of Class Crime

Just bother to read it and pass it on.


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