Dark Alley

Great American Zheroes, a Dark Alley Idea Whose Time has Come

You probably have a general idea about what I mean when I say “dark alley”. It’s as much a philosophical concept as it is a practical set of schemes. Check out Dark Alley, Vassar Bushmills going back to 2011, with more than 50 articles, and still counting.

“Dark Alley” is a kind of local vigilanteism, but one which stays within the boundaries of misdemeanors, with very strict rules about inflicting physical injury to bad people.

The rule is simple: If you operate in the dark alley be willing to take your punishment if you get caught. There are risks, and there are real crimes you will commit.

Still, you should take every precaution not to get caught for you and your mates’ effectiveness depends on you never being found out, but rather one of those things that goes bump in the night to the various cells of bad people terrorizing your city or county these days; school boards, teachers, various members of city/county government, from the front office, to their police, and nowadays (whudda thunk it just two decade ago!?) even down at the Rotary Club, Civitan and country club, or wherever corporate managers hang out. We’ve been seeing for a full generation now the development of a sophisticated economic (and technical) class that has separated itself from the core of American culture and values.

I’ve written elsewhere (and will repeat again) the necessity to form a group (this is not ordinarily the job for a single person), and create means of communication that are untraceable, and develop good secure practices of intelligence gathering in order to be able to “kill the rose bushes” of many bad actors in you region, and in the process, instill in that person the type of fear that causes them to stop what they have been doing.

And of course, develop the skill to administer both warnings and punishments in such a way that the target never 1) sees it coming, 2) never knows if or when it will stop, and 3) is made to find out why it happened in the first place.

It’s a kind of draining of the swamp, and one which has a “trickle-up” effect. If enough towns in enough states begin to see this sort of activity…whether it becomes a media trend or not…it will have an negative impact on the political movers and shakers at the top.

The culmination of these three things create a trifecta of fear, or at least apprehension, because the target is never sure who it is, where it is coming from, or from whom. Or when it will stop.

This is 2021 and it has been a target-rich environment out there since before Barack Obama was elected in 2008. Better still, it has become a weapons-rich environment, that even the littlest things can work to instill fear (and a little pain), but only once you realize you’re never going to be able to export fear into the headquarters of the Enemy’s Washington, DC- New York-LA offices. Instead, cause the fear to trickle up to them.

They know they have you handcuffed to your couches, expecting some event to cause some Trump-like Aragorn to come charging out of the sea followed by the Army of the Dead.

The bottom line, of course, is that you ain’t doin’ nuttin’ but “wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin'” which is exactly what the Left has positioned you to do.

My view is that Left and their political infrastructure is very vulnerable at the bottom…for numerous reasons. Also, my natural law view is that “fear trickles up”.

Obviously, with this in mind, your pastures are far greener closer to home, and if, as my friends Dan Schultz and JadedbyPolitics, and an army of thousands, proved in Virginia just last week, you can move mountains and cause the pillars to shake in the highest levels of criminal government when you work from the street level out of sight and earshot of media.

In northern Virginia, the next obvious step is find those vote-manipulators and thieves, as well as county school officials, and give them pause to consider moving 20 miles north, back into Maryland. In the 1860’s they would have called this a “retreat”.

All you have to do is put a person’s name to their act. Often, more than one.

I’m going to outline one such way you can do this.

In the last days of the Bush Administration I opened a website called “Great American Z(h)eroes” whereby I posted stories sent to me by friends or picked up from the internet. I was part of a small national posse of 6 or 8 from coast-to-coast, with various skills sets. Being the oldest, and best speller, I set up the site…without any professional help. None of the features available to me on this site were available then. It was simple a Rogue’s Gallery of photos, mostly people, plus an accompanying story from local press. After a few months, people began sending some to me. There was a black college professor in Florida who tried to force a white student to stomp on a picture of Jesus next to his desk. I posted it, looking for takers. Another was a college teacher in Kentucky who had her art class go and snuff out all the lit votive candles in the grandstand of the football field. One of her students bragged about it on FB and one our team, retired Army ranger from North Carolina, drove 6 hours, just to find this kid, and pay two local boys $20 apiece, just to lure him into the truck, where the ranger then drove him a few miles into the country, then told him of his sin, and dropped the tailgate to face-plant his face into a #2 washtub filled with fresh cow dung. Then he stomped on his phone, pointed way back to campus, and took the other direction back to Carolina.

A favorite story of mine, I did read that the female art teacher shortly left the school.

Another is a lady who contacted me about her congressman whose secretary, or whatever they call them, who answers questions from constituent, was very rude when she called to make a complaint. I did a little checking and found that the woman indeed was rude to several of the congressperson’s constituency, and that other constituents had even complained directly. I had a photographer in the District and asked him to stalk Ms Badpenny and take photos of her in weekly meanderings, lunch, car parks, shopping, all the sorts of photos a private investigator would take just to let a target know they are being stalked, and then sent copies to her, with a final warning. Within two weeks she’d simply resigned and gone elsewhere.

Give fear a chance, especially then the bad people know they are doing bad.

Our practice has always been that if the local person, or persons, are guilty of real triable crimes, let the police handle it. But in blue areas especially, we know that likely won’t happen. So somebody has to sneak around in the dark and kill their roses bushes, then leave an untraceable note in the mailbox to let them know why their rosebushes are dead. Don’t ask for a reply or a meeting. Just tell them to stop, and remind them they are being watched.

If they don’t, up the ante. You have a thousand options, from “Skunk”ing Gucci purses, to keying the car. Stay out of view of the cameras. And don’t brag about it.

All you need to do is sit down with 3-4 mates, over coffee, and draw up a list of targets and develop an action plan; on campus, city hall, school administration, etc. And try not to be over-exposed at public meetings and town halls, as those are the people they will investigate first.

I’ve laid it all out in the Dark Alley set, listed above.

If enough crews from enough towns and cities, even Brooklyn, can get some of these things going, you will either see a hush, or such a yelp on social media, as you can’t imagine.

Just smile to yourselves and say “Hurt’s, don’t it?”


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